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    • I took his one day clinic back in the 90's.   I have low expectations.  I learned one thing that was worth the cost.  The 40-60 yard bunker shot.  It is easy now.  
    • That’s the debate right - do you need all of those extra movements to generate the same distance? take a look at  skip to around 6:50 in - lpga pro has less arm speed but generates more head speed because of lag. You can move your arms slower and hit the ball further. There are other variables too - like optimal shaft flex not discussed in this video (or anywhere.) We’re speculating, it would be interesting to see some A/B comparisons with data/videos. Jim can’t provide a good A/B comparison because we need to see results of a scratch golfer who uses the traditional swing vs the JV swing. Who cares what club head speed he can generate, it would be good to know now much more/less speed is generated with the different swings.  
    • I can't stand seeing cigar butts, cigarette butts, trash, and tees left.  They all belong in the trash.  So yes, riff raff.  
    • There could be more than one person on Earth named Dustin Johnson. Just sayin’. 😜
    • If it was tour quality, it would be on the tour. From what it have seen, it don’t think it would be any more accurate than other swings. A 3/4 length backswing would produce at least the same power and be as accurate. I would not teach this method to my kid either.

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