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    • Yeah, that's better, but you're right: you can still do a "little" bit of the "chest down" "eat the ball" "knee compression" move. Ties to the "fall" move. To others: Bill should know what those all mean. They're not necessarily something you (the "others") have to worry about.
    • Swings from this morning:   Based on some feedback from @iacas, I was trying to get the arms down a little faster, swing less across the ball, and fall forward earlier in the swing. While I somehow managed to get my arms to lift more than I wanted to, failing to get them down faster, I did seem to swing less across the ball and get forward earlier, though not necessarily via a falling move. I do seem to extend better by staying left more, but something looks off about the lower body action here. Too much stilt legs stuff going on. Feels were more weight in the left side (pressure in the ball of front foot) in the backswing, lazy almost passive feeling upper body, let the club fall down from the top into impact. Super lazy feeling.
    • Divots and pitch marks are two different things. I expect to have some oddities even in the fairway, but improper pitch mark repair is detrimental to how the course plays/if its worth playing. Replacing a divot isnt a process (place grass where it came from), but repairing a pitch mark is (keep the green as smooth rolling and healthy as possible using the method at the beginning).  I actually played with someone today that knew how to do it properly. Most people don't. 
    • Wishing Tiger could play some of my second shots...
    • Looks to me like he’s targeting the spot his foot was and not the putter. Not what @Rick Graham is talking about, though.

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