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    • I finished the distance/speed video, good stuff. That's the 5th or 6th accumulator with regards to the wrist move right? Love the LSW decal on the laptop cover.  
    • Set to pitching. I'll give it a go, but there might not be 6 feet between the ball and the net. Can't hurt to try. Thanks!
    • I had a look in the settings, I didn’t see unlisted but I noticed that private is ticked so I guess that is okay. After my first upload I got a message from some random person saying how he loved my channel and could I subscribe to his, looked like a scam so I ignored it ,but how could he see my video if it’s private, any ideas?    
    • Today’s Session 4-8-20 GOALS: Takeaway - Bump trail hip more Move forward (leaning tower) after P2  Do not back out of shot (upper body) after transition. Stay on top of ball and just move hips out of the way. P1-P2 I got into my trail hip a little better today. Not quite there yet. P3-P4.5 The fall forward. This is success for the time being P7 Trying to stay “on top of ball” after transition seemed to help give me a touch of forward shaft lean.  I hit way less hooks and I think less fat shots. Don’t know until I play Slight problem shoulders were not steep enough in backswing. There was a slight steepening tilt of body/shoulders right at P4. NEXT TIME: Steeper shoulders going back. The “left side crunch” that I use for steep shoulders should go along with the trail hip going more “up” at takeaway. Keep trying to “cover the ball” after transition and into impact.
    • Hello and welcome to TST! The obvious first question would be ....have you hit them both? It’s the only definite way to make a solid, informed decision. If you’re not going to test them...FWIW I played the Callaway Steelhead irons and didn’t care for the very ‘clunky’ sound they made. Cheers.

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