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  1. Here is a tidbit of information from our upcoming book Lowest Score Wins (math still being tweaked to its, exact, final form but you'll get the point ): Try this the next thousand times you play golf. If your handicap is over 20 aim at the dead center of the green any time you are more than 60 yards from the flag. If it is between 11-20, aim at the dead center of the green any time you are further than 80 yards from the hole. If you are reading this and carrying a handicap 10 or lower… but you are not playing a major tour currently… let's aim at center
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  2. You and I might make a good scramble team since I'm about the opposite. I can get up and down from anywhere as long as I can find it (which is the problem).
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  3. No, an exaggeration is excessive emphasis with respect to what they may have in common. What you posted is apples and oranges and there is zero relevance.
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  4. Please don't take this the wrong way. Your posts appear to be purposefully contradictory and offer little to no insight. They are disruptive to the other forum members who are trying to learn. You clearly do not have any clue as to what you think you know. Try asking questions instead of giving erroneous information as you are clearly not a subject matter expert.
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  5. Except that they're not. PGA Tour pros don't leave putts short very often at all, but neither do amateurs. A little more often, but not "much more likely" as you write. Also note that 6-12" is at 8 stimp. Capture speed is literally the speed at which the ball arrives at the hole, so on a faster green (stimp 12), the ball will roll quite a bit farther than 6-12" (two feet or so), which puts Pelz's 17" likely well within the range. Pelz also, IIRC, tested when metal spikes existed. PGA Tour players used to make 55% of their putts from a certain range in 1989, and today make
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  6. For sure, however, your other posts tend to contradict this very reasonable post. You come across as seeming (to me anyway.. I won't talk for others) to be out to rubbish the 5 Simple Keys in previous posts. Instead of coming out batting with "This guy breaks all the rules".... why not ask Iasac or others nicely if they could take some time to show you Darcy's swing and the 5 keys within it. I'm not sure if they would take the time to do that for you but you've a better chance of learning something with that approach. When the guys say that Darcy has the 5 Keys, I really
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  7. I would much rather see an increase in Pitch & Putt than this rubbish of non-conforming clubs, and a hole the size of a bucket or what-have-you. At least Pitch & Putt is actual golf, played with conforming equipment. It is a great way into the game, especially for juniors. It seems to me it would solve a lot of problems for beginner golfers (it's quick: a 9 hole course with holes no longer than 80 yards is easily walked; it's cheap: a 9 iron or PW and a putter are all you need; it's informal and great for families; it needn't be too difficult - there's no need to set up a Pitch &
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  8. Just read the Gary McCord interview in Golf Mag. He echoes pretty much what everyone says about the current state of golf: It costs too much, takes too long and in general, is a very difficult game. That said, ideas like 'short loops' of 5, 6 or nine holes; making the cup larger, extreme oversized clubs and anything else being bandied about doesn't fix the expensive, time-consuming and difficult to master aspects of the game. It's still golf and it's still difficult for the masses to see much success for the time and money investment. To continue to grow golf, passing it along
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  9. I see this as a desperation measure for a manufacturer looking to maintain profits during a natural downturn in their industry. Did they imagine that growth would continue for ever? That's impossible. Eventually there has to be a saturation point. The Tiger boom is primarily responsible for the current position - too many courses built to accommodate a growth phenomenon, and nobody seemed to realize that it was a phenomenon, not a trend. I don't know if it was hopeful thinking or just poor judgement, but it was never the trend that they thought it was. It was a lot of fanboys jump
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  10. I think we might have gotten bogged down in some specific aspects of this like non-conforming clubs, balls and bigger holes. That changes the game a good bit. And I have no opinion on that or weather or not you would 'disrespect' the game by calling it that. But I've been to that site and those aspects are only a small part of the discussion. Other things like making the game faster and more affordable are much more prevalent than the big hole idea. People have ideas for: - how to speed up play on a regular course - how to simplify the rules a little - how to make cou
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  11. The down side to it is that a new player picks up the game under these rules and thinks that they are playing golf. Then they join a club or serious league and have to start over again. Or they find out that they don't like the real game and quit again, and TM has made some money by promoting a false pretense. Every time TM makes a public policy statement any more, they lose more esteem from serious and semi-serious players.
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  12. also, someone mentioned the European Tour coverage....excellent. The calm and thoughtful commentators along with the distinct lack of hype is something I enjoy.
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    • I don’t get flu shots either. Interestingly only about 50% of the population do get flu shots. The efficacy of the flu shots generally runs about 50% each year as well as they try to predict the strain to target each year. I suspect if annual shots are required for Covid the compliance in terms of getting them every year will drop dramatically just as it has with the flu.  We’re likely to end up somewhere around 65% - 70% vaccinated for Covid this first go around.  I’d be surprised if it didn’t drop dramatically in subsequent years.  Time will tell... True. What one person believes to be “good enough” for them, may not be “good enough” for another.  I don’t disparage either one. It’s also true that some people simply and blindly do what others that they perceive to be in positions of authority tell them to do.  By the way, that’s not directed at anyone here.  It’s simply stated as a fact.    
    • I think it is a reluctance to accept that the information we have at hand is good enough.   
    • It’s the lack of information at this point. Believe what you want. 
    • Correct. They are all basically set to 40 psi. Only times they aren't are with the old Taylormade wrenches from the cylinder movable weight days. Those were set to 30. They would still work I would guess without issues. However the 40s did cause issues with the cylinder weights back then.
    • Someone find footage of every major Jack won to analyze the putts his competitors made… Come on…this is silly. Chris didn’t play well enough to win, but one more putt was all he needed, or one missed by Tiger. And he played four under, while Tiger played one under. It was very close and even went to a playoff. Tiger wasn’t handed anything. Maybe Chris mishit a few putts, but every golfer do, Tiger included. It’s not like Chris wanted to lose.
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