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    • The only 2 I’m personally familiar with are Sugar Mill and Venetian Bay.  Both are decent, but nothing really special.  Both are very dependent on current condition which can vary widely.  Unfortunately I can’t comment on current conditions at either one. One better option would be a short drive up I-95 to Daytona Beach to play LPGA International.  2 good courses, a very nice practice area, and a nice club house and bar.  Usually in very good condition, but again, I haven’t been there in a while either...  
    • I miss 2 footers, and I don't let other golfers cause me to hurry up. I have my own pace when putting. It's slower than some golfers, but faster than most other golfers.  I missed one today, probably an 18" incher. Did I rush it? No. Did I take 30 seconds to look at it? No. I did my normal putting routine, and just plain ass missed it. I rolled a bad putt.  Next hole I rolled in a 4'+\- footer. Go figure. 
    • Heading down w/ family for a week for Thanksgiving. First time. Course options are overwhelming. What are the best public courses? 
    • The PDF on this page lists the reasons for the change. The way I read it the main goal is simplification. No data comparison though, which would be interesting to see.   
    • The announcers said he chose not to take relief from the cart path because it would have been to his left near the penalty area (where it looked like his swing would have been blocked by bushes in the penalty area). 

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