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  1. With knowledge comes great great responsibility. Unfortunately, as one's golf knowledge increases, one tends to spend a whole lot more time on the range trying to make the perfect swing, and fix those last seventeen little things that annoy them. Then these guys venture onto the course, where they promptly lose to a guy whose swing is all over the place, but who plays a lot of golf. (And quite likely, their reaction is to blame those 17 last things and to go back to the range to fix them so they can seek revenge in three months when they finally get out on the golf course again…).
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  2. The funny thing is that the Jack supporters simultaneously claim that a) Jack's competitors were tougher, don't back down, kind of players as compared to Tiger's competition, and b) that Jack is better because of his come from behind victories. Raising the question of just who was it against whom Jack was coming from behind? It couldn't be those steely eyed competitors we are always hearing about because they would have stood up to the Bear, right? And yet, Jack himself said that he won many (most?) of his majors by just playing conservatively, not making mistakes, and waiting for his compe
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  3. 47/47 for 94..best march score ever...70/119 slope. nothing to write home about..except... bouncing a 119yd, sky high, wedge shot out of the cup, it went down the flag stick and bounced out of the cup probably 10 feet in the air and landed on the fringe. I have played this course probably 100 times and never saw anything like that. Even the Geese (my gallery) thought it was amazing honk, honk they jeered..closest to a hole in 3 on a par 4 for me..I chipped, and putt, putted the hole for a DB. I also passed a whole crew of Gollums fishing "precious" golf balls out of the castle moat. I already
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  4. My first time on this forum and not one hour ago returned from my chipping/putting practice. Am trying my very best to visualize the ball landing on the green just where i planned, rather than observing my technique. Oh, ain't so easy. I think of which club to use, my stance, set-up, shoulder movement...you name it and i'm thinking of it. So this new program will (maybe )help me to see where i want the ball to land on the green. I took an old rope and unraveled the 3 strands then choose 2, each 4 feet long. On the practice green made a circle with the two strands of rope and pinned th
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  5. New Taylormade FireBallz or FireStarterz or FlameThrowerz
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  6. I think about two things on the course. (1) Where I want the ball to go. (2) What shape and trajectory it's going to take to get there. If I ever think about anything other than that I might as well go home. When I first started playing golf I was on a local driving range beside the best player ever from this area. Another guy walked up and watched him hit balls for a few minutes and then asked him what he thinks about when he's hitting the ball. I stopped and listened in, hoping for a tidbit of information that might help me. The reply was "Nothing."
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  7. Hi, Great questions and I will do my best to answer them. My name is Rob and I am a certified optician and specialize in prescription sports glasses. I work for SportRx so I like to think I am an expert! Usually, we do not recommend polarized lenses for golf. They tend to interfere with depth perception and also, if you think about it, there’s not a whole lot of reflective glare on the course. What polarized lenses do is cut the sun’s glare off of flat shinny objects, like chrome, the road, water, and snow. So outside of water traps, there is not much actual ref
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    • About 5 years ago I used to play a reverse scramble with friends. It was a game that had to be played in the evening when the course was quiet. There might be an official name for this game, or it doesn't exist because it takes too long, but its great fun. Instead of taking best ball, worst ball counts. I have never played it with more than 3 to a team because it would just take too long. Realistically, it can only be played if the team consists of lower handicappers, add a player with double figures at your peril. Putting is the most difficult as the worst approach from the worst tee shot is normally quite a long putt. Although all 3 players try to lag it as close as possible, the team normally faces a tricky 4 or 5 footer which in turn all 3 must hole. Get my drift. Have any of you every played this? It's a great character builder.
    • I understand keeping the Northern states off the list. Winter stinks up here.  But 115F is no picnic either. Neither is 95 with 90 RH. My friend who lives in Vero Beach, FL in the winter says golf there in the summer is brutal. He leaves in May for NH. My niece lives in Phoenix and she says summer is unbearable. I would think the best places would be where you can play all year comfortably. Hawaii, the Carolina Coast and West Coast California. It can get cool on the coast, but it doesn’t snow that much in Charleston.
    • I don’t mind different grips, but within each of these club types, the grips must match: Fairway woods hybrids irons The different grip types in these categories often gives me a semi-conscious tactile reminder of the slightly different swings for the club types, if that makes sense. 
    • My iron set is: 6-9, PW, AW and SW. According to the 85% figure (8i relative to driver) that has been thrown about, my distances seem in line with the norm. I am guessing that with most golfers perhaps 9i would be the club that would be half the length of a driver on average.  
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