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  1. They've done this before and it's not as low as you might think it would be. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/01/AR2007070101221_2.html Good read.
  2. I'd like to make a suggestion to the Augusta people: Quickly write into your tournament by-laws a contingency tradition; if the son of a former winner wins the tournament, his dad gets to present the green jacket in place of the previous years winner. I don't think anybody would mind. Just sayin ...
  3. iacas

    My Swing (jamo)

    Yeah, a bit. Mostly in your shoulders/torso. Hips are close to square. Knees seem fine. Tough to say given the dark clothing but I wouldn't expect to see your left arm under your right. Just let your right arm (elbow) soften a little. That'll help close up the shoulders a bit. And it helps with some backswing stuff too, typically. So your last setup thought could be "soften and close" as kind of a one-step thing.
  4. This kid is amazing. He actually got a ball to listen to him!
  5. One main reason or I should say theory why the demise of attendance and participation in golf in the 21-39 age group. This age group does not care for time commitment- 5-7 hours depending on travel and warm-up, they are too busy spending 250 bucks a month on cell phone, cable and internet charges today to consider joining a club- For most of us none of theses costs existed 20 years ago. They have ongoing careers, longer commutes, starting familys/marraige/buying homes/cars/vacations. They did not grow up with golf as a family based activity, instead these kids grew up with soccer and video games. They were not taught golf in gym class-instead it was everything but. Dad may have played golf on Saturdays, dad is not cool. Dad skied, so that means snowboarding for me. The end result is a missing generation of golfers and we are now experiencing it. This has been building and other sports and activities are experiencing similar examples. "Take me fishing" was a campaign for the fishing industry, hunting is also way down- but gun ownership is way up.The generation before had who are now 45-60 experienced golf country clubs and all the social aspects. They were encouraged as part of their career to socialize and maybe conducts some business on a golf course. Now before everyone chimes in with " I didn't play at a country club, I'm 26 and I play golf...etc etc" I speaking from a mile high view of what has been transpiring in most areas of the country and is a deep concern of golf courses, golf memberships, leagues, private clubs and of course anyone associated with golf merchandise- manufacturers included. With almost perfect weather conditions described as "golfing days" we had an unusual high number of days last year. In fact 15% higher number than in stormy 2012. Golf rounds were down and golfers playing golf #s were down. New young golfers especially. Older guys golfing 55+ took a substantial hit in retirement funds, health insurance being sky high for this group the past 5 years and others have simply become disinterested or dropped out. For every new golf course opening up this year- 20 will close, not sold, closed.
  6. Crap, Erik sniffed us out of the old chat room hehe Let's see, I got my stream on the Bubba group at the moment. I got my very unhealthy lunch laid out before me in all its glory. Life could be a lot worse right now, I think. Oh yea, as the day 1 leader in the Masters contest, and thus, unlikely to win the event (Brandel Chambell led after one round too), I did some quick digging and here is the list of all the past Contest winners at theSandTrap: 2012 Masters -- @VforVendetta , runner-up: @darkstar76 2012 PLAYERS -- @Matthew Brett 2012 US Open -- @Aquaguru 2012 British -- @realed 2012 PGA -- @Yukari 2013 Masters -- @MEfree 2013 US Open -- @Shaggie13 , runner-up: @cabelly 2013 British -- @dtambo , runner-up: @Mulligan Jeff 2013 PGA -- @DCrotty22 runner-up: @Aquaguru No one's ever finished first twice, but @Aquaguru has a 1st and 2nd place finish. Come on, Bill Haas, don't shoot 78 today!
  7. Logical fallacy. The claim that the best players are there does not imply that every player that is there is among the best. Hence your citations of O'Meara and Stadler as an argument that the field does not contain the best is wildly misplaced. Yeah, I can. The UEFA Champions League champion automatically qualifies for the Champions League in the following year even if they did not otherwise qualify. One big difference is that when this occurs, and it has, it knocks out a team that HAD qualified from the Champions League. For example, if Chelsea wins the Champions League but finishes 5th in the Premier League (hence not qualifying for the Champions League, since only the top 4 teams in th Premier League qualify for the following year's Champions League) Chelsea will get a spot in the Champions League and the team that finishes 4th in the Premier League, who would normally qualify for the Champions League, is out of luck and doesn;t get in to the Champions League. Chelsea would take their spot. Something that DOES NOT happen at the Masters, since as Erik has made clear, giving O'Meara or Sadlaer a spot does not eliminate anyone who had otherwise qualified.
  8. You're assuming the cause is work and not higher priority activities in life such as spending time with family, taking care of younger children, running kids to after school activities, attending kids sporting events, or taking evening college classes. The role of men has changed significantly over the last 20 years. Men are much more involved in home life today than their fathers were and the increase of dual income families requires both parents share the responsibilities in the home.
  9. Lefty even par for today ....playing #7 now.......
  10. There has to be a qualifications cutoff and it is what it is. Glover earned his ticket by meeting one of those cutoffs. If those "better performing players on the tour" continue to perform at a high level, then they will earn their invitations for next year, something they have failed to do for this year's competition. It's really quite simple. Since the amateurs never win, maybe they should be cut out of the field too? The past champions are rewarded with an automatic invitation. It's just one of the perks for winning, and it's a Master's tradition - the Masters is nothing if not tradition oriented. Depending on how one looks at it, it's either one of the tournament's most damning or endearing qualities. The Masters reveres it champions, and as I see it, that is only proper.
  11. The best (save for Tiger Woods) ARE playing in this tournament. Kevin Na isn't one of them.
  12. As a lefty, women aren't going to get much sympathy from me. It's about the numbers, there are less women and lefty players so manufacturers don't offer us their full lines and stores don't buy much stock for us either.
  13. I feel like I can no longer participate in this thread because winter is over in KC..........it's golf season!!
  14. The state of golf is fine..... With regard to leagues, I will never play in one........NOT EVER. When I play weekday evenings, I make damn sure I am in front of them........... I can loop around and play 18 in the time it takes them to play 9. I want no part of that league play/slow play clusterFK.
  15. I'd shoot 62 or better with no problem................... With all the attention on the big course, nobody would even notice me on the par3 course
  16. Only if Tiger had also played today and shot like +10.
  17. "Dufner's asleep. After we hit we'll leave him sitting there."
  18. Rick, Practice is a great key as was stated above. also check out this video, http://thesandtrap.com/t/39411/quickie-pitching-video. I also think it helps if you focus on your target and use a repeatable routine. When chipping or pitching, I look at where I want the ball to land, whether it is a chip and run, pitch or flop. I keep staring at it when I address the ball. Then I aim the club face to the target, look back at the target, then head down and execute. No time to think about technique or second guess, which may contribute to yips. If I do any practice swings, it would be just to check the rough for feel, but I don't do that when I address the ball. A fun drill to do is play one ball at a practice green. Toss a ball into the rough. Go through your routine and pick a landing spot. Chip/pitch/flop to that spot. Then toss the ball to a different spot or putt to a hole. Toss the ball into different lies and try to get as close to the target landing area as possible, but with only one ball. Best of luck.
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    • No doubt people are right that I could increase my swing speed & it is not out of my radar. For me my swing is I feel a simple free flowing one that will see my body into the future.  But I still think that a more realistic aim for myself (& possibly others) to consistently break 90 could be to aim as a minimum to reach the green in regulation + 1. This does not eliminate reaching some in regulation &/ or having a single putt to achieve a Par.  I do play with some people who find it hard to realise that golf is a handicap game and try to bomb every shot because they think their goal is always to achieve the par for each hole that is given on the scorecard of the course rather than what their handicap/level of play would suggest is the par for a particular hole for their current skill level. 
    • I'm afraid you are about 10 months off the pace. 😲    
    • Let me just make sure we’re on the same page as I’m not sure I know exactly what you want me to change.    If I number your pictures 1,2,3,4. From the first to second picture I want the clubface to be more back, pointing towards the camera. And the toe pointing upwards.  And then from the second to the third I need to get the shaft vertical while getting my hands to somewhere where they are in picture 4?  
    • Day 165.  Ten minutes of putting after work;  3, 6, 10 feet.  On a real green, but post-dark (lights though). 
    • I lost my sister in law and a cousin to drunk drivers and know quite a few others who have lost family. Drunk driving is stupid. The question is if we all should pay for that stupidity or not? We live with quite a few laws already because stupid people did stupid things like drunk driving, I’m not sure another law would hurt? OTOH, drunk driving isn’t the only problem. What I think would make more sense is mandatory automatic braking systems and enforced speed limits through GPS. The first step towards self driving cars. Something like that, but thought through thoroughly before deployment. I answered to add vehicle safety, but I can understand the arguments against.

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