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    • Yes, 2.2 addresses the OP. But 2.2 does not answer Rulesman's question where in the rules does it say "a ball touching the green is on the green". Interestingly, this 'which rule' dimension exemplifies a significant difference between Rules exams prepared on either side of the ditch. In my experience, the USGA does not grill their exam takers on Rule numbers for specific issues. The R&A invariably does and that exercise can become extremely hairy. This is one reason why the USGA exams are fairer, IMO.
    • I chose break 80.  From 6400 yards, length would not be an issue, should have short irons in on most holes.  I would hope to shoot right around a 72-76 somewhere in there.  I like faster greens over slower, but I think during regular (non-Masters) days, they would be rolling around a 10-11 maybe.  
    • Agree completely.  So @Bob T, how about letting us know which of our suppositions are correct?  Also, where did you take your relief?  Oh, the original post mentions that you "placed" the ball, did you place it or drop it?  I know I'm being picky, but this is how I learned about the rules myself.  Learning the rules is a process, one that is almost never complete.
    • I'd spend a month practicing putting up to the date of my round and shoot mid-high 70s. With my current game it's probably high 70s-low 80s.
    • My maths was dodgy (geometry not a strength), but that has no influence on the rules observations I was making. But I believe we are agreeing the following: a)  IF the player can play a functional stroke with the 4 rescue back into the fairway, and that cart path interferes with that functional stroke, then the player is entitled to relief, but b) IF the player's stroke with the 4 rescue that has heel interference with the cart path is not a reasonable stroke in the circumstances, then the player is not entitled to relief. That is, if the only reasonable stroke to get the ball back into the fairway would not involve interference with the cart path, then there is no relief entitlement. So we have provided Bob T with the tools to answer his question whether relief was legitimate. We have also guided on where relief needed to have been taken if it was the case that relief was legitimate. If Bob wishes to provide any further information, we could refine this advice further.

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