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  1. Wow. What a push back from the HABS!!! Really used their speed well tonight, had the Bruins scrambling. Game 7, here we come!!! :dance:
  2. Yes, shouldn't go over 30-35 degrees
  3. I am following and reading more about the LPGA for a reason that is much closer to home. I now have a 6 month old baby girl and honestly, for the first time, I am looking at the ladies as more than pretty objects to look at and more for potential sports "role models" (yes in quotes because no athlete should ever be a true role model, that is reserved for momma and daddy!!) who she can emulate growing up in her sports life. Watching more womens golf, womens softball and womens soccer has given me a much greater respect for what these amazing ladies are accomplishing.
  4. True. I think he has a bright future. He can't legally have a champagne to celebrate a major victory at this point.
  5. Can you explain why you would "ideally" like PX 6.5 shafts? That's a pretty heavy, stiff-feeling shaft. The PX 6.5 will have a FCM rating of 7.0 which is stiffer than a TTDG X-stiff. The weight is about the same (125-130 grams for PX 6.5 and TTDG S-X), but IMO the PX feels heavier because of what most people refer to as the "boardiness" of the shaft. The TTDG feels dynamic in my hands, whereas the PX feels dull. Now that's not to say the shaft isn't right for you. I'm currently hitting the KBS C-Taper which has a very similar, dull feel. I play it because I like what my ball does. As a general overview of 4 popular shaft varieties in the heavier, stiffer end of the spectrum: TTDG. the lodestar iron shaft. The TTDG has a dynamic feel and high (near the grip end) flex point. Produces low-medium trajectory and medium spin. TTDG is the least stiff of the bunch, with the S coming in at a 5.8 FCM. The upgrade is the Tour Issue, which is essentially the same shaft, only hard-stepped and frequency matched. I'm fairly certain this is still the most popular shaft on tour. PX. Stepless shaft with a mid flex point. Designed to deliver a low-mid ball-flight and low spin. Very stiff in the grip section, which produces the "boardy" feel. Constant weight and frequency matched. PX is among the stiffest available steel shafts, with flexes ranging from 5.5 to 7.5 FCM. (The rifle shaft is commonly confused, because they're both PX and both stepless. The rifle delivers a slightly higher flight and higher spin, with a softer feel.) KBS Tour. Mid-high flight, low spin, stepped shaft. This shaft has a soft, dynamic feel much like the TTDG, only a higher, flatter trajectory and lower spin. Also frequency matched. KBS C-Taper. Low flight, low spin, stepless shaft. This shaft has a satin finish, and people who don't know what it is ususally assume it's a composite shaft of some kind. The C-Taper, like the PX, has a stiff grip section giving it a very heavy, dull feel. C-Taper is also very stiff, with the S rating 6.2 and the X rating 7.2 FCM. I've played all of these shafts except for the rifle. I can promise you that the feel from one shaft to the next is very, very different--particularly between TTDG and PX or C-Taper. I tend to hit down on the ball very hard and get a lot of spin; I could get insane distance with a TTDG, but would spin them way off line in the wind. The C-Taper gives me slightly less distance, but better control in the wind. The KBS Tour had a great feel and great distance and had good control in crosswind, but I couldn't hit the ball low and would lose a ton of distance into the wind. They're all great shafts, but they do different things.
  6. both of these = great advice. i'll also go one further and recommend playing a couple rounds with irons only. i started doing this last season and it helped tremendously (i'm actually continuing to do it this season, as i enjoy hitting my long irons with greater consistency). it makes you focus on the basics, and your misses won't be as bad. there's so much emphasis on distance, when accuracy is far more important at this stage of your game.
  7. Did you read either of the threads I posted? I didn't put them there for my benefit. I don't understand how you could be presented accurate data and disagree with it in favor of your uninformed opinion. Also I take back what I said about the pro. He probably knows what he's doing, and when you said he "didn't have an answer" he probably explained the same thing you've just been told and you ignored him.
  8. HighlandLaird, I'm 63 years old. My wife and I went to a Golf Expo in January. The expo had several presentations on golf fitness. A few tidbits: Certainly warm up before you play, but also stretch after you play . Your muscles are warm then, and stretching of warm muscles can help your flexibility, and lessen stiffness. If you have any ailing joints, or old injuries which bother you, go get a motion analysis from a physical therapist who works with golfers. You might be able to make set-up and swing adjustments to improve your swing motion, and lessen the chance you'll injure yourself. I have an arthritic right hip, so I have to make sure I work out regularly. My gym is about a mile from my golf club, so on my way to the course I often will stop off and do 10 minutes on the elliptical bike.. For fairway woods, I went from 3W + 5W to 4W + 7W. A couple of extra degrees of loft makes all the difference in the world. And, make the most of graphite shafts. These days, graphite has a lot of different weights, flexes and kick points available.
  9. You must be really upset, creating an account just to share this with us. I like him too. He helps me to remind me not to take golf (or life for that matter) to seriously.
  10. Boring? BORING? Mike & Mike, Mad Dog Radio, etc etc how could these guys even use the word? Did these sportscasters even watch the tournament, or did they tune in for the last 3 holes and expect a playoff? Bubba "coasting" on a 3 shot lead on the back, yes, that happened, but this Masters was anything but boring. He could have lost strokes anywhere but saving par on 17 for example. I know everyone missed Tiger, I did too as he is my favorite golfer, but BORING, really? That's the word we're going with? Bubba, Sunday, out of the trees on 17. No laying up. Young Spieth's intensity (ultimately failed to hold the lead), leading at one of the youngest in the field, and stuck with it even after 8 and 9, Miguel Angel Jiminez blasting out of the gate amid a cloud of cigar smoke? Freddy in the show as always? Kuchar's new found cult following? Jonas BLIXT out of the great North barreling down on golf's greatest?? Are you NOT ENTERTAINED? People seem to think that this Masters wasn't exciting because it didn't come down to the last putt on the last hole. Oh boo hoo. Were you even watching Round 2? Did you see Bubba birdie 12, 13, 14, 15, 16? Have you ever done that, ESPN announcer guy? From -4 to -8 in 4 holes, the score that would ultimately win the tournament? I think these media people have a seriously short attention span to say that this was a boring tournament. Watching Bubba birdie 8 and 9 on Sunday while Jordan bogied the same holes sealed the deal but there was still a chance. Bubba finished strong and wow what a show. There were plenty of lead changes and plenty of drama at the 2014 Masters. To say it was a boring show makes me sick to my stomach. ESPN guy, go pack sand. You're lousy and your job is fake. You have a fake job. You regurgitate news stories and I am boycotting ALL sports shows until tomorrow at which point I will be crawling back and tuning back in. Now let's talk more about Bubba. Anyone who didn't let a tiny tear stream down when his kid waddled out onto the green has absolutely no soul. Long live the game and to the winner goes the jacket. Bubba Watson, community college grad, self taught, kid coming out of a town on the FL-GA line of 1500 people, over a third of kids under the poverty line, is the 2014 Masters Champion. This is the Tin Cup you're wanting, people. This is your everyday man. This could be you or your kid. For the second time in two years, Bubba did it his way. No swing coach, no country club, just Jesus Christ, long hair, a hovercraft and a shirt buttoned all the way up. Hail to the People's champ. Until next year.
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    • Day 122 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge day 5 drill (repeat) and day 6 drill. Today was also supposed to be a superspeed day but the yard was too muddy from recent rains to not worry about slipping so that’ll wait until tomorrow. 
    • Repeated the day 5 drill with better success today, but still some work to do on this one. Day 6 Didn’t have any dimes so I used a pair of small ball markers. I did 15 reps; 5 with a short motion, 5 with a medium length motion, and 5 with a long motion. This drill wasn’t a problem for me, only hit the rear marker once during one of the long motions. Felt pretty good after this. 
    • Give it another 30 years.  Wait until you’re 62, live in Florida, and play 120+ rounds a year.   I can play 36 holes in 90°+ riding.  I can’t do that very often walking any more, but I doubt that too many people would deem me medically unfit. I enjoy seeing people enjoying the game, regardless of how they get from one shot to the next.  Well, as long as they get there quickly!   
    • this putter is a cool concept, but would definitely slow down pace of play, and it falls over in windy conditions.  it would definitely help with lining up putts. but that being said, if your stroke was still shit, youre gonna miss left or right regardless of whether or not youre aimed at the hole.  and if your read is shit, and your speed is shit, your putts are gonna be..... well....... shit.  rick sheils does a good review of this putter and he seems to like it, but its not like he put it in the bag.  it's also incredibly heavy obviously, so you are limited to that kind of feel when you buy a putter like that. 
    • to me it just looks like you get a little wristy at the top, and you start down with the hands and arms before your lower body fires. overall i really like your swing and i can see why youre a +3 handicap, or +3 average score, either way, thats pretty good. i prescribe to you about 10,000 freezers, stopping at the top, and really feel your first move is getting into the ground while trying to keep your arms up.  youll get shallow as f*** and you can just rotate through the shot. 

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