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  1. With knowledge comes great great responsibility. Unfortunately, as one's golf knowledge increases, one tends to spend a whole lot more time on the range trying to make the perfect swing, and fix those last seventeen little things that annoy them. Then these guys venture onto the course, where they promptly lose to a guy whose swing is all over the place, but who plays a lot of golf. (And quite likely, their reaction is to blame those 17 last things and to go back to the range to fix them so they can seek revenge in three months when they finally get out on the golf course again…). I'm a big fan of practicing. A big fan. I've written lots of articles about it, I've done it myself for a few hundred hours. But I like GOLF a helluva lot more. You don't play golf on the range. The range is not where you get to see the results of your hard work. The range is not where you learn how to get around the golf course. The range is where you work on stuff. In 2009 I was a 1.8 index. I'd gotten that low without a single lesson, ever, except of course those I gave myself. In the years since, partly due to a lack of time, my swing has improved quite a bit, but my handicap has still hovered around the 0.0 to 1.5 range. I'm not kidding you when I tell you that the swing I had as a 1.8 was garbage… it really was. But since improving dramatically, because I can't play as often as I used to, my handicap index hasn't dropped much. So again, I'm just encouraging everyone to go play golf more. That's why you work on your swing, isn't it? To improve at golf? So get out there. If you want to tell me that you're the type that enjoys practicing more than playing, that's fine. Good for you. But unless your range has varied slopes, rough, trees, and other obstacles and such that you can find only on the golf course, I'm going to tell you this: playing is practicing too. You can "practice" on the golf course, and if you aren't, you should. It's the only place you're going to be able to re-create real-life situations: 173 to the flag, pin tucked on the left edge, with a big bunker and the wind into and from the left, with your ball in a slightly cuppy lie in the first cut of rough. You need a {score} on this hole to shoot a {whatever} on this nine holes… So if you're somewhere warm, go play. If you're somewhere cold, play a lot of golf in the summer time. You have all winter to practice, you bums. P.S. This mini rant inspired by people who worry way too much about how their swing looks and not the number they're writing down on their scorecards… as well as those who haven't had to write a number down on a scorecard in weeks or months because they never leave the range.
  2. The funny thing is that the Jack supporters simultaneously claim that a) Jack's competitors were tougher, don't back down, kind of players as compared to Tiger's competition, and b) that Jack is better because of his come from behind victories. Raising the question of just who was it against whom Jack was coming from behind? It couldn't be those steely eyed competitors we are always hearing about because they would have stood up to the Bear, right? And yet, Jack himself said that he won many (most?) of his majors by just playing conservatively, not making mistakes, and waiting for his competitors to fall away and give him the title. How can that be when those competitors were so tough and competitive?
  3. 47/47 for 94..best march score ever...70/119 slope. nothing to write home about..except... bouncing a 119yd, sky high, wedge shot out of the cup, it went down the flag stick and bounced out of the cup probably 10 feet in the air and landed on the fringe. I have played this course probably 100 times and never saw anything like that. Even the Geese (my gallery) thought it was amazing honk, honk they jeered..closest to a hole in 3 on a par 4 for me..I chipped, and putt, putted the hole for a DB. I also passed a whole crew of Gollums fishing "precious" golf balls out of the castle moat. I already got the pro v1's & others out of the moat last week. ..at least they let me play around them while they were foraging for their Easter eggs...Hurrah for spring.
  4. My first time on this forum and not one hour ago returned from my chipping/putting practice. Am trying my very best to visualize the ball landing on the green just where i planned, rather than observing my technique. Oh, ain't so easy. I think of which club to use, my stance, set-up, shoulder movement...you name it and i'm thinking of it. So this new program will (maybe )help me to see where i want the ball to land on the green. I took an old rope and unraveled the 3 strands then choose 2, each 4 feet long. On the practice green made a circle with the two strands of rope and pinned them down with 4 inches of # 10 bent copper wire. The circle was about 4 feet in diameter. From 20 yards i could not place a ball in that circle, on the carry, 5 times in a row. I made 4 times, but never 5. An inch short, or long, or out to the left side, or the right side; very frustrating. But also very instructive as the result continued to indicate the incorrect motion of my swing. I used the PW, the SW, and the 9i and all had their special challenge. Oh, i am improving but not yet able to place those 5 balls. More data next week.
  5. New Taylormade FireBallz or FireStarterz or FlameThrowerz
  6. I think about two things on the course. (1) Where I want the ball to go. (2) What shape and trajectory it's going to take to get there. If I ever think about anything other than that I might as well go home. When I first started playing golf I was on a local driving range beside the best player ever from this area. Another guy walked up and watched him hit balls for a few minutes and then asked him what he thinks about when he's hitting the ball. I stopped and listened in, hoping for a tidbit of information that might help me. The reply was "Nothing."
  7. Hi, Great questions and I will do my best to answer them. My name is Rob and I am a certified optician and specialize in prescription sports glasses. I work for SportRx so I like to think I am an expert! Usually, we do not recommend polarized lenses for golf. They tend to interfere with depth perception and also, if you think about it, there’s not a whole lot of reflective glare on the course. What polarized lenses do is cut the sun’s glare off of flat shinny objects, like chrome, the road, water, and snow. So outside of water traps, there is not much actual reflective glare on the golf course. We tend not to recommend it on golf lenses to avoid depth perception issues. We actually make a gold specific transitions lens called the Over It. It is an amber-to-brown, self-adjusting lens that specifically increases contrast while giving good protection in any light condition. For golf, it is awesome! Amber, brown, and rose lenses are best for golf as they really heighten contrast so that you can read the green more accurately, as well as track the ball in the air and in & out of shadows. We can also recommend a golf-specific frame with more coverage and less distractions!
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    • Could be helpful if your home course has a lot of water on it, too.
    • So your average is closer to 107 or something. Same difference, pretty much. Most people are going to swing a club within like 5mph from their average from swing to swing or something like that. Not sure why someone would question your swing speed, but ultimately, who cares if they do? Distance is a different matter. Quality of contact is a big factor. That 280 yard bomb you hit on 3 and the 200 yard slice you followed it up with on the next hole? They were likely hit with very similar club head speeds.
    • Mid Am at Nordelta golf course (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Par 72, rating 73.5, 6800 yards. 83-77 (+16) not a good weekend at all. It all went downhill on the 2nd hole of the tournament, making a 7 on a Par 3.  Sitting at +8 on 8th tee i started a comeback with a couple of birdies to sit at +6 on the 14th tee.  5 bogeys on the final 5 holes ended this bad day. I didn´t play that bad to shoot in the 80´s but i did.  On Sunday things started a lot better, +1 on the front 9 and was Even par at 14th.  Again the last 5 holes didn´t go well and with 3 balls in the water i ended +5.  The winner shot 1 under. So i need to cut 8 strokes from each round to have a chance of winning in this competitions. Not going to happend so.. just relax and have fun competing at top level.  The only positive thing that I can take home is that the last time I played the course I shoot +20 in 2 rounds so is an improvement. There´s something about this course that keep kicking my ass every time i play there.    
    • That looks like my front lawn without the azaleas.
    • New photos reveal dormant Augusta National like you've never seen it before Is Augusta National putting in a new teebox on No. 13? That, plus four other in-depth observations gleaned from...  

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