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    • In the full swing? No, not at all. It should be forward a bit. Some people just go crazy forward in an attempt to have a "flat" left wrist at setup. If your grip is neutral it will tend to be pretty flat at the top. Stronger grips will tend to be cupped slightly. I could have made that clearer in the video, but I remember thinking it was going on for a long time as it was… 😉 Your shoulders won't actually get to level. Mine aren't. It just feels like your right shoulder is "higher" to help your weight get forward. That ball started rolling away and you just let it! I kept waiting for you to stop it with your clubhead. Tough to say without seeing them, but yeah, the 14 is probably better. The 7° one probably "fakes" bounce with a wide sole without much camber, too, which limits its flexibility. (If it is a wide, flat, little-camber sole.)
    • Yeah, but to be clear, I'm not talking about playing in the same cart under current conditions. I firmly support the "one player per cart" thing if you HAVE to ride in current conditions, or walking preferably. Under regular conditions (say, hopefully next summer), @Bonvivant replied pretty well, so… what he said. Yeah, I usually grab my 8I, putter, and maybe a wedge, and walk to the green with two or three clubs.
    • If that seems like a good idea to you, chances are you'll never actually make it to the golf course at all. That guy probably takes a wrong turn backing out of the driveway and gives his neighbor a start on a new picture window. A good personal rule with the carts is the beverage holder rule. Every cart I've ever been in has spots for two beverages per side. Don't have more alcohol at one time than can fit in your allotted holders.
    • You make cart driving seem like a lot of fun!

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