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  1. And you're the person who thought you'd score about 100 at Augusta on a Sunday and acted as if that would be embarrassing. Do you EVER give yourself a reality check? Why should it be frustrating or not fun? You are in a process but you keep shying away from it, looking for results when they may be months away. Every time someone gives you advice you just laugh it off with "LOL"s and "ya"s. You seem like a nice bloke but you would be the most frustrating pupil in the world. :-) Of course I can choose not to read, but I'll bet yoi haven't got the self control to close the thread
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  2. Yes you have some speed for sure. I think you have the ability to be a good player but need to gain some better knowledge. First thing I would do is look at the set-up. Your spine is tilted towards the target. This is going to feel weird but you're going to push your hips slightly towards the target so the spine tilts away from the target. Notice the head is still centered with the player on the right, he's not getting it tilted right by just having his head over his right foot. Also turn both feel out, will help keep your head more steady. Watch this
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  3. I agree DZ, if a kid has the desire and talent they are going to succeed or at least have that opportunity without specializing or making it their whole world. I think it's great that there are so many more opportunities for kids to play and practice sports these days compared to when I was younger but playing different sports or activities helps make a more rounded person for sure! I was a one sport golf nut back in high school. I guess because I was good at it and not much else but hindsight I should have put more effort into playing something else in the off season. That's why I was
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  4. What's holding me back is that I have 48 different swings and I never know which one will show up.
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