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    • Thanks for the feedback, @Antneye, @ncates00, and @boogielicious. I took at look at a Robert Rock swing and I believe i understand how to get the swing more upright.  From what I gathered, I can start the swing as I have been but when I get to A2 then start to make it more upright so that my hands end up roughly above my shoulders.  I did a few slow practice swings in the mirror and it felt more "natural" and an easier turn.   I have a bunch of work to do today so not sure if I'll be able to get to the range today to get some video as it's supposed to rain but I think it's something I can easily transition to. I used to hinge the club to start the backswing but @iacas advised that I take the club back rather than hinge to start the swing.  Are you suggesting hinge more at A2?  If I'm not mistake, from the DTL view I ideally want to the clubhead to bisect my hands on the backswing so whereas in those swings I'm coming a bit inside, I don't think it's too far inside.
    • 20 yards is 1-2 less clubs into every green.  That is worth a lot.  To possibly gain 5+mph of clubhead speed without over swinging is pretty beneficial as well.  If I find out who I could order through, and their return policy is decent, I would order one in a heartbeat.
    • And 13.1a refers back to 2.2, as I noted. Either one gives the correct answer.
    • Thanks. I will point out though that, to me, you can have higher hands and still have a flat backswing if the club stays flat. I’m suggesting that he allow the club to hinge up more—not just raise his hands more. To me, the clubhead is too inside and does not track the elbow plane hula hoop properly. A feeling that worked for was to get the head to hinge up, what felt like since it was so new, like it was going to hit me in the nose. That’ll get the club to arc up higher. Perhaps, having higher hands can achieve that, as you suggest, but I think he’s trying to stay “wooden” and connected too much to the point that the club stays flat, his arms get trapped, and then he comes over it. He has to. I don’t see any benefits of a flat backswing for most people. Gotta get that club to go up so you can hit down with some force. 

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