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  1. It is humbling and embarrassing that I was so big but I feel like a new person. I went from getting tired after riding 18 holes to feeling good after walking them.
  2. 6:16 this morning! 5 minutes better keep an eye out
  3. Solid win from my NYR.
  4. For what it's worth i don't think having the SW that matches your irons is important, having a 'proper' wedge can give you more options around the green such as a better ability to open the face to play the lob shot etc but obviously if you prefer using a SW that matches your irons then that is understandable.
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    • I would love to see progress updates. Of course your chances are slim, but I like these ‘chasing a dream’ threads. Hope you go for it and to hear from you again. 
    • Jack would never say that. He knows if he does his record will be broken in under 10 years, easily, because Tiger qualifies for the senior tour in 7 years and would wipe the floor with every player on it.
    • I voted for Byron Nelson. And immediately decided I was wrong. If I could re-do my vote I'd go with Hogan. But, I don't think there is a clearcut #3.
    • None of this applies to the sentiment regarding Tiger over Jack as the GOAT. I rooted like hell for Jack in ‘86. Jack was my favorite all through my younger years. He’s respected and his accomplishments are well noted. That being said Tiger is easily the GOAT regardless of what anybody ‘feels’ about Jack. 😃
    • Wind it down.  A round of golf says nothing about your worth as a human being.  Pay attention to what you are doing...and how that effects your brain.  The chance is pretty good that you've tied your head in a knot.  That is not unusual.  And that's the hard part.  Golf gets into your head...whether you know it or not.

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