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    • The rate at which the strength of field increases will slow down over time.  
    • I don’t care about Hogan.  I just threw his name out as a what might have been.  He lost 3 years to the war and overcome even more medical issues than Tiger without 21st century medical procedures.  But his resume does not stack up. At almost 7000 posts there has not been a single post, not one valid argument, that supports Jack being a greater golfer than Tiger. Tiger is greater than Jack.  Jack’s strength of field will never be stronger.  But strength of field is always increasing, so who knows who the subjects of a future thread will be.  That is actually the best part of this.  All the words will disappear and eventually become irrelevant. John
    • Day 5.  Set up my net, already had my mat set up.  Shindig's practice room in the new home is good to go -- and it's larger than the last one! 6-iron, full swings (SLOW, but I did a full speed one just to confirm I could), indoors, off a mat, into a net ;  some whiffle balls, a few real ones.  
    • You're proving my point. Hogan isn't in this discussion.
    • Could be any number of things.  Have you tried posting a video in the member swings / instruction section of the forum?  I did at the end of last year and a couple of the guys were a great help.   Without seeing a video it’s impossible to know.

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