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    • Already been answered by the time I got here, but I'm going to ring in a few more things.  My guess is Irons is playing Ozymandias, the hero from the comic book (I won't be using the other term).  The movie portrayed the character in a negative light (it was one of a few things I didn't like about the movie, although I liked it overall).  Nixon didn't get caught in this world, partly due to Comedian's influence.  Was he a good president?  Not clear, but the elder Nite Owl voted for him five times, but wasn't too happy about it later on. I'm also avoiding spoilers and also enjoyed the comics, and came to the same conclusion you did.  Given my track record about these things, it probably means Irons is not playing Veidt.  I said I wasn't going to get hooked on a still-airing TV show, but I had to watch this and wow, I'm hooked.  I guess I know what I'm doing Sunday nights for a while. 
    • Day 171, managed to sneak away for 10 minutes of putting.  6-9', breaking putts.  Real green, under the lights, at my dinner break.
    • You don't get to pick and choose which scientific research you want to be true or not based on if it fits your personal opinion. The research definitively shows that there are physical changes in the structure of the brain when exposed to marijuana during development. There is currently no research on the long term effects of the changes in the brain from marijuana, because the ability to research marijuana legally (or at least in a legal grey area) hasn't been around anywhere near long enough to make those kinds of conclusions. It's like vaping in that we know it causes changes in the short term but we don't know what it will do in the long run yet.
    • I’m pretty much a golf addict but I won’t play in the rain unless it starts raining in the middle of a tournament. If there is a chance of rain I will reschedule the round. 
    • Tiger starting off great! Gotta stop with the bogeys, he’d have a nice lead if he could eliminate those damn mishaps.  The ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 Leaderboard | Golf Channel Click here to view the 2020 The ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP Leaderboard. Keep up with all the news, scores and highlights.  

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