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  1. I just don't get it... The OP clearly prefaced the post with the fact that for "non pros" it would help reduce their scorecard if they just aimed for the middle of the green instead of attacking the pin.. Now.. Anyone here have data to prove otherwise? Or logic to help disprove the statement? If not then bringing up what PGA pros do really has no standing in this discussion!
  2. Rather than investing in a different club hoping the problem goes away, you might wish to consider getting a lesson. And whether you get a lesson or not, you will probably need to spend time on the range grooving the technique. On the equipment side, some find that a four is easier to hit off the deck than a three and that you don't sacrifice that much yardage.
  3. Why is your post written in pidgin English? Also, you have not provide reference source links to your sketchy stats. Posters who make up stats have a 37% chance of being believed.
  4. Lol, no not so much of a summary :) Firstly, good luck 15 months old and second on the way, I remember it well (mine are 6 and 8). Regarding the picture, no it's Pablo Larrazabal on day 4 of the Irish open last year. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2013/tournamentid=2013050/liveblog/ So to the rest, I think it's actually pretty unusual for the pros to take anything but driver on the holes that are used for driving distance average - the holes are specifically chosen to be holes where the pros will take driver (unless your Hendrik Stenson with his trusty 3 wood). They also know full well which holes these are and stats count when it comes to equipment deals etc. The Trackman stats picture I posted was for 2012 I believe so maybe they're a yard or 2 longer now but that's about it. The stats for me I posted was actually working on accuracy and backspin spin rates (trust me, my 'spread' isn't quite that neat when I wind it up :) ) I actually have a fairly good idea how far these guys hit the ball. The rookie tour pros of next year are the top amateurs of today and I regularly practice where our national squad practices. About 3 weeks back I was in a bay next to a lad who captained England at the end of last year, be surprised if he's not a pro a year from now. My coach coaches both of us and so put me next to him to soak up some of the rhythm or something. Anyway I out drove him by quite a few yards. We chatted about different club yardages and trajectories quite a bit as it happens, my irons were about 8-10 yards on average further than him and my drive was consistently longer (but we didn't measure his so I'd be guessing on the distance). I've got a pretty slow swing but it's still about 8 yards more with an iron than a guy who's heading for the tour. This is my swing with and without sound and some 8 irons from the same session: http://thesandtrap.com/t/72433/my-swing-nosevi So what is my point? My point is distance isn't everything. I'm (hopefully) heading towards scratch but no way am I as good as the lad I was next to 3 weeks back. But I can hit the ball straight(ish) and I can hit it a long way. The PGA courses only really have length as a defence now. And the pros are long...... but they're not that long. On a good, summer's day I'll carry it 275 on a good drive (measured, not internet babble) and on a PGA Tour set up that'll roll, what, 30 or 40 yards? So on a good drive I'll pip it just over 300 yards. So why would a player like me totally struggle on a course like Riviera? IF there was a consequence for missing the fairway it'd be different but no rough, bunkers you could almost putt out of....... The field is levelled. I think a longish amateur like me would score closer to a pro on a course like Riviera than I would to a pro on a course like the Hotchkin, and I think the difference between those 2 would be considerable.
  5. 1: It depends. I'd say you have to be good enough to know how the shot is supposed to turn out; if you are, you'll see discrepancies when you compare different balls on similar shots. If you really know how the shot is expected to turn out, you're probably playing decent golf. If you hit 100$ worth of brand new balls in the woods every round, that's your problem. Most Titleist balls are played by posers anyway. If you want to hand them money it means I will find more free balls on the course that are good quality. I'd rather get a free ProV1X than a crusty old Nike Crush. Plus you'll be able to play less often so the course will be wide open which suits me fine. A scratch player will want a ball with a urethane cover that performs off the long clubs and irons well, but it's not as though he'll be transformed into a 30 handicap if he doesn't have the top of the line ball. They're a luxury. 2: The X spins less and is slightly longer much like every other company with 2 tour level balls. The company says they work great for everyone but they're not designed with amateurs in mind. They're built to win on tour so they fit tour players' games. That means an average of 112mph driver swing speed, averaging 290 yards per drive, 7i distance in the 170s and scores in the 60s at most courses. If you fit in well with those kinds of guys, go for it. 3: Tour players don't have to pay 48$ a dozen and if they did they could afford it. They are copycats and many don't like to change brands, and Titleist also has equipment deals with many players that include apparel, clubs, etc. Without the consideration of price, they're still one of the best balls and they fit a lot of players. Personally I think they're two of the top 5 balls in the short game but they aren't better than some cheaper balls overall, and they aren't that great off the long clubs for me. I prefer the X. But if I buy them I feel I should have bought a different tour ball and kept 8 dollars in my pocket. I find older urethane balls on sale and stock up. I just got 4 dozen 2013 Nike 20XIX which I like a lot for under 100$, easily enough for 15-20 rounds. I played a lot of bridgestone E5's last year and had some of my best golf. Of course, if you use the search function, you'll see a lot of similar threads in which this question is beaten like the proverbial dead horse.
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