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    • shot a 72 and won 5 skins today. Lifetime low round by 1.
    • So next year I would really like to get fitted for clubs, at least my irons. My question is, are there any/many options in the non-blade categories of irons that have thin top-lines like blades do? I have never been able to look down at bigger irons, especially when the top-line is meaty, and be confident that I will make good contact. With my current set (see signature) I get fairly good contact on most shots. I might have 2-4 fat shots and 1-2 thin shots in a round of 18 (I usually score in the 90s). Most of my trouble in regards to score, comes from duffed chips and a few errant drives, but I do want to get more consistent with my irons, and I know that blades wouldn't be recommended for someone playing at the level that I play. Does anyone have a suggestion of a line(s) of irons that fit my description, or am I stuck with blades if I want that thin top-line and non over-sized head? Cheers.
    • I think you’re over complicating your swing.
    • Day 35 Went out to the backyard and worked on my alignment and pre-shot routine, and then hit full shots while focusing on my BTT... FTT swing-thought.  My results were much better than yesterday, with a bunch of well-struck shots.  I really tried to focus on picking out a target in the trees beyond the net and hitting shots toward that.
    • Well said. Humility in defeat is someone that far too few people exhibit. It's not fun to lose, but one shouldn't whine about a fair match and ask for more

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