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  1. Gipper

    First drawback of losing weight.....

    It is humbling and embarrassing that I was so big but I feel like a new person. I went from getting tired after riding 18 holes to feeling good after walking them.
  2. bplewis24

    Your Workout Today

    6:16 this morning! 5 minutes better keep an eye out
  3. jmanbooyaa

    2014 NHL Playoffs

    Solid win from my NYR.
  4. For what it's worth i don't think having the SW that matches your irons is important, having a 'proper' wedge can give you more options around the green such as a better ability to open the face to play the lob shot etc but obviously if you prefer using a SW that matches your irons then that is understandable.
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    • There was also the guy who ran a driving range in Georgia.  He was a true exception, because when he went on the Senior Tour he was VERY successful. Regarding Jay Sigel.  I remember when he was a fantastic amateur golfer who won scads of tournaments.  I used to see his name in the paper all the time.  I believe he was a stockbroker and wanted to remain an amateur.  Now, if I recall correctly, he became a pro and tried to make it on the PGA Tour but did not do well at all when competing against the incredibly gifted PGA Touring Pros (not that Jay wasn't gifted).  Bruce Zabriskie is another constant winner (as a club pro).  He was dominant here in New York State.  He also was on Tour but didn't make it.  But, all in all, you don't stand much of a chance in making it on the Senior Tour unless you come over from the regular tour.  That's how good those guys are.  Some are so good, in fact, that they play both tours for a few years -- like Vijay.  Let's never forget that Tom Watson was about a week or shy of 60 years old when he lost the Open in a playoff! 
    • DAY 355.   I woke up REALLY sore from attending my first Golf Conditioning Class yesterday... ooh, ouch, darn, .... my legs are killing me.    Got out to the practice range about 2:30 and stayed until 5 p.m.  The 10th day in a row working with the JetStick..so now I begin a 3 day a week regimen.  Will try to remember to check my swing speed tomorrow UNLESS I go to the morning session of the Golf Conditioning Class.   Spent the remainder of the time working on Key #1 Steady Head, Key #2  Weight Forward, and keeping the club more on plane in the backswing since I have a tendency to take it inside..   The test of my progress is Friday when I have my next lesson... 
    • Thank you again. I'll try and focus on that 
    • @Pretzel, Thank goodness. I can always count on you to throw a crap load of math at me.  I went to Chicago Public Schools. We didn't learn a lot of that math stuff. 
      Man, I just hit the ball and then walk after it. Like my old football coach used to say "Don't think. It can only hurt the team."
    • I think equally cool, although I play draws mostly as I have relatively more control on it. But that's just me.  The few times I have faded on demand to get out of trouble with no other option flight, I remember being tickled greatly that I pulled it off. The flight was just as pleasing. But I would say the distance loss was too much and flight curve amount not predictable enough for me to play it routinely. I do not understand why one shot shape would be inherently more reliable than the other.    


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