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    • 2nd Swing is a reputable dealer; just ask them. Maybe get serial #'s and check Mizuno (I think they have a site to register your clubs even older as I have done; it will indicate if clubs are unknown). BTW...I played the MX-100, successor to the MX-25. They are very good clubs. Best, -Marv
    • Mizuno MX 25 Iron Set | 2nd Swing Golf Buy new and used Mizuno MX 25 Iron Set from the best golf shop. 2nd Swing... Looks like a good deal if they are legit and in good condition
    • Hello all from Dayton OH USA.                    I grew up with a interest in golf but never got serious about the game only playing a few times a year. I got distracted with cars and motorcycles, then pool for many years. I am now returning to golf with purpose and intent at age 29. I only played a few times a year growing up . I have always challenged myself in life mainly through difficult mechanical operations fixing up project cars and bikes. Enough work, time to play! I became a Realtor 3 years ago and have made a career out of it and am now comfortable enough to play 2-3 rounds of golf a week. I was always around a 110-120 golfer. I think I broke 100 once with a 98 when I was 18 on a 5300 yard course. I started playing again a month ago and am building a decent bag with used clubs currently.Currently playing with 1998 Ram Titanium X irons I bought when I was 13 used. Just got a used Cleveland 15 degree 3 wood that I am hitting well. Picked up a Ping b60 putter from a pawn shop ($25) that I like a lot and am about to receive a Cleveland classic driver to replace my $20 Taylor Made 580x that hasn't been very forgiving. After 10-12 rounds I am getting closer to my goal of shooting fairly consistently in the 90's by the end of the season. Broke my personal best with a 97 last Sunday. Having a tough time with irons(some days they are there, other days it's duff city). A friend of mine recommended this forum so here I am . Hoping to learn lots from you all. Thanks for reading.
    • Hello all,    New golfer here from Dayton Ohio. I am starting to break 100 more frequently(just got into golf again a month ago after several years off and never playing more then a few times a year) so I feel it is time to get the irons I want to play with to replace the 1998 Ram Titanium Irons I bought used at a garage sale when I was 13 years old(29 now). I found a reasonable deal on a set of used Mizuno MX-25's on facebook ($125) and was hoping someone here could tell if they are authentic or not. I have read many reviews on these clubs and everyone seems to agree it is a good set. 
    • Why can’t you do the same but with driver?

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