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  1. 3 Week Playoff: Seed the 2 man teams according to their season records and have an 8 team bracket for winners and losers. Week 1 Seed #1 plays #8 Seed #2 plays #7 Seed #3 plays #6 Seed #4 plays #5 Week 2 Winners bracket semi-finals: Winner of #1 vs #8 plays winner of #4 vs #5 (winner =A, loser =B) Winner of #2 vs #7 plays winner of #3 vs #6 (winner =C, loser =D) Losers bracket semifinals : Loser of #1 vs #8 plays loser of #4 vs #5 (winner =E, loser =F) Loser of #2 vs #7 plays loser of #3 vs #6 (winner =G, loser =H) Week #3 Championship bracket: A vs C 3rd & 4th place: B vs D 5th & 6th place: E vs G 7th & 8th place: F vs H
  2. That it's a great event that a almost everyone loves. That local knowledge is important. That you're a perpetual grump?
  3. They've done this before and it's not as low as you might think it would be. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/01/AR2007070101221_2.html Good read.
  4. Memo to Patrick Reed: Before you talk the talk, you better walk the walk. If you don't, prepare to make a lot of enemies, which he is doing.
  5. Really only 1 1/2 years ago, when my son started HS. He decided he wanted to be on the HS team and we had about 4 months before try outs. We all know he was not going to make it but we put every foot forward. This year he did make the team and sits about 4th or 5th seat on a 7 man team. But Scouts has been a big part of our life over the last 10 years. With him finishing his eagle next month this has been a good fill in for him and me. But we have had a blast this past 18 months, every weekend we play, a few days off here and there we will make a tee time and skip work and school, range during the week, lessons and a few outing with TST guys. A game that we can play together long after he leaves home. Not having a dad myself I look forward to the days we can get together for a round and a beer. Golf is the greatest game ever!
  6. Well apparently from the way my wife reacted, 4 months is too young!!!! We took my new bundle of joy out last weekend (first warm weekend in what seems like forever) and she did enjoy riding in the golf cart and chewing on the steering wheel. Personally, I can't wait until she is old enough to swing the club. We will probably go out late in the day and just let her beat the ball around the course. One funny note, I have a 20 year old son. He got bite by the golf bug last summer and asked "Dad, why did you never take me golfing when I was a kid." I had to remind him that he was asked EVERY weekend if he wanted to go, but he was always wanting to do something "more fun than golf." It is alot of fun now to play with him.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by KyleAnthony The thing that makes drills and practice fun for me is the results. I like completing the drills successfully. I know I don't do them successfully more than 2% but I like working for more and more good results Just be careful that you're being honest with yourself. A lot of people say this: Quote: I like working for more and more good results But they really mean this: Quote: I like working for more and more good results It's just like exercising to lose weight for a lot of people. If you haven't done it in awhile, and are overweight enough, the first week or two will be fantastic. You'll lose ten pounds just like that. You'll be gung ho as heck about working out, but if you're honest with yourself, you're not gung-ho about working out, you're ONLY gung-ho about losing weight. Two weeks later, and all of a sudden you only lose 1 pound that week, or three weeks later you don't lose any ... now how much do you llike working out? Most people are like "eff that, why should I bother if it's not going to work anymore?" And so the cycle continues. It cannot be stressed enough that if you want to improve, you will focus little on your results as you go, and instead trust in your work and your teachers and keep, keep, keep at it.
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    • I probably spend 20 minutes or a little more most days.  First some stretching to start to loosen things up.  Then some short irons, slow or partial swings first, progressing to full swings.  Next a mid-iron, progressing from easy effort to proper full swings.  Maybe 5 or 6 drivers.  Then back down, a few mid-irons, a few short irons.  To the putting green, mostly 20 to 30 footers feeling for speed, alternating with a few 4 to 6 footers to practice hitting my line.  Back to the range, a couple more drivers (or whatever I'm swing on the first tee), and off to the course.   For a competition, I'll typically arrive a bit earlier, start with a few putts, then a few chips, and then into the same basic sequence as I outlined above.  If I'm not at my home course, I'll spend more time chipping to watch the behavior of the ball when it lands, and more time with longer putts to get adjusted for the speed.
    • Had to give this a shot couple times today while practising, at first it felt so uncomfortable I couldn't focus on my target at all. After doing this even my normal grip felt weird for a while. Not sure was the weak grip weak enough, but it surely felt like the wrists might break if I hit that hard dry ground, ended up hitting little thin. One friend used to play with almost this weak grip and he always said the hard fairways make his wrists hurt, now I understand why. 😅 Also felt like hitting with completely straight stiff hands with the weak grip, one lever got completely robbed. The strong grip felt like I could hit the ball with nothing but wrists and it still would go a mile. 😄  
    • It may depend to some extent on what your swing is like for these shots.  A lot of people prefer a swing arc that just brushes the grass, with the back side of the flange (the bounce) being the only part of the club to actually contact the ground.  For that kind of shot, use a club with more bounce, you'll have a little greater margin for error.   It may also depend on the firmness and speed of the greens you play.  The 56 should fly higher, land softer, and stop quicker than the 50, everything else being equal.   Personally, I use my 60/8 lob wedge for most short game shots.  I've played and practiced enough to be able to close it down and hit low runners, open it up and hit high soft lobs, and almost everything in between.  The only real change is when I get close enough to hit a true chip and run, and I'll use anything down to 7 or 8 iron, but those shots aren't what you're asking about.
    • 4 putts from 3 feet Lag putt 4 balls from 20 until I'm getting them close enough. Hit the range to see if I have a swing. Hit a few 7i, 5H, 3W, and D. It's a warm up. 
    • So just a thought, have you been hitting off of mats only for some period of time?  My left hand, specifically my ring finger below the knuckle gets sore. I put Blue Emu on before I play and it’s fine.  We’ve been on mats all year and that possibly could cause some pain. Or perhaps an early symptom of arthritis? I’m 65 so that could be a possibility.

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