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    • Great to play with friends ever week. I'm in a league with about 50 men and women and we play every Tuesday. All play about the same, some a little better some not so good, but we're there to have fun. We also kick in money each week, besides greens fees, a little goes to some prize money, but the most goes to help a homeless shelter and a home for battered women.  We play a best ball scramble so the game moves along quickly and we don't hold anyone up, plus we all want to get to the 19th hole. Given we're all older folks we play it forward, again to speed up the game. Bottom line, we're all into the game and play by the rules that we have set up. It is great fun and we all look forward to the next Tuesday. 
    • I'm sure that many name-brand "designer" courses today just use distinctive elements preferred by the named designer. The named designer might just show up for a photo op one day on the course. There is a Gary Player course in Connecticut (Lyman Orchards) that has photos of Gary putting on one of the greens. Truth is, he just flew in by helicopter one day, got out, and hit a mid iron to the green, putted out and left for a tournament in Westchester. Probably had little or nothing to do with the actual planning and design of the course. But I do think Ross was more of a "hands on" guy.
    • Thanks to @boogielicious & @iacas.  This helps a lot.  I'll work on it.
    • Depth is front to back. So higher and less deep is more over your right shoulder and less behind you.

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