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    • I would think if you did it more often your legs would strengthen and this wouldn’t be a problem. Our legs are built to take on heavy loads like that. Our backs not so much. I load most of my stuff in the car the night before a round. The only things I’m bringing out in the morning are my golf bag and my water bottle.
    • Main reason is that the course where I play most of my golf is excessively hilly, and I am noticeably less fatigued carrying compared to walking. It's a specific fatigue/soreness in both my achilles/lower calves and glutes that only occurs when using the pushcart on this particulary hilly course. When I play a flat/flatter course, I take the pushcart. Secondarily, I commute to/from work daily by bike, so my wife is basically the sole proprietor of our car, except on the weekends when I golf, and the rear storage compartment of our Subaru Outback (which isn't tiny) is always filled with kids crap, like bikes, scooters, etc., and I'm often too lazy to unload the car at 6am to fit my pushcart in the car, but my clubs fit nicely in the back seat.
    • I don’t even know what that is. 
    • No, golf is not just like those other sports. In golf, you're paying to patronize a golf club. As their guest/customer, you are representative of the image the establishment wants to uphold. It's not like you're going to your local park with a couple of buddies to play golf as you would a pickup game of baseball/basketball/football. It's more similar to restaurants having a dress code. Limiting your selection of footwear is a dress code. They're just not limiting your other clothing choices as much, though I'll be it's probably more than you think. They probably wouldn't let you run around in nothing but a g-string thong. A lax dress code is not the same as no dress code.
    • Day 194 - July 10, 2020 Practiced before a lesson downtown. Hit the ball well the last time I played, so that continued, nicely.

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