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  1. It is humbling and embarrassing that I was so big but I feel like a new person. I went from getting tired after riding 18 holes to feeling good after walking them.
  2. 6:16 this morning! 5 minutes better keep an eye out
  3. Solid win from my NYR.
  4. For what it's worth i don't think having the SW that matches your irons is important, having a 'proper' wedge can give you more options around the green such as a better ability to open the face to play the lob shot etc but obviously if you prefer using a SW that matches your irons then that is understandable.
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    • Hi all, I'm looking to talk some golf, up my game, and have some fun. I see that almost everybody here is really helpful and nice - I look forward to keeping that tone. 
    • This 19 HC player likes the Srixon Z-star. $29.99/doz. OR the Taylormade Project-a in the same price range. Great feel around the green. Excellent off the tee. Your mileage may vary.  I like a ball I can pop and stop on the green. One that checks up on a lob shot or bunker shot. Driver? They're all within 200 rpm off the tee. 
    • Once I got paired-up with an interesting gentleman. He was a professional drag-racer (not the library kind, the normal kind). Based on our conversation (we shared a cart) I tend to believe this. Very nice guy, enjoyable round. He was powerfully-built and I believed him that he worked out every day. Kind of a prima Donna type, but I enjoy being around different people for limited periods of time.  Anyway, he was given some fancy Titleist clubheads by some fancy person and had them put on very long shafts. He asserted that the pros don't actually hit longer than us because they use longer shafts. He said "compare my PW to your 6-iron." I did and they were exactly the same. His story always struck me as baloney on the surface, and every person I've told it to has agreed. I'm 6'1" and play standard lengths, he was maybe 5'10".   I've always wondered if there is some secret long-shafts club out there or of he just had a fun time pulling my leg somehow.  Thoughts? 
    • I think the issue people have with it is not that he broke the rules, but that he is so full of bs in his explanation. from my understanding of the situation he's trying to claim he didnt know he moved the sand.  I realize the home viewer has the advantage of high def television replays, but commmmmmmme on man, how could you not see you clearly moving the sand

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