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  1. There is more to being a good ballstriker than just "hitting it solid". More on that below. My definition would be someone that normally hits 11-14 greens and 16-18 near-GIR's (not on the green, on a relatively safe area, inside about 20 yards). Of all the stats, GIR is the one that correlates most strongly to lower scores.
  2. Paiste

    Swing, Don't Hit.

    Anyway, back to the real topic of discussion. This was my fourth day in a row at the range working hard on tension and temp my ball striking is steadily improving. I see a good difference in consistency for sure. This isn't a quick swing fix or a momentary lapse of luck. This is due to hard work and actually performing drills and a sound practice regimen at the range, not just beating balls for 3 hours. Say what you will, I've worked extremely hard and it's paying off. I'm not getting ahead of myself because I know that there still is a LONG road ahead with a steep learning curve.
  3. And there it is, finally: Have sent it trough to New Zealand today!
  4. I recall from a documentary on Caddyshack that Rodney wrote all his own line for the movie. Ramis gave him parameters for the scene and Rodney came up with the schtick. Many of the Murray Chase scenes were either ad libbed or created by the pair.
  5. One of the main reasons better players don't take "full" swings before the actual shot is because your just tiring yourself with all these extra swings, think about it, how many practice swings do you take on the range before you hit the ball? none, so why do you need it on the course? I can understand an easy half swing just to loosen up a little but to take a full swing with divot on the course is completely unnecessary and your just tearing up the course more than it needs to be and yes I care and I'm not a greenskeeper but it's real irritating watching some noob hack up the course with 2 or 3 practice chops and then scrape the ball 80 yards and walk away from the damage.
  6. Impossible to tell without seeing her swing. I'd recommend that you video her.... Face-on and down-the-line, and post them here. There are some people here who are very good at swing analysis. Regardless, I still recommend lessons early on for any junior who shows interest/promise.
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    • Hi could someone give a ruling please, Playing the other day my went into a bunker and was stuck under the lip of the bunker, I tried to get it on  but it bit the lip came back and hit my foot. What penalty is their.
    • I don't really think that the rules are all that random, there are some principles that consistently run throughout.  The flagstick rule is consistent with one of those, as @iacas has said, "Play the course as you find it." Of course there are some "lines" that have to be drawn, and by their very nature the decision on those lines is a bit arbitrary.   For those who want to understand how the rules fit together, I recommend you get a short book called "The Principles Behind the Rules of Golf".  
    • There you go - I think that statement really nicely sums up your position.  I'l acknowledge your feeling here and understand where you are coming from. However, just because it "feels" like cheating to you, it's not a justification for changing rules.  Everybody has a rule they "feel" is bad, but rules are subjective and someone else might "feel" exactly the opposite.  Rules are pretty random - what's 'fair', is just that they are defined (not inferred), and everyone follows the same rules for those rounds that pit us against each other or our own performance. Best to avoid subjectivity.  A discussion is interesting, but only up to the point where we try to convert others with a different view on it.  Then it goes from being a discussion, to just repetition.  
    • Two more rounds this weekend, birdie best on Sunday (6) and 3 on Saturday for four new holes checked. I´m 6 holes to go after 6 rounds in 2020. 
    • you two, I believe, nailed it.  He's talking about very exclusive clubs with very low membership density.  Then you just act like the owner and play whenever and however you wish.  It's a bit clueless for anything other than the most excluding of privates.  Pretty much wallowing is what 'ordinary' people consider the worst stereotype of golf.  Or he's in a typical private and wishes it had fewer members so he can have an elite experience instead of what his club offers....

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