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    • I decided to play Sunday with the idea that my wife would get to stay at a cool-looking hotel, the Athenaeum, which is near the practice facility in Chautauqua. We would be dining with the group Saturday if it is near Chautauqua, otherwise I would see you all at Whispering Woods Sunday.
    • There is always a lag between diagnosis and hospitalization and death.  All these people saying death rate continues to fall when the infection rate is increasing is dillusional. Now comes time to pay the piper: Dozens of Florida hospitals max out of ICU capacity amid surge in Dozens of hospitals in Florida are at their ICU capacity as the state struggles to contain its massive spike of COVID-19 cases. And death rates in Texas is recording a very significant increase as well.
    • Practice, practice, and more practice!  😆 He was never great with the driver, so he ended up in so many difficult 2nd shot areas, he had years of practice.  LOL!
    • Day 195 - July 11, 2020 Hit balls on the back of the range at Whispering Woods with a friend.
    • Day 24.  4' putts on the practice green.  After yesterday's success knowing I can make non-tap-ins (3'), I set up the 12 coin perimeter at 4'.   First run:  made 7, then 4, then 0, then 1 for a total of 19 attempts Second run:  7, then 4, then 0 twice, then 1, for a total of 20 attempts. 60% is an improvement over my previous average at 4', but I have work to do.   I plan to also do this at 6' and 8' before too long. When I got home, I hit a dozen balls, half a dozen each with 8iron and 6iron, off a mat, real balls, into a net, indoors.  

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