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  1. Gipper

    First drawback of losing weight.....

    It is humbling and embarrassing that I was so big but I feel like a new person. I went from getting tired after riding 18 holes to feeling good after walking them.
  2. bplewis24

    Your Workout Today

    6:16 this morning! 5 minutes better keep an eye out
  3. jmanbooyaa

    2014 NHL Playoffs

    Solid win from my NYR.
  4. For what it's worth i don't think having the SW that matches your irons is important, having a 'proper' wedge can give you more options around the green such as a better ability to open the face to play the lob shot etc but obviously if you prefer using a SW that matches your irons then that is understandable.
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    • Thanks.  I know I'm lucky.  I've belonged to country clubs since I was a young lad.  We'd play 18 holes, go to the snack shack and we'd put the burger and fries on my parents club number.  Then we'd go play another 18.  That's how I became a champion. 
    • Tell that to the thousands of people who were chanting USA as Tiger and Rory were near the 18th green on Sunday. They know what is coming up next week. They are primed to be rooting for USA against Europe. So, don't try to gloss over the Ryder Cup's importance. It matters to a lot of people. It's a pretty big deal. The reason people don't remember individual stats is because it's a team format. People remember which team won. So, you are not even comparing apples to apples here.
    • The Ping G is an abomination compared to the Ping Eye 2 irons.  Nobody hits their irons better than me at my club.  I've won the club championship 3 times and I have the coveted "Club Champ" sign in front of my reserved parking spot.  Sometimes when I go to the range people stop to watch.  They see the Ping Eye 2 irons in my bag and they say "wow, Champ, you've been playing these irons since you were a kid".  This kind of attention bothers me but it's just part of the deal when you keep winning club tournaments. 
    • Woods at 43/44 Being so injured, he could hardly get out of bed each day. This is stuff of legends right now.  I don't think it's even close. Jack never had a spinal fusion. He never rebuilt his swing 4 times. He also didn't have this strong of a field to compete against. Later age doesn't matter here. You are not considering the complexity of this situation that easily shows that what Tiger is doing dwarfs anything that Jack did after the age of 40.  


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