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    • Probably not, but the movie Demolition Man came to mind where they great each other by raising their hand saying "I formally convey my presence." Taco Bell may be the only restaurant to survive, and the lack of toilet paper drives us to come up with other solutions.
    • Hello all.  I figured I would say hi here since it has been about 3yrs since I have been active on this forum.     I always loved this place.  However, some chronic lower back issues have stopped me from playing for the last 3+yrs.     it’s been frustrating enough that I actually threw my clubs in the trash about a trip ago.  However, it seems that I have turned the corner enough that when this shutdown is over I can start working into playing again   so I dusted off my “lsw” book and I’m gonna get to work    Hopefully building a better swing along the way  
    • It is said that 4 out of the 5 people who spread the virus don't have symptoms themselves.
    • I've heard this question on a few radio shows, so I will ask it here. Where is the first place you are going to go have a dine-in meal when this is all over and restaurant dining rooms are open again? For me, there is a little roadside joint called the 571 Grill with awesome smoked wings that are flash fried right before they're served. The have a great selection of micro-brews. That's where I'm headed.
    • I don't think so. You're not the only person saying it, but I don't see that going the way of the dodo. Hell in European countries, they still kiss each other on the cheek. That will "become a thing of the past" before the handshake.

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