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    • After my streak of 70's over the last week or so, Thursday's round was an 82, Rained out Friday, Saturday was an 85, and I didn't even keep score on Sunday, but I know I had a lot of doubles. Then today, back to a 75. Why do I love this game?
    • Graduate what? Not even tour players ‘graduate.’ Golf is an ever long game of improvement and challenge. The JV swing? Set up, stay ‘still’...now go practice. It’s just like any other methodology just fewer moving parts.
    • 86 on Sunday morning, which makes three straight rounds in the 80s. Got all my really awful shots out of the way on the first hole. Started with a toe hook drive that fortunately struck the trunk of a tree and bounced back onto the fairway (albeit backwards), followed by a topped 5-iron, then a shanked 55-degree wedge, and lastly a chili-dipped pitch that went about 2 yards. I finally managed to pitch on to about 5 feet and 1 putted for a double. From that point on this was one of the better ball striking rounds I've had, with a lot of flushed mid/long irons. Ended up with 13 GIR/nGIR, and only one 3-putt. I did have 3 penalty strokes (2 from an OB drive, 1 red stake penalty area). None of the penalty strokes were the result of bad ball striking, but rather poor choice in shot selection. 
    • Closest recent scandal that compares in scope and impact on the sport is Rickie Fowler's pornstache.  

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