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  1. The "other side of the aisle" has been begging for a completely unqualified political hack....someone with no medical knowledge or relevant experience? Gotta give it to you though boogie.....it's a VERY strong move on your part to try to push this one off on the right! :beer:
  2. Practice range. Course itself more than 100 years old. Set up during the glory years of the British Empire. The houses were different then, for sure. Putting green. Sponsor. Hard time finding big sponsors here now. All the money and attention is going to the mainland. Reliable outlook is this will be the final year, at least if no big sponsor is found. Certainly the HK Golf Club cannot continue to put up such funds. They have spent plenty this year on the Open. The rough. Seems deep enough. Ball on fairway.
  3. Repair other peoples pitch marks! Can't help myself, they're getting worse too because the grounds getting softer!
  4. With a data point of only one round to cite, it was not exactly that straightforward. I had a lot more stuff in play on the ladies tees, so many times driver was not really an option. In one case, the ladies tees were adjacent to OB, which made the standard tees for men easier. I do agree that being closer helps a lot. It also takes out a lot of mental anguish. The plan is to stay under 6000 yards for a while.
  5. Mark your card for an eagle and move on!
  6. It does show that high handicappers need improvement in all areas. Given that subsequent areas in golf lead back to what a person does on their 2nd shot (long game), then improving that has drastic influence on every other aspect of their game. It also proves that when you get to become a better golfer, the differential between you and your competition is small. The difference between winning and loosing a tournament on tour is basically a few extra chances at making a putt. Usually it is someone making one extra great shot. Or another golfer making one extra poor shot.
  7. Here's a little different take: I like the chart, but I think it confuses the issue to compare amateurs with the best players in the world to see where the shots are lost. In the short term, most Am3 players just want to progress to Am2, and most Am2 players want to become Am1. So let's look at where they would gain their strokes. Between Am3 and Am2, the putting difference is 2.8 strokes, short game/sand is 4.4 and long game is 8.2. Total difference is 15.4 strokes. On strictly percentage basis, the long/short/putting practice ratio for an Am3 should then be 53/29/18 . Between Am2 and Am1, the putting difference is 1.5, short/sand is 3.0 and long game is 7.1. Total difference is 11.6. Practice ratio should be 61/26/13 . Between Am1 and Pro2, the putting difference is 0.4, short/sand is 0.7 and long game is 7.2. Total difference is 8.3. Practice ratio should be 87/8/5 . Granted these are gross approximations, but it may serve to show that high handicaps should perhaps practice their putting a little more, and low handicaps should spend almost all their time on the long game. Almost seems counter-intuitive to me, as I figured the better one got the less they needed to improve their long game. The numbers show I was wrong. OK, out to the driving range!
  8. It is brutal, that and it's sister course Legacy Ridge are the toughest public courses I've ever played. If you want to torture yourself, I'm sure you've been there since you're up north, play Colorado National from the 7676 tees. If they set that up like they do the rinky-dink Coyote Creek with 6" rough it be a killer. Though CC mowed recently and it was shorter than usual, still can't see the ball it's so deep. If not for the wind and dust storms I played well enough that I'm fairly certain I could have shot a person best and trended back under 10 last night. I'm going back today hoping for no wind.
  9. The point is that ad homenium attacks are logically invalid--his handicap does not invalidate his point.
  10. He's better than most. I haven't watched all of his videos but the ones I've seen I've liked
  11. Not exactly light entertainment, but I have learned a great deal from Joe Mayo's "TrackMan Fundamentals" videos.
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    • Other than playing well, Tiger didn't bring much to the table.  He seemed very quiet.  Would have been nice if he were more talkative.  Phil tried.  And Manning added a lot.  I really liked Chuck's commentating.  Imagine if the two pros were Trevino and Fuzzy.  Or Chi Chi.  That's what I'm talking about.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.  By the way, Florida is having its wettest May on record.  Also, the Medalist is a much better course than the highly over-rated Seminole.
    • Seminole is extremely over-rated.  I'll believe my own eyes every day rather than what I'm told to believe.  Tough greens don't make a great course.  You need a lot more than that.  
    • Day 93: Range session today. This one was much more productive. 
    • Been to the range about 5 times, and have been working with foam balls in the garage, trying to hit a ball to the right of the alignment stick that's inline with my setup. Still having a pretty tough time doing it, but making some progress. Pretty much only working on a 9 to 3 swing so far. I do let myself take some full cuts with the big stick for about the last 7 to 10 balls though. I'll probabaly get back in touch with my evolvr coach in another couple week or so after really hammering down the drill he gave me.  
    • This is the option that I like. Keep these, play em for a bit, and if you want to keep playing, make a change.   This is the option that I like the least. You won't have more fun with these, and the 200 dollars would be wasted (no resale value as others have said)   This option is good, but since it's out of budget, I'd hold off. These clubs aren't going to get more expensive. You could buy it a year down the road for the same amount. If you aren't sure that you are going to stick with the game, this option is obviously not good. If you know that you are going to stick with it, this option isn't bad, because even if they don't work (or don't fit) you will be able to get a decent amount of the money back. My 2c: No reason to buy something newer if you already have a full bag and aren't sure that you will play long term. 550 bag is good if you know you are going to keep playing, but playing with the old clubs won't be noticeably worse, and if you groove your swing in (or start getting lessons), a fitting may be in order in a year anyhow. Hope this helps. 

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