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    • As some have already said, as far as my long game goes, any ball will really do.  Though, I don't like the hard feel of some of the balls.  Typically, I use Chrome Soft balls.  I have learned how they react to my short game.  I never pay full price.  I usually pay about $20-25/dozen on LostGolfballs.com. 
    • I think you're right, in that the exposure these courses get, and the compliments from the media, probably give us an inflated idea of their quality.  
    • Apart from clearly being untrue, this would be a technique problem, not a ball problem. Balls don't "typically" get 6 feet of rollback or whatever.   A particular ball on a particularly soft green from a certain type of shot might roll back. And if that's the case you need to learn to take spin off if you don't like it. Pro V1s and similar will check more if they are hit a certain way, but a cheaper ball hit exactly the same way on the same green at the same time will not just roll on forever - I mean, you're not talking about 4 irons spinning back 6 feet. The fact that you must play on ridiculously soft greens means that for you, the type of ball you use will have LESS effect, and you're probably better of using a harder ball.
    • Yeah...I joined and gave it 3 months. I didn’t feel I really needed anything else from him. I too didn’t agree with some of what he said but I didn’t bring that up to him as it wasn’t talked about in my video lessons. He did tell me how he wanted my arms to be after impact ( odd ) and his explanation/comparison was wrong. He stated something he did which was after impact that I did differently yet this was after impact. We looked the same at impact I didn’t see why it mattered because he even says you don’t have to look exactly like him.
    • Question: Did Tiger's drop break the stated rule?

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