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    • They must have had JBH and BD as consultants!
    • I switched a few years ago from interlock to overlap because my right pinky nail would dig in. It took about 3 months to get comfortable, but I'm glad I did. I don't think it affected my clubface control though.
    • Day 338, Sept 17 Not sure why my last two posts didn't get out of the editor on my phone. I guess I will have to check it better. I played 9 yesterday. Today I did mirror work. My swing though yesterday was to not let the hands roll through impact. This produced high push draws with the driver and 3W, so I will have to adjust my aim. With irons, I still had a bit of a draw. Today, worked on the feel of extending the right arm through impact with the palm facing up. This feel seems to keep the roll from happening too early. I will film it sometime this week.
    • The LPGA has to stand on its own and provide a product that the American audiences (where the $$ is) will follow.  I find it interesting to watch a few LPGA events and the players are talented and I can also identify more with their distances and course management than the PGA Tour.  The LPGA does need more American superstars which should bump up the viewership and perhaps bring higher purses.  But the reality is that the best golfers in the world are on the PGA Tour and they generate the most interest and revenue.  
    • You and I know this, but the OP may not. We don't want to scare folks away from the site or game. 

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