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    • Day 239 Partial wedges, and chipping/pitching practice. 
    • Day 75 - Hit some balls into a net focusing on my shoulder rotation and trail elbow. 
    • My best would be 21 better than my best which was 72 when I doubled the 18th hole.
    • It depends on how much temperature change. I'm suggesting that air density is important, and even more acutely in golf than in baseball, because spin plays a larger role in golf ball flight than baseball flights. Air Density Calculator - What is the Density of Air? Use the online air density calculator to find out the density of air at any given temperature and pressure. This is kind of nice. 0.071 pounds per yard in San Francisco right now (obviously not the heat of the day, but a reference). It was 0.062 in Memphis on Sunday. About a 13 percent difference. Coors Field is usually around an 18% difference to sea level when it comes to air density.  
    • When I was seven, we went to a convention in San Francisco in September of 1979.  It was during an epic heatwave, but luckily we were going to Hawaii the week after, so we had clothes that we were able to wear, and then wash them all at my aunt's house before flying to Honolulu.

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