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    • Played my "home" course last week with my son and 4-yr old grandson.  As I am looking to "par" all 18 over the challenge, I was able to add another hole as "done".  It was #18, a par 4 with water most of the way on the left, trees on the right, huge fairway bunker right about where my ball stops on a good drive.  This hole I always bogie or worse.  It has been a nemesis, but this time I had a great, for me, tee shot with the driver that left me just short of the fairway bunker I tend to find.  A 5i to the edge of the green for nGIR.  A quick chip with the 9i for a 5' putt for par.  Cannot complain.  Still have a number of holes to get on the card as par.  Then maybe in the balance of the year, work on an upgrade to birdie on some or most.  
    • I used to have SI joint issues all the time. Mobility and stretching really helped as did core strength. Since I retired in April, I don’t sit that much anymore and my SI doesn’t flare up as much. Sitting really can cause issues.
    • Rose Zhang won the US Am too! Trifecta. Got the major Asian countries covered. Japan, Korea, China.       
    • Is your set up area level? My old set up was slightly down hill and I tended to sway more. I then went full Dr. Emmet Brown and built a perfectly flat stand. I’m OCD that way!
    • Good weekend for California born players. Morikawa wins as does Danielle Kang. IIRC, there was a spot during the PGA that showed a bunch of CA players high up on the leaderboard.

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