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  1. This is a blanket statement that I find pretty silly. Forget the specifics of his handicap for a moment, and remember a few things: 1) Last week at a non-major, I counted five scores of 78 or worse (up to 80) in the first two rounds between 4 different pros. 2) I can recall several pros shooting that or worse in major tournaments. 3) These pros are leagues better than an amateur, + handicap. (subjective, but quantifiable) 4) An amatuer, + handicap playing in his first local qualifier might as well be a pro playing in his first US Open. (subjective, I know) There is no real ceiling on what a person of a specific handicap can shoot. I'm not saying the OP's handicap is tried and true (even he acknowledged that it might be somewhat due to the course he plays), but having known his posting history over the years, I don't believe he is a vanity capper. I'm about as cynical as they come, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt on this one. I think he had a bad day, and isn't ready for tournament conditions at that level.
  2. Embrace your carbon footprint and move out of freaking California. Problem solved! :-D
  3. Try hiring someone who has no common sense....
  4. i was at the pro-am today, and shot video of all the participants, except jb holmes, whose caddy got in the way of my vantage point. unfortunately i am on a slower connection right now, so the uploads are taking longer, but here's what i have so far...
  5. was at muirfield village today for the memorial tournament practice round, and shot these videos...enjoy. i will also be at the pro-am tomorrow, will be shooting more videos and will post them as well.
  6. The voice of Zeus can only be displayed in capital letters.
  7. The push cart vs whatever subject is back huh? I have a pushcart that i use all the time even on nine hole courses. Im 6'3 175 lbs and i rarely smile on the course because im terrible. Being that i look like the angry black man while golfing nobody has ever made fun of me. Who cares what people think anyway?
  8. Shoot an 84 on a Sunday to win a tournament is one thing. That is one round out of 1000 that he shoots a score like that. I have never seen a score over 76 from our local amateur who wins everything at a +3.3. It could be a fluke for sure.. just wanting to see some other tournament rounds. I am only being skeptical because I see it everywhere. Look at US Open local qualifying and look at the bottom 10 scores of every qualifier. If you see an 84 on tour, unless its EXTREMELY tough conditions, you only see one score that high. If you see 10 guys with handicaps under 1.4 shooting 90-110 something is up.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 73 My typical ball flight is: Push Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Fat shot/ Fades Videos: DTL FO
  10. Nike Commercial. I love my speedy golf cart! Huh? Motorized carts are for wimps. I walk and use my trusty trolley. Trolley? You've been emasculated, I walk and use a carry bag. Carry bag? You fool, who needs a bag, I carry all my clubs with me bare hands. Clubs? Who needs clubs, I just pick up whatever stick I see and rock I can find.
  11. Quote: Are pro golfers good? Yes.. Could a single digit golfer beat Rory? Not usually, but he would if Rory played the same way he did that day he walked off the course.. Heck, I bet that if I played a pro I would be able to win one hole by luck.. He hits it in the water on a par 3 and I hit it on the green. Low percentage yes, impossible? No.. I'm not trying to be condescending, and I don't know anything about you, so correct me if my assumption is wrong, but I'm going to assume that you've never competed in a sport at very close to the highest level. Could you beat Rory on one hole in an 18 hole match at your home course with no pressure, no gallery, and no money on the line? Maybe. I don't know. In my post, I acknowledged this. I could hit around with the pro tennis players and not look out of place. Nobody would have said "whose that guy" if I was doing drills with them or working out with them. I could even stay with them in little mini-games. The hard part is when the lights come on. The hard part is when you've been working four or five years and you get a sponsor exemption into the Hartford and you gotta do it right now. Not tomorrow. Right now. Thats when its hard. It is not all that difficult to play at a high level if you've got the training in. Its very difficult to produce your best golf/tennis whatever when you must produce it. Thats the hard part. Could you beat Rory one hole with no pressure on your home course? Almost certainly not, but maybe if you tried a hundred times. Could you beat him one hole in front of 600 people with your future riding on every shot? No chance in hell, IMO. You don't get many chances. I played in two ATP tour events. My knees were shaking so bad I couldn't move. I got crushed twice and I never got another invitation. You don't just waltz out there like your playing a preseason exhibition match against the community college up the street. Thats when it gets hard. Thats when the pros have another gear. I dont know if its genetics or better training or what, but its a different world when the bright lights come on and I'm not sure how to explain how intimidating it is until you experience it. Fair enough to you if you've been there, but you need to keep this in mind IMO. The setting really matters. I'm not in awe of the professional's game because they hit it high and straight. I'm a four-capper and I can hit it pretty good. I'm in awe of their game because they can play their best when it matters most. Thats really, really, really, really hard. All just IMO.
  12. That's the point. Its a silly argument for me to say "they're awesome", you say "c'mon", i say "no really", you say "c'mon". I was good. I played #2 at a D1 school for three years. I won the state title twice. I went to Bolletieri. I gave it a legitimate shot. I didn't come close. And the guy who beat me without breaking sweat didn't come close either. For me, that shows they are pretty good. I choose to take from that that the pros are on another planet, not that I stunk. Obviously its tough to convince someone of this. Obviously Federer loses points and matches, but not to people like the OP (great post, btw). Now, you can call it "worship" or make fun of me for it or whatever, but I tried very very hard and spent alot of my family's money trying to do it and I didn't even come close. Therefore, I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who have accomplished that goal. I didn't go empty handed, I got a degree from an SEC school and that really helped me, but yes, I have a huge "mythical" respect for them because what they have accomplished is incredibly difficult and deserves admiration not minimization IMO.
  13. Quote: I think the thing that separates the pros from the scrubs is mostly just distance. Yeah you've got to be able to hit the ball where you're aiming.. but when you hit a 5 iron on a 213 yard par 3 (which I saw a clip of from the Player's) I think that opens a massive number of scoring opportunity doors. I usually throw my two cents in on these threads. Its way more than that. The average athlete has no idea how good a pro athlete is. They are insane. I briefly entertained going pro in tennis at end of high school and first year or so of college. I was a very good tennis player. I was the best player at my club at 14-15, the best player in my state my last two years of high school, and went to college for tennis at a program that routinely competes at the highest level (playing #2 or #3 singles my freshman year). I attended Bolletieri academy, and while I was there, I played a guy who had lost to Roddick in the junior Australian open that year. He beat me 8-0. I won two points. He hit all my serves back for winners, and I couldn't touch his. It was humbling. That guy didn't make it as a pro. He didn't even come close. I've hit around with a couple pros while at Bolletieri (Tommy Haas a bunch) and it was like they were playing a different sport. Picture the best player at your club, hell, the best player you've ever played with and they couldn't touch a pro. They are worlds ahead in mentality and skill. I can't imagine golf is much different from tennis in this regard. Its one thing to shoot 70 one weekend with your buddies. Its quite another to shoot 70 when you absolutely need a 70 to get or keep your card or whatever. I could hit around with the pros, practice with the pros and play some mini-sets in tennis and not look out of place, but if you put me in the first round of the US Open, even though I was good, I would've looked like a child. They have another gear when the bright lights come on. If I'm off on this and golf is different correct me, but there is no comparison usually between a pro and an even a very, very good amateur.
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