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    • Greetings and salutations! 
    • I don’t think the numbers are accurate for the UK. The NHS has a bed capacity about 130k and is adding 20-30k more in temporary hospitals as needed.  The main problem for the UK is lack of ventilators. We will be well short of them if cases rise like the website predicts.  I hope not
    • I would imagine a person swinging in excess of their normal speed is not likely going to be able to keep it up for very long without getting tired, especially during a proper fitting that might last 45 minutes to an hour plus. That, and you can’t add that much speed by swinging out of your shoes in the first place. A guy who averages 95mph isn’t going to average 115mph during a fitting no matter how hard they try. If a guy swinging faster during a fitting ends up with x-stiff  shafts over stiff shafts, they were in on the border to begin with; being that there’s no industry standard for shaft stiffness, one company’s x-stiff could be the same as another’s stiff anyway. A good fitter is going to be able to weed out somebody “faking” it and they’re not simply just going to match shaft stiffness to swing speed to begin with. The launch conditions matter. I went to the same fitter for my driver and my iron fittings. He fit me into a x-stiff driver shaft and a stiff iron shaft, because I tend to launch the ball too low and I needed a slightly softer shaft to offset that.
    • PBS NewsHour | How Taiwan has become a COVID-19 success story | Season 2020 Taiwan's aggressive efforts are paying off in fight against COVID-19 For those who might not know, Taiwan is not a part of the WHO due to international politics.

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