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    • Day 7 (14 Jun 21) - Brought the net out today (thanks to the grandson and his persistence to hit into it).  Decided to work on the grip, especially the right (trail) hand.  Worked with 3w, the club I tend to either chunk or top the most.  1/2 - 3/4 swing length with a sweep through the ball, making solid contact - of course into a net its all about hitting the target panel.  Been fighting the part of me that wants to swing "hard" as I can to impress no one.  Laughingly I am reminded of my co-ed softball days in the '80's - I knew I could not hit the homerun, but I could pretty much put it where I wanted.  Maybe that's the key - making solid, controlled contact and let whatever distance happens happen.   
    • I would say I'm spotty on this. I approach practice with specific things to work on but ultimately it's random WHAT I'm working on, and totally based on my level frustration from the previous round. I'm definitely not systematic right now. Part of the challenge is I've found it difficult to find instructors that are systematic and methodical.
    • Ah but you must have some really good great shot memories....... My first great shot memory was holing out for a 2 on the 18th hole of the Maxwell Air Force Base golf course. I had been golfing about 3 years and this was the first place I ever took golf lessons. I remember watching the ball land, bounce, and then hop right in the hole. I kept the ball for years...
    • Keep two score cards. On the first score card, record your actual score. On the second card, keep your score for your competition with him. If he shaves two strokes off his score, shave two off yours. Repeat for each hole. and at the end give him your "adjusted" score.  Turnabout is fair play.
    • I’m sure many of you have read about the Game Golf Pro giveaway, and I hope y’all have signed up for it.  If you haven't, take a look at the offer here: If you read all the way to the end of the announcement, you’ve noticed that I’ll also be doing a review of Game Golf Pro. Although I’ll be posting a complete review in the blog page, I wanted to open this thread to keep everyone updated with my impressions as I go through the process. This is also a great place for anyone to ask questions, or to suggest a specific aspect that they’d like to see me evaluate. I can see this proceeding in several stages, and I’ll try to post a little something at each stage. First will be my initial impressions, including the installation of the sensors, and any software set-up I need to do. My package is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and I hope to have that set-up done by the weekend, including posting my comments here. Second stage will be what I’d call “data collection”. I’ll be paying attention as I play to the consistency of the capture of each shot, to the accuracy of the GPS, any other factors I notice. I’ll also be checking out the same information on my home computer, I find it much easier to see things on a larger screen. Third will be evaluations of the data analysis done by Game Golf, including shot zones and Strokes Gained analysis. It seems to me that I’ll need to have a reasonable number of rounds before I’ll have enough data to be meaningful, but I’ll be looking at it all along. Last will be a final evaluation, with the big question being whether I believe that the value of the statistics is worth the cost and the effort required to collect the data. So now I wait, a couple of days before I can start my journey with Game Golf Pro. Please feel free to provide comments, questions, advice.
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