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    • Yeah, this area is sloped from front to back so that could be something. These are also some of my first attempts at adding flow and feeling the lead foot pressure spike trigger so I think it's more likely I'm just overdoing it a bit. I do really like how the trail hip is loading and how it looks at A4 in these swings so I'm glad I devoted even a little bit of time to it. I think working a little bit on flow pairs well with the lesson at the outing in that it is crucial towards developing a more aggressive and athletic swing. I'm going to get another net session in today and get back to the soft lead knee feeling/bump in transition. This was my key feel from my lesson, so it's really no surprise that it's what I need to be focusing on. I think the softer lead knee + the bump is precisely what allowed me to work down to the ball a bit more. I just need to reign myself in a bit and focus on what the golf professional, @iacas, taught me. Hmmmm, who would've thought... In the near future I'm looking at a few purchases, which are: Evolvr subscription (will probably do this in the next week or so), SuperSpeed set, and potentially a Mevo.   
    • It sounds like you are on your way with a great set of clubs that should last you a good while. Good luck! 
    • At my age, I can grow my nose hair to look like that in about an hour... maybe 2 tops.  I'd like to thank @CarlSpackler for finding a silver lining in growing older.
    • And I’ve let my mustache grow long enough to cover my mouth. 😉
    • Played my "home" course last week with my son and 4-yr old grandson.  As I am looking to "par" all 18 over the challenge, I was able to add another hole as "done".  It was #18, a par 4 with water most of the way on the left, trees on the right, huge fairway bunker right about where my ball stops on a good drive.  This hole I always bogie or worse.  It has been a nemesis, but this time I had a great, for me, tee shot with the driver that left me just short of the fairway bunker I tend to find.  A 5i to the edge of the green for nGIR.  A quick chip with the 9i for a 5' putt for par.  Cannot complain.  Still have a number of holes to get on the card as par.  Then maybe in the balance of the year, work on an upgrade to birdie on some or most.  

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