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  1. I have to share this story - super cool. One of my buddies wanted to go out and play today, I decided to because I don't get to see him much. The only reason I was reluctant was because I just finished playing in the Indiana Amateur and I was a little "golfed out" if you know what I mean. Boy am I glad I decided to play. It was on the par 5 12th. 542 yards, basically straight, turns a little right... playing down wind. Hit my drive up the right side of the fairway, high and dead straight. I gunned 188 yards to the pin. Pulled my 8 iron, swung smooth but strong, looked up and it was
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  2. That depends. I can quickly begin "finding the ball" again, and I know what I should see when I look on a camera, so I can make changes and know that it's going in the right direction even if the ball isn't instantly cooperating. That said, I've also got a LOT of swings and the little compensations I have, work well enough for me to be a +1 to a 1 or thereabouts, so any disruption to those can often be pretty awkward for awhile. So… I guess I didn't really answer your question. No, real swing. Tough to keep your head looking straight at the ball when your torso/sho
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  3. So, it's Father's day, and many dads are out there to accompany their kids, or visa versa. The thing that I thought about most of the day was this thread, and how everyone talked about teeing it forward and all. On the 6th hole, as my son and I waited on the tee box for the party to make their 3rd shot and 6th one for their party, I wondered why they guys insisted on playing from the back tees. Well, we got to the green area in 2 shots on a short 452 yard par 5, and they actually came up to us to apologize for the slow play. I told them it was no problem, as it was a slow day anyway, and it
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  4. Loose impediments are not considered part of the lie. There are no limitations to the removal of loose impediments through the green. It's a penalty if your ball moves during their removal. Also, you can not move a LI to purposely influence the movement of the ball, or alter physical conditions while the ball is moving. Rule 1-2. When you are going to place or drop a ball, this is not a problem.
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  5. Had a break out round yesterday at a new course for me. Played Pecan Hollow in Plano, Texas. Played one the best rounds ever. I shot a 94!!!:-D Played from the players tee which is 6012 yards in length. Closed with 2 pars and played the back nine at +10. So proud and I can do it again!!!
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  6. Finding people to get together with would be a lot easier if everyone would put some sort of a location in their profiles. Are all of you who leave that space blank just paranoid about being traced by it? The information doesn't have to include address and phone number - just the general region. That way if someone likes your posts, you can be contacted by PM and you just might find a lifelong golfing buddy. Knowing the general region where a person lives also makes some threads and posts more meaningful.
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  7. This is thread is a joke
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    • 6:00 am morning workout 30 mins elliptical machine intervals moderate 15 minutes indoor rowing intervals   12:00 pm lunch break workout 30 mins elliptical machine intervals reverse 10 minute stretching routine   5:00 pm workout Circuit weight training 2x15 15 minutes indoor spinning cool down. I am playing 9 hole of golf tomorrow after work
    • Day 205: I was able to squeeze in about 20 minutes work between rain showers. Just focused on transition feels and center face contact.
    • Yes, eventually you learn when to do it in order not to slow down play and still get it done without feeling hurried. I walk fast am am usually the first to the green many times, so that helps too. And by pacing, I simply walk to the pin and multiply by 3 ft/pace. Just in case anyone thinks otherwise. 
    • I did, too, but now they’re apparently trying to walk it back and scrambling to save face.   Deservedly so. Wilson should have gotten one, too, and suspended.   Just to play a little devil’s advocate, could their line of thinking be to hire these types of guys because they “understand” how to be rough without crossing the line? Or that they understand the difference between being physical and having intent to injure? Not saying I agree with it or believe it, but I’m just trying to see it from a different perspective.
    • I estimate first putt length. When I first took AimPoint, we practiced estimating distance because it was part of the mid-read technique. It’s pretty easy once you break the putt into sections visually. 
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