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    • Well it's OSU versus PSU week!  My prediction - Ohio State 41 Penn State 13 Why I think OSU scores over 40 points. Over the past two weeks PSU has allowed over 6.5 yards per play. They have given up 31 points and 27 points. When OSU averages over 6 yards per play they score in the 40's or higher. I think OSU does have a lower running average, probably in the 4.75 range. PSU secondary is not that good, ranked 84th yards per game and 30th in passer rating. I see Ohio State being able to pass the ball well enough.  Why I think PSU scores under 14 points. OSU's pass defense is suffocating. They are in the top 5 in not allowing WR to get open. They have only allowed 3 teams to pass for over 200 yards this season. They allow a staggering 4.9 yards per attempt. PSU has a horrible passing down sack rate, and OSU has a very good passing down sack rate. Chase Young comes back from his suspension fresh and ready to be a monster. PSU O-line doesn't get much push in the run game (ranked 78th in the O-line being able to move the other line downfield). Ohio State's d-line is ranked 2nd in being able to push the O-line backwards. PSU QB's completion percentage is a staggering 20% less against opponents with winning records. This will be the best passing defense PSU has faced all year.  How PSU can win, do the one thing other teams haven't been able to do, cause turnovers. They need extra possessions and capitalize on them. The weather doesn't look to be bad like for the Wisconsin game, so no weather shenanigans. If this was at PSU, I would probably have something like 35 to 21. PSU home field advantage is absurd. 
    • Maybe not your paticular muni, but I have played out of some bunkers that resembled an empty swimming pool. 😋
    • Day 21 After yesterday's round with below average putting, I felt the need to work on my putting. Spent about 10 minutes in my living room before heading work putting at various targets around the room, about 5-10ft range, which caused me a bunch of grief yesterday.
    • I would be absolutely fine with minimalist bunkers with very little sand. It's a hazard. My score would go up a shot or 2, but who knows maybe it will bounce out or roll through lot easier too. Less opportunities. Bunkers don't hurt my feelings too much either way.
    • You've played at my local muni? Lol. You can bounce a ball in these bunkers just like if you were bouncing a ball on a cartpath. They literally can't get worse.

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