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    • Ive been hearing the same. Same idea as dosage of virus to be infected. The heavier the dose, the more likely of serious infection but also the more likely to have a strong antibody base against further infection. So those who are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms may only build enough antibodies for a couple months. edit: it obviously isn’t as simple as that, but its the general  idea This bird is going to be tough to shoot down. 
    • Ok. But do go and try those drills. I really think they will help. 
    • My buddy has a set of those, and they are sweet. I bought a used Bushnell Phantom, and I am looking forward to getting to know my yardages a lot better.
    • When you're going to play a course for the first time with Arccos, do you check ahead of time to see if Arccos' tee and yardage info is correct? I ask, because I played a course this weekend that I hadn't used Arccos on before.  (I'm sure there's a simpler way to say that.)  Arccos had yardages for black, blue and white tees all incorrect.  One hole was a par 5, but they listed it as a par 4 with yardages off by >100 yards.  (The hole used to be a short par 4; sometime in the last couple years, they built new tees and changed it to a par 5.  Which I birdied with 4 strokes.) I submitted the corrections and copy of scorecard to Arccos so they can update the course.  But if I had thought to check a few days earlier, I might have been able to get it fixed before I played.

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