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  1. Gilberg

    Red face

    I am not the kind of person that goes online and bashes pros. I always hate it when i read a thread about how so and so did such and such and how they suck or how ugly they or their pets are. It is just not my "thang". I think the upmost respect should be show to those who are on tv day in and day out giving their all to entertain us. I am sure I am not the only one that gets pissed with the online bashing and mean comments, specially to pro we should look up to and kiss their tootsies, because they are great athletes and most of them are great people who DESERVE respect. Just as a general rule don't bash people on forums, it just makes you look bad and petty and insecure. Anyway, what type of sun block does Phil Mickelson use?
  2. Well this one place to ask questions and get different perspectives ... so welcome to the sand trap! Oregon has some great places to golf.
  3. Seriously! Good Lord people. There is nothing discriminatory about it, and other than the fact that one is a Tuesday and the other a Saturday, there isn't even anything different about it either.
  4. I don't care what Kate says. As long as she keeps wearing a bikini I'll be happy.
  5. I will add there is still a misconception on women golfers. My wife is newish to the game and probably a 30 handicap but she knows I don't tolerate slow play so if she is struggling she will pick up and move to the next hole to keep pace. Well about a month ago I went to a public course that has members with my usually group but my wife as our 4th. We were ready to go and checked in with the starter 10 minutes before our tee time just sitting there. The 4th of the group in front of us was late, like it was their tee time and he was "on his way", but we were there ready to go. The old guy starter would not let us go in front of them saying "oh this group is good and fast so it will be okay". Knowing damn well it was because my wife was there I made loud comments about it while the starter looked very uncomfortable and attempted to not make any eye contact with me. The guys finally teed off at our tee time and made us tee late. The guys were HORRIBLE. We waited every shot for the entire day. I told the starter after the round that if he thought that group was good I would hate to see what he thought bad golf looked like.
  6. I'm assuming there are no women who pay dues at the club then? Because if there is it would definitely be borderline don't you agree?
  7. Sorry, that makes no sense at all. The women members pay their dues just like the men. Why should they be given an inferior service? Imagine if a club decided that because most of its members were white, black members (despite paying the same dues) couldn't play at the weekend? Sound OK to you?
  8. Doesn't seem fair if you ask me.. I mean Saturday is a day off while Tuesday is not, and this trying to equate the two is a stretch in my opinion.. Basically the owners thought to them selves, ok well stop women from playing Saturday morning, but we don't want them to think we discriminate so let us not allow men to play Tuesday morning... Brilliant!! Yeah, not so much! Micky mouse? Yes!
  9. I see plenty wrong with it. The usual justification made is that women are slower players than men. Well, most women may be slower than most men, but one time when I played with a woman with a 4 handicap there wasn't much doubt about which of us was quicker round the course, and it wasn't me. And doesn't it strike you as revealing that the women are excluded at the most popular time, while the men are excluded at a time when very few people have the time to play? It's discrimination, pure and simple. If clubs want to protect certain tee times for the better golfers, they should do so by excluding high handicappers from those times, irrespective of gender.
  10. Just a note, 3-PW should be eight clubs (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW), yet the pics only show seven clubs. Might cause an interested party some concern. Missing club in pics or typo in header? Otherwise they look nice for someone.
  11. I played an afternoon 12 yesterday. On the par 3 11th I hooked an 8 iron into a greenside bunker. It was a very poor shot. When I got up to my ball, I was buried somewhat in the face. I had two options. One, go high out of the bunker to the middle of the green and try a 10 footer for par. Or hit low into a slope and try to get it close, but risk the lip. It took me a significant amount of time to make this decision. The group on the tee behind me started to get agitated doing the "what are you doing" arms raises and whistling. I played the 12 holes in about 2 hours and 20 minutes, which is a pretty good pace. But since I took a while on this shot, they started with the grief. I ignored them and hit a decent shot. But its annoying dealing with those people. Don't be that guy. If I'm playing briskly and stop for a reason you can't identify, theres probably a good reason. I just get very annoyed at posts like the OP. I will take as many practice shots as I want. I will take as long as I need to figure out how to hit out of this bunker. As long as the overall pace is fine, leave me alone. This is why its annoying to read lists like "don't take a bunch of practice swings" or "you'll play better faster" or "hit immediately when its your turn". Its all subjective. 1. they aren't true for everyone and 2. its none of your business! SO you'd rather someone take five hours but do everything "correctly" than have a guy on his phone that takes 3 and a half? The only thing that matters is overall pace. Period. All the little nit-picky stuff is annoying and, quite frankly, it probably hurts your game to being constantly monitoring if people in front of you are committing what are, in your own mind, speed faux pas on the course. If you are at a good pace and you slow down for a hole, you shouldn't get crap from people behind you because your mannerisms aren't what they think of as fast.
  12. Very "armsy" swing, not a lot going on with the pivot. Watch this
  13. FO view, sorry about the club twirling! it's just become a bad habit\nerves tick i use to help deal with pressure in tournaments of which i haven't played well in at all...I don't understand why even though i practice and play golf everyday (golf is pretty much my life) i don't fare well in tournaments I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 4.0 handicap, average scores being between 70-80 My typical ball flight is: Push Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:Over draw and Push slice DTL view,3\4 Cart View, my swing is based pretty much on the stack and tilt model with a few different "pieces" worked in...What are your guys thoughts on my swing? what should i work on? my miss hits are mostly over draws and push slices Ball flight wise, Thin contact more often than fat contact on miss hits.... any comments helpful!
  14. Yes, the Course Rating and slope for more forward tees will change to reflect the change in difficulty......but, if you think that just because you move up a set of tees, you're suddenly going to go from struggling to break 90 to sniffing 80, you're gonna be very surprised......
  15. I've been where you are... about 10 years ago I was floating around a 2-4 and really wanted to be scratch. I was having some medical issues and was having quite a bit of pain to play plus my girls were at the age where it was getting harder and harder to focus that much time to golf. I made myself a deal that if I could get to a scratch I'd actually quit playing and learn to play the guitar...I did it. Here are the steps I used... I went after the BEST instructor I could find...I was in the golf business and I can tell you 95% of the PGA professionals can't teach a 20 to become a 15, much less take a 1 or 2 to a scratch. I committed to working with 2 different instructors at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch in McKinney. The top guy, Tim Cusick and another fella that I can't recall his name. Tim was $125 a lesson and the other guy was $75. When I was way off I went to the cheap guy and when I was felt good I went to Tim. I told myself I'd practice as much as I play.... 2 rounds of golf equalled 8 hours of practice. I did this for about a year....after that I then quit taking the lessons and told myself to "trust it"...it took about 8 months but the handicap card finally came in the mail with a 0 on it...yea I lost the damn thing in a move...I think I can get back to that level, even though I've only been back playing for 7 months after a 8-9 year layoff. Identify your big miss, and work to fix it....your short game must be dead on...and you need to be a good solid putter. Sounds crazy but I'd also suggest playing the same couple of courses for awhile. Playing different courses all the time will have a negative impact on getting to a scratch level...I suspect I lose 2-3 shots a round just because I don't know the course. It is about managing your misses...not really about hitting much better shots. When my game is where it should be it is a pretty boring game to watch...misses just never get me in trouble.
  16. First, the OP opens up a thread without any links or anything to clarify what he is talking about. When I read the opening post I thought I missed something over the weekend like Phil saying to another player "$10,000 if I birdie this hole, $20,000 if you don't", or something along those lines. There is gambling, there is wagering, and there is insider trading, and all three are not the same by definition. As to Pete Rose (hey, at least I'm not saying "Tiger" and don't have "Tiger as part of my user name, we could also bring up Lance Armstrong if you really want to go down the path of de-railed roll models), I saw Pete Rose play once at Anaheim Stadium. It was a good game. His gambling activities were a separate issue from the game that day. As to insider trading, wasn't there some well known talk show host who went to jail or prison for a bit for her insider trading, then came out and went right back to being a roll model for millions (I can't think of her name right now). As to gambling and the stock market, some people play the stock market like gambling, and some play the stock market like investing, and sometimes the line between the two is very vague or non-descript. As to trolls, they live under bridges and sometimes in discussion threads. As to the OP, I don't think I'd ever want to be Tiger's Goat. Just sayin'.... Okay, back to golf
  17. The saddest part is the original OP mentions bad for golf and bad example for his kids as a role model. I have news for you.......You should be their role model not some ( for lack of a better term) multi-millionaire entertainer.
  18. Why would you ever present someone you don’t know as an example for your kids? The biggest influence on values comes from what the kids see from their parents.
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    • Yup completely agree. No need to keep shanking into the water, just take a drop from the point of entry and let's move on.    Yes these are fun rounds not real rounds 😄 A good reminder though
    • I voted 3w/hybrid. The course I play most often has one par 4 that is 445y and routinely into the wind. I love the challenge of this hole as there are a few other very short par 4s to make up for it. I don't mind having one of two holes like this per round. Confidence wise I love my 2i and enjoy hitting it, but then my confidence wavers until I get back to my 6 iron or less.  
    • I hesitate to post anything to this forum, but below is from a NY Times newletter that I thought was good - sorry their isn't a link How to manage your virus risk The most effective public health messages don’t merely tell people what not to do. They also tell people what they can do with only a small amount of risk. This sometimes feels counterintuitive, because it gives people permission to take some risks, rather than urging maximum safety all the time. In the long run, though, a more realistic approach is actually the safer one, many experts say. Human beings are social creatures. Most aren’t going to sit inside their houses for months on end. And pretending otherwise tends to backfire. It leads people to ignore public health advice and take needlessly big risks. “We need different, more nuanced, and more practical messaging about coronavirus safety,” Sarit Golub, a psychology professor at Hunter College, has written. (Federal officials took a step in this direction this week by shortening the recommended quarantine period after virus exposure.) Today, I want to give you a three-step guide to risk minimization. It’s based on a Times survey of 700 epidemiologists as well as my conversations with experts and colleagues, like Donald G. McNeil Jr. 1. There is one behavior you should try to eliminate, without exception: Spending time in a confined space (outside your household) where anyone is unmasked. Don’t eat indoors at a restaurant or friend’s house. Don’t have close, unmasked conversations anywhere, even outdoors. If you must fly, try to not to eat or drink on the plane. If you’re going to work, don’t have lunch in the same room as colleagues. Group lunches have led to outbreaks at hospitals and elsewhere. 2. This next set of behaviors is best to minimize if you can’t avoid it: Spending extended time in indoor spaces, even with universal masking. Masks aren’t perfect. If you can work out at home rather than at a gym — or do your job or attend religious services remotely — you’re reducing your risk. 3. Now the better news: Several activities are less risky than some people fear. You don’t need to wear a mask when you go for a walk or a jog. Donald, who’s famously careful, bikes without a mask. “I consider keeping six feet distant outdoors more important than wearing a mask,” he told me. “If I had a birthday candle in my hand and you’re too far away to blow it out, I can’t inhale whatever you exhale.” You can also feel OK about doing many errands. About 90 percent of the epidemiologists in our survey have recently visited a grocery store, a pharmacy or another store. Just wear a mask, stay distant from others and wash your hands afterward.
    • All of the above and more.  I probably see/hear more in casual, albeit money games than in tournaments though. A just-loud-enough-to-be-heard comment to a playing partner that the opponent standing over a 4 foot putt “hasn’t missed a putt like that in 3 weeks” is always fun...  
    • This is really interesting.. I have a Big Bertha Fusion (in really good shape) that has an adjustable hosel on it. Would be ani interesting experiment  Have wanted to build a club so why not! Thanks

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