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    • I think it has to do with the machinery used to make the clubs. I think some machines are ‘templates’ for right handed and due to the much less demand for left handed the cost to have reversed machinery isn’t worth it. Aside from Bubba and Phil I think this is why some manufacturers ( Ping and Callaway) offer more left handed options than Mizuno for example. And I’m thinking it matters whether the clubs are cast or forged.
    • Played Eagle Trace today.  It was challenging in ways I had not experienced before. I can see why the Honda Classic was there for years.  I hit the ball pretty well (7 GIR and a few more nGIR) and still hit even 100.  There were so many tricks and interesting new features.  I admit that I willingly hit dumb shots on many holes just to see what would happen.  Curiosity killed my cat and I lost a lot of balls because of it. The course played me more than I played the course.
    • Wet conditions today.  My nephew hit his 6-iron well and ended up on the green.  The ball embedded itself where it landed.  Can he repair the ball mark and replace the ball?
    • Definitely hole out from the fairway twice a year for the rest of my life. An eagle on a par four is -2. A hole in one is -2. Two awesome shots/year would be something to look forward to forever.😃

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