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    • Ah...well that’s hardly assumed, sorry to hear that...but power to you for doing what you do! That being said, referring to the mental game as far as concentration or otherwise ‘poor thinking’ is what’s being referenced and yours is actually organic, physical. So it’s not actually a disagreement  it’s a different mental issue altogether. Someone saying, ‘ I have trouble concentrating on the course’ is much different than ‘ I have a brain malfunction that inhibits my concentration.’ All good.
    • I hate to disagree with you,, but I had a stroke some time ago. It affected my cognitive skills> I had to learn to read all over again. I had to learn to play golf again after 50 years at the game. At the age of 77 it is not easy to concentrate or even to remember to do it at times. There are times I can't take the club back because I don't have any idea how to do it. So I don't think I am wrong here, but one never knows does one.
    • I keep a driving iron in the bag. Really nice when the driver goes haywire. I can hit it off the fairway just fine too. 
    • When my swing mechanics go bad,  which cause my poorer shots, I just blame it on my hang over from the partying the night before. My cerebellum is still drunk...lol
    • Your ‘cognitive skills’ go awry because of poor shots. Very few players ‘real problem’ is due to mental issues. It’s poor mechanics. 

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