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    • Thanks all for your feedback, especially @klineka for the thorough reply. The most immediately helpful piece of information is that a much more effective and advanced version of this already exists. I definitely should've looked into that more...a one sentence post asking if anyone knew of a strokes gained system for amateur golfers would've saved all of us a lot of time. Whoops. In any event much appreciated and I'll definitely be checking out the apps mentioned. And yes klineka, one definite flaw which I alluded to but probably could've more expressly stated is the lack of detail in what I came up with. I was slowly compiling a blurry low-res version of a system you all are already familiar with in HD. I do know that in a proper strokes gained system, virtually every shot will at least fractionally gain or lose strokes. The reason my (again, primitive) system has a lot of strokes with no + or - is because, by (flawed) design, there is a much wider array of shots that are average by definition. Isn't nearly as detailed to incorporate baselines such as 1.43 putts from a certain distance thus gaining 0.43 of a stroke on one putt. As discussed early-ish in my OP, it instead centers around the very generic baseline of (for a par 4) a drive, nGIR approach, chip and two-putt. A shot that falls in line with that pattern isn't going to gain or lose a stroke, which I realize rarely if never happens in a more advanced system. Relatedly, while I understand the references to 20-handicappers, my system isn't based on handicap, but on bogey golf. I realize ~20 or probably a bit lower is the handicap equivalent of bogey golf, but again I just wasn't thinking in such detailed terms when doing this. It really just started with one interesting thought after another and went from there. Bottom line is I'm feeling quite dumb at this point--the equivalent of someone trying to invent calculus, getting halfway to algebra, then presenting my idea to a math message board without ever realizing calculators already exist. Hell of way to introduce myself! Sincere thanks again for the replies, I'm just gonna go chip in the backyard...
    • I think we just let  Bryson play it out.  He’s the shinny ball right now, heck all winners of Majors are.  Next month it will be someone else.  Not a fan of bomb and gouge, but I sometimes think it’s not what people will admire for long.  If it becomes boring people find something else to do. What if pitchers threw no hitters every week?  What if 100 home runs became the norm?   Of course it won’t happen.  But many do like going to the circus when it comes to town!  What would Bryson look like in a Clown suit? Just kidding!
    • All that ‘ 7000rpm from this type of lie’ stuff...mostly entertaining. Just like the actual physicist ( BD has no degree) who reviewed his chatter about air density and effect on ball was nonsense. It’s fun. He likes to engage in this stuff. Much of it isn’t really doing anything. No harm. But a lot of it’s hogwash. 
    • Finally picked up my first Eagle.    412 yd par 4.  Driver 285 yds to 127. 52 degree dunked.   (Actually, I don’t know if it was dunked.  It was a bit uphill and behind a bunker, so I didn’t see it go in.  But, I didn’t see a ball mark anywhere)
    • I prefer taupe, flat black, mauve and sepia or burnt umber.

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