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  1. I voted for Al because his is the only one where real golf equipment was used, on a course that play's in excess of the listed 7,200+ yards and on a day with the temp. above 100 degrees. sweeper
  2. I only hit my 6 iron 160 yards. My 7 iron is similar to yours too. But I hit my driver 250 - 275 with a few 300 yarders when needed. If I swung my driver the same as my irons it would probably only go 220. I've never checked my clubhead speed, but I imagine it's pretty high. My guess is that you're casting and losing all your clubhead speed when you start your backswing. Hold your wrist cock and then fire through the ball. I hit the ball more firmly and straighter when I do a slight pause at the top of the backswing. Seems to get all my body parts aligned for the downswing. When I see somebody swinging too fast, I tell them to simply pause to the top of their backswing and voila. To get some driver distance, you got to pucker those cheeKs. :)
  3. Welcome to TST! I've visited Prague five years ago and loved every minute of it. One of the most historic and beautiful cities...
  4. I really, really dislike Johnny Miller and Brandel Chamblee. But if I had to pick one to listen to, it'd be Miller, because he is not on the same level of shithead as Chamblee.
  5. Try out dumping either the 60* LW or the 64* XLW. In its place, test a 4W. A couple of years ago, Golf Digest reported on fairway wood tests. Results showed that the average golfer can hit a 4W more reliably - and sometimes longer - than a 3W. A couple of extra degrees of loft makes a big difference on launch. Also, you can sometimes get good distance from light rough with a 4W. Give it a try (and, let us know how it works). Check your understanding of the three classes of GD Hot List clubs: Player's, Game Improvement, and Super Game Improvement. GI irons have smaller heads than "oversized" SGI heads. Player's irons have a lot of modifiers, such as "Player's Cavity." Reality check: Hot List classifies clubs according to perceived marketing niche. If you want a more scientific classification, check out the Maltby Playability Factor (MPF) system. MPF scores come from a six-variable equation based on clubhead measurements. See http://www.ralphmaltby.com/
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