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  1. Quote: I think the thing that separates the pros from the scrubs is mostly just distance. Yeah you've got to be able to hit the ball where you're aiming.. but when you hit a 5 iron on a 213 yard par 3 (which I saw a clip of from the Player's) I think that opens a massive number of scoring opportunity doors. I usually throw my two cents in on these threads. Its way more than that. The average athlete has no idea how good a pro athlete is. They are insane. I briefly entertained going pro in tennis at end of high school and first year or so of college. I was a very
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  2. Nice try, but what you were supposed to say was ... "You and Dawson, you both live in the same dream world! It doesn't matter what I believe , it only matters what I can prove !!!" Anywho's ... I'm not terribly interested in this whole silly debate, partially because I'm not really sure what it's about or why it came about, but regardless, we do have some actual concrete "evidence" that relates. Granted, it's a teeny, tiny sample size, and it proves nothing but just for fun ... Once upon a time (December) three "random" amateurs played 18 holes with Graeme McDowe
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  3. The course that I work at actually is a bit happy when a single wants a tee time around then. That's because otherwise if a group of 3 wants to play, they get a separate tee time from the other groups of 2, 3, and 4 when they could be selling an extra round in that timeslot. As long as you don't mind getting paired up with others, and expect to, it should be a-ok for you to do this. The only issue would be if you wanted a tee time all to yourself.
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  4. Thanks isukgolf. I absolutely love the game and play it purely for the enjoyment but also to try to constantly improve and get better as well. It's not much fun for me when I'm consistently making horrible shots so that's why I take lessons and practice 5 - 6 times a week. I play for the enjoyment but I enjoy being a decent player.
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  5. More dealing cards, more around your body and less vertical. Not a LOT more for these lies, but more for these, and a good bit more for softer pitches.
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  6. You aren't alone Crim. I know form the numerous calls I make every week to US golf clubs and Golf Associations (when I can actually get through to one that doesn't rely on voicemail that is) this is the general concensus. I haven't spoken to anyone involved with American golf yet though that really understands what the Ryder Cup means and how the American players, your media, The PGA, and your galleries have been the biggest motivator of Europe. Without these factors assisting Europe I doubt we'd have been able to perform as well as we have over the last few decades. Don't lose sight of the fa
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  7. That's the point. Its a silly argument for me to say "they're awesome", you say "c'mon", i say "no really", you say "c'mon". I was good. I played #2 at a D1 school for three years. I won the state title twice. I went to Bolletieri. I gave it a legitimate shot. I didn't come close. And the guy who beat me without breaking sweat didn't come close either. For me, that shows they are pretty good. I choose to take from that that the pros are on another planet, not that I stunk. Obviously its tough to convince someone of this. Obviously Federer loses points and matches, but n
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  8. I am a fan of the Ping G Series also. Get fit for the shaft also. It has a lot to do with it.
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  9. I play the MP-57. But I also have a six iron (demos that I got for $5 each from a shop that was closing) of the MP58, MP60, MP32. The 58, 60 and 32 feel great on pure shots, but significantly worse on off center hits. They lose distance too. If I am playing 18, and hitting my irons let say 20 times in a round, I will have maybe 3 pure hits, 10-12 slight misses (off center or slightly heavy) and 5 WTF shots. With that pattern, I want a bit more forgiveness that I would get with the 60 or 32.
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  10. @mazza78 , I have the same 910 D2 driver in 12 loft with an Aldila Habanero stiff shaft that was fitted to me. It is a light shaft that is mid-high launching. I also have a G20 in 12 with a Aldila RIP beta regular shaft. This shaft is a little heavier and higher launching. At the range, I didn't find the G20 any more or less forgiving. It is a good driver. The 910 has a sound I prefer more on contact. I recommend finding a fitter and see what the right shaft for you would be. It may be that the shaft you have doesn't match your swing.
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  11. I've found thru being able to try lot's of OEM demo's that most all of the MFG's have the driver core at it's limit so it's the look and sound that one seem to go for. PS: the shaft is the answer.
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  12. Welcome to the forum. I have been playing since I was 5 which is about 26 years now. I am around a 3 handicap (1.5 the lowest) and still haven't become a + handicap at any point in my life. I don't practice as much as I used to when I was younger (all day, every day) as I find more enjoyment playing the game and I just don't have as much time. Golf is one of those things where you can't expect perfection whether you are starting out or an experienced player. When starting out you must set small and realistic goals for yourself, even on the range. Hit 3 out of 10 shots solid or whatever i
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  13. First of all, I'm a bit confused on your first sentence. Please clarify... Do you have X22 irons, or maybe X22 Tour ? (Calla made no Z22) Do you have Project X 6.0 shafts? (X22 irons came with stock Uniflex shafts, while X22 Tour came with PX, or TT Dynamic Golf S300 shafts as stock. Of course, someone could have ordered X22 irons with a PX shaft upgrade) If you want to bring swingweight C6 irons to C8, you would need to lengthen the shaft. But, you don't want to do this - it will mess up the shaft length gaps, and the resulting dista
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  14. That's good that you agree with me that it's pointless being a sook about this. But the reality is that sometimes you do end up stuck behind a slow group. That is life. It's going to happen sooner or later. One of the problems we have is that it's pointless to let people through only because they have no where to go because the hold up is much further on up the field (especially so on competition days, senior days, ladies mornings, junior events etc). So we could all invest our energy in being a bitchy little bitch whinging about them 45 handicappers playing military golf OR we could just
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