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    • So @Bump-n-MI who are they because your facts are not adding up here. We have a few LPGA/Symetra players at my course and in my area. Standing game with the +1/+2 crowd-Some of whom backed the players financially-Is to let the women play from 6250 while the guys play 6820 tees. Guys are about 2:1 to win. Two thirds of the time. Does not matter the game - straight up singles, best ball, scramble, worst ball, hi-lo-to. Also I have not met many genuine scratch players who are a 4.7 index. So who are these players? I think we determined LPGA Tour players are about +6 like PGA Tour players and guys in general are about six shots better than women. National Course Rating Database Gold: 71.1 for men, 77.6 for women. So the +2.8 should be shooting often around 69-72 and the women will shoot 73 or so since they are not even LPGA Tour players they are not +6. An actual scratch player-Not a 4.7- would play them pretty closely on average.
    • I didn't see him do that, but I noticed last week watching the highlight videos from when he was contending in Detroit that he finds something to tamp down after every time he sinks a putt or taps in. Since he must know that he can fix/tamp down spike marks and ball marks before the putt, I thought maybe he thinks he puts too much weight on the putter when he leans over to grab his ball, and he's just trying to even out that spot. It's pretty clear, though, that isn't the case either.   
    • Reading the Google reviews, they weren't too positive.
    • That's a decent drill for you, yes. Look at your left knee through impact and early follow-through. It never really extends. Those are related. If the hips stall the clubhead overtakes. You are doing more than that, though, too, but that's a part of it.
    • No, I didn't ask.   I have a few extras.   

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