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  1. Very simple. A pitch is a shot I chunk from 50 yds out, leaving it 30 yds short. A chip is a shot I skull from just off the green, leaving it 30 yds past the opposite side of the green.
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  2. Personal best. Followed by a 96 the next day :~(
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  3. July 1 Revision............I'm going from a 3.4 to a 3.2 and still moving in the right direction!!! I've played 6 rounds since the 21st and slowly making progress. PLEASE...let the trend continue.....................lol I still need to play better golf, but I think I can get back into the 1's before year end! That's my realistic goal....I ended 2013 at 1.7...I want to get back to where I started.
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  4. Tom this is Tom also. Dont do it, unless you just have to see for yourself, in which case I will hold the saw. You are messing with the accuracy, and were it a rifle scope, that would be the horizontal bar. Of course your bullet, given the analogy, would need to actually get to the target. That said, the leverage of length you are removing will effect a difference, of some sort, in distances, which would be analogous to the vertical alignment or how high you aim the barrel.. Its a lot like dating twins. They look the same on the surface, but underneath...look out. Dont fail to realize you coul
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  5. And in other developments the Uruguayan biter has adopted yet another a position on his account. Originally he came out with this explanation. "I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent." This has to be about the worst excuse since the Captain of the Costa Concordia explained that he accidentally tripped and fell into a lifeboat just as it was being lowered. But with 48 hours to think on it (assuming of course that Suarez is capable of independent thought) he seems to have entered into the spirit of the Arjen Robben's Damascus moment and co
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  6. I think that this thread shows what I believe, that people try to define too much complexity into the game these days. For any of these short game shots, the goal is to carry the ball far enough so that the planned release lets the ball roll to the hole. It's as simple as that, and it really doesn't matter what you call it. I have chipped many times from 50 yards out, and I've pitched a lob from 20 feet. It all depends on the circumstances. I will still continue to call it a chip when the carry is less than half of the total distance, and a pitch when it's more. But the name
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  7. lol my new official definition of pitch and chip
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  8. This was just a cheap experiment ($18 for the lead tape), and I was waiting for my kids at play league. The balls were donated by the first Tee kids. I had about 3 hours and 2 large buckets of balls at my disposal. If I didn't get free balls it might have cost an additional $14 with my range key. It was more for fun and curiosity anyway, I really didn't expect to gain this significant a yardage. I plan to get properly fitted for all my clubs at some point in time, once I have a better swing and understand tuning a bit more. Also, since I like to watch the flight of the ball it w
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  9. Social science is hand-wavy at best. You will always find enough evidence to support a theory while someone else finds enough evidence to refute your theory. The only mistake is when everyone else reads these studies (suitably paraphrased to make nice quotes in an article) and take them as fact.
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  10. Mine is: "Oh please god don't let me hit a house" "Oh please god don't let me hit a house" "Oh please god don't let me hit a house" "Oh please god don't let me hit a house" "Oh please god don't let me hit a house" :-D Actually it's get my hips moving, moving weight forward, and staying connected ... And watch the ball through impact ... But on a tight course with houses, I can't help think: "Oh please god don't let me hit a house"
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  11. Love watching her play, really happy for her recent success, hope that she can continue as the LPGA needs all the help it can get, and unlike you, @1badbadger , I realize a few facts… You do realize she was 14 years old at the time, right? Let's go back and take a look at the things you said when you were 14… I'm pretty sure you said some awfully stupid things then too. You were - and she was - a child. Things that happened afterward were grandfathered in? Her first PGA Tour event was in 2004. She nearly made the cut and was the tal
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  12. For high swing speeds, I'm starting to think it's more beneficial to use the extra height from forgiving clubs to hit high bombs rather than try to get rid of it. Shaft fitting is important, but honestly if I can get extra forgiveness I want to take it. Blades are really nice, but the extra launch of cavities is actually more of a plus to me than the forgiveness. If you have a high swing speed and you balloon the clubs, I'd be looking at technique as much as anything else though. Also if you have the stock shafts in the burners, it's certainly worth reshafting and maybe slightly shorten
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  13. Chris, Not sure how I got to this thread but wanted to give you some advice (that I'm sure you already know). I saw your scorecard from March 2012 and you have eight (8) 3-putts. I understand your desire to have a better swing but don't forget the short game. In a single round of golf, you will hit more half-shots, bunker shots, chips, pitches and putts than you will ever take full swings. If you spend 30 minutes hitting balls at the range, make sure you spend 45 minutes on the short game. I know we all don't have that kind of time but you get my drift. Take care and keep working at
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  14. I have been looking for 2 years for the answer to your question and finally stumbled across this. http://shop.antigua.com/golfchannel/golfchannel-mens.htm
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    • Just got home from Wisconsin.   Again, thank you @cipher and @iacas for setting this up and running this trip. I had a fantastic time and it was great to see most of you again and to meet some of you for the first time. The courses were amazing, and we could not have ask for better weather. The most rain we got was a few sprinkles today for like 3 minutes. 
    • Yes I know. We’re celebrating it.
    • Did you end up checking it out?
    • You know some people pay good money to be spectators at events like these. 😂. I have a friend who thinks I'm a slow player because I always get to the course after him, take two practice swings as part of my preshot routine, and use Aimpoint when putting what's m whereas he just hits and takes a look at his putt for a second or two before putting.  I don't think I'm a slow player but maybe i am 🤷‍♀️. That said, generally speaking, i don't have a family or anything i have a specific time that i have to get back for so a 4-4 5 hour round doesn't bother me as long as we're not stop, go, stop, go, stop, go.  If it feels like we're in rhythm then i generally won't be bothered bc the round won't feel like it takes a while.  I guess playing at public courses generally on weekends when you know it's going to be filled with ppl just makes me expect that a round won't be less than 4 hours.
    • Day 27 (23 Jul 21) - long day w/the grandkids, decided a few minutes with the putter was what was needed.  Worked on backswing - downswing length making sure both are equal length.  
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