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    • We just returned from road trip where I played on a dozen or so different courses. For the life of me, I can't remember seeing any gold tees. Bandon may of had some. Maybe they used another color. .  Most of the courses I played, had just blue, white, and red tee boxes. With almost all of them, there was just a few feet difference separating them. Usually I just look for the 6500+/- yardage tee colors on the score card, and go from there.  Alot of courses are not boldly colored, except for signage on a pole, listing the yardages.. Tee boxes are sometimes just marked by big rocks, all the same color. That 6500+/- yardage, is what I play at my home course.  . 
    • For eagles you can control, being able to comfortably get on par fives in two strokes is the easiest way. Ive gotten 99% of my eagles from 1 putt 3's on par fives.  Other than that, my eagles have just been dumb luck. A hole-out from an approach shot or chip in. I can count on my hands the amount of times ive done that in the tens of thousands of holes ive played over the past 20+ years. 
    • Man, my joke fell flat there.  Ya know...I was with my grandpa...?   Also, how is throwing a club not an etiquette thing?
    • Yes the Muni in Wilmington is probably the best play, but if you are willing to drive a little bit I hear Ocean Ridge Plantation and Rivers Edge are good choices. 
    • The first two events of the year are still scheduled for the Bahamas. I think that if they do move the events, we'll hear about it later in the year. It's still four months away, so they could do a lot of work in that time.

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