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    • I went back to the show the next day. I was going to give it another try, even though they weren't next to each other, but the Callaway guy was gone. In talking to the Tour Edge guy, it turns out that they also have Callaway but don't they have the Mavrik in yet. I'm going to check back in with him every week until he gets it, then he'll fit me with whichever I decide I like. I know I'm limiting myself with only 2 brands to choose from, but I think I like them both and more choices would probably only confuse me.  I'll post back once I've tried them. 
    • The score was accepted. He signed for a 4 instead of a 3. And yeah, what’s the point of your post? BTW Palmer was upset he didn’t agree.
    • Define “fair to middling.” I have yet to meet even a 12 handicapper (without massive yips) that I would consider a “fair” ball striker. Yes, fix your putting… and the driver is probably “okay,” but fix your full swing first and foremost.
    • Hey, if it works, and as long as it conforms, who cares?! There was a post on here years ago where a guy built himself a "punch out" club. He had an old 2 iron, and either just pulled it from the shaft or mounted it on the shaft of a 7 iron. That's what he used when he had to punch out of the woods and keep the ball low.  As far as what the rest of his set looks like? I don't really think that I want to know!
    • Cool story, but what’s it have to do with cheating?

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