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  1. About a 25-30 yard swing. First swing felt clunky with the fourth ball, second swing felt better. With the third swing the fourth ball went way left No change in pitching technique, just made sure to keep turning through the shot.
  2. Here are my pathetic attempts. The second attempt was the least bad.
  3. My Fitness Pal is a great app because it also helps you know what you are burning as well as what you are consuming. I need structure so I joined Weight Watchers in the beginning of October and so far m down 25#, eating healthier than ever and learning new skills for a lifetime. Best of luck to all trying to improve themselves.
  4. Gidday everyone, This is my first post for a while so bare with me. I have been sitting around the14 handicap range for the past couple of years and have been frustrated by ruining great rounds with big numbers on 1 or 2 holes, EG: podium finishes in consecutive monthly medal's recently with 9 and 10 on the card respectively. My course is a group 1 course in Newcastle Australia and is quite penal on way-wood drives and big numbers happen easily if you loose your head. So, this brings me to my point. I went out for a practice round this afternoon to do an experiment that I think everyone should try. To play a 5iron off the tee on every par 4&5! I hit my 5iron around 170m and was amazed when I walked off after 9 holes shooting 2 over off the stick with very little drama. I didn't try and hit the longer par 4's in 2, just laying up in front and got up and down on most and even birdied one of the par 5's with a dead stick PW and parred the other one. I didn't even look like getting in trouble. 38 is my lowest 9 holes ever. So what am I saying, well I guess I've had a holy crap moment and having my wife say 'Really that's nice dear', I needed to share with someone that gives a hoot! Now I'm not saying I'm selling my driver and buying a pencil bag and only carry 5 clubs. But maybe the big dog is not the club of choice on every hole and long irons into elevated greens maybe are shots best left to the low markers even on the par 4's. Now I just have to deal with my ego on Saturday and the crap I will cop from my buddies for hitting rescue on a par 5 and laying up on those long par 4's. Anyway thanks for listening, love to hear your thoughts. Cheers
  5. I respectfully disagree with @ Boogielicious on this one. I think your problem starts with your head (doesn't it always!). It looks to me like you're dropping your head substantially on the backswing, then moving it forward on the downswing. This can lead to a lot of issues. I would start with focusing on keeping your head still. For some clues there, search "Steady Head" on this forum.
  6. IF is great for appetite suppression. I also agree about the many small meals crap. Food is food. I'm not necessarily a fan of it for myself, but know people who are and have achieved great results.
  7. I do an intermittent fasting diet. Best diet I have ever used. Easy to lose weight and manage food. No strength losses in the gym. Works awesome with HIIT workouts in increasing GH release. http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2013/01/18/intermittent-fasting-approach.aspx?e_cid=20130118_DNL_art_1&utm;_source=dnl&utm;_medium=email&utm;_campaign=20130118 I have used this for 2 years now. I lost 20 pounds in 2 months when I first started it and it is easy to maintain the loss. Takes a little fine tuning with your body but don't buy into the many small meals schtick. This diet has a lot of scientific research for it and proof against the 6 meal a day diets.
  8. At 275 lbs, I'd limit it to a gram of protein per LBM (Lean Body Mass). 275 g of protein is difficult and expensive to hit every day. And there wouldn't really be a benefit to it. Everything else I agree with. IIFYM is the way to go.
  9. I do what's called Flexible dieting. I get in about a gram of protein per pound of body weight and use the rest for carbs and fat. As @Slice of Life pointed out, for you it would be best to get a gram of protein be pound of lean mass. I lost 50lbs without restricting any foods. It's very sustainable. http://healthyeater.com/flexible-dieting I track what I eat using My Fitness Pal. You can add or search for foods on there and it'll include the macronutrients. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ EDIT: @Slice of Life beat me to it
  10. lol @ the Big Macs c omment. Thing is, you can eat whatever you want as long as you hit your target macros (carbs, fat, protein). I ate Wendy's the other day and still met my goals. 1,500 for someone over 200 lbs is probably extreme. At 165 I'm cutting weight at 1,800 calories...so I wouldn't keep it that extreme for a long period of time at least. As far as what percentage it should be, it depends on your goals. While you're trying to become more athletic and minimize muscle loss while losing fat, I'd aim for about a gram of protein per lb of lean muscle. So let's say you're 30% body fat at 275 lbs (Just guessing here, I have no clue)... 275 - (.3)(275) = 192.5 g of protein a day. Which is 770 calories on its own. With that, I would aim for around 1900-2000 calories a day. Broken down: 192.5 g protein (770 calories), 75 g fat (675 calories), 120 g carbs (480 calories). As far as what is going into your body, the best way is to use a tracker, like MyFitnessPal, where you can log everything you eat.
  11. It could be something akin to the Ryder Cup for amateurs, with its own differences. It would be a large scale amateur national competition, which I think would be cool.
  12. My 2015 goals started in the offseason: 1. visit a recommended fitter-done 2. Take lessons from a recommended teaching pro-started 3. replace my irons-the pin has been pulled-saturday delivery 4. shooting a 45 9 holes (shot a 47 in 2014, down from 70 three years ago) 5. getting a 97 18 holes-still get tired and breakdown on a back nine (shot a 102 in 2014, down from a billion three years ago) 6. alternate practice /short game/putting with driving range practice
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by DrvFrShow Going out and getting disgusted on the first day and not finishing my drills after 100 balls isn't "not having a purpose." It's having a bad day and saying "I'll come back tomorrow." You can have a bad day playing.. we all do. However, when you say you are having a bad day doing drills this is a red flag that you are not practicing with a purpose. The purpose of doing drills is to work on "changing" the picture. If you have time to go through the below thread I think it will describe what it is I mean. If you are doing drills and you are worried about where the ball is going, hitting the ball pure or any other purpose than "changing" the picture then IMO you are practicing without a purpose ( by purpose I mean a long term objective of changing the picture) I'm not a linear person. I'll go out there with a set of drills. I may discover that the problem with execution is tempo, so I'll work on tempo during the drills. Or if the tempo is good, I may discover that my set up has drifted and the ball position isn't right, e.g. I may have put the ball a little too far back or too far forward. I use alignment sticks three of them so I can learn to be consistent with my center and direction. My only real comment about what you just mentioned is that you "proved my point".. Hitting knock downs, half swing , 3/4 swings are not drills that you go to the range with. Now you have introduced a new thing to work on "tempo" so you are working on "hitting" knock down shots and then tempo as well and most likely you will end up working on neither. Then your set up and ball position.. So, you end up working on everything. This is what I meant without a purpose. I'm not the greatest of examples and it took Erik & Mike & others almost 6 months of dropping hints and eventually Erik resorted to calling me Kyle like (sorry Erik, just trying to prove a point here) until I realized I need to just drop all the baggage and listen to what is being said and just become a stupid monkey (you can find it below) and till this day I am glad things worked out that way. So, right now when I go to the range to do drills (I am currently working on my Driver only) I am working on my lateral head movement in the downswing as I need to keep it centered and gain secondary axis tilt. How am I doing it? I am putting a long stick that goes right next to my head and I am working on taking half / 3/4 swings trying while making sure that my head doesn't go through the stick. I am hitting a lot of bad shots, but it doesn't matter.. if I am able to be patient and get through the bucket doing it I consider it a good day of practice, because eventually the picture will change and I will be able to mimic this swing in my real swing, and be better for it in the long run. That's it, that is the only thing I am working on, I don't care about the direction of the ball, I don't care about contact, all that matters is that I am doing the drill my coach gave me. In fact, just the other day I sent a video to my instructor of some work I am doing at home so that he can take a look at the way I am practicing at home and see if I can improve it to speed up the process of changing the picture. So the purpose of my last session was to go back to the one-piece takeaway, and do the drills I was given in my first lesson. I have a target on the range. The range has "greens" with a flag on them at different distances. The flag was 125 yds. The front of the green was 112, and the back 135. My full shots needed to be in line with the flag. My half-swings also needed to be in line with the flag. I warmed up with some knock downs, then went to half-swings, then to full swings. The half-swings were more accurate than the full-swings until my 8 iron. Then on my 8 iron during my half-swing drill, I really cranked my left side, kept the ball low, and hit the full distance. But my right elbow came around. I tried it again on my full swing, and that was what was missing. I wasn't pulling enough with my left side, and that was leading to be blocking shots. So I practiced engaging my left side more so that my right elbow wouldn't get trapped, and it worked. I count that as a success. So don't say I don't go out with a purpose. I always practice with a purpose. Just in that paragraph alone you worked on the following things in one session: one-piece takeaway hitting different targets with different clubs & different types of shots engaging left side more What you will find is that every day it will be different because you are not working on changing the picture, rather you are trying to find a fix to get the ball to do what it is you want it to do. Trust me I have been there before, it is a dead end I promise! Quote: Originally Posted by 14ledo81 I don't think this is what he was saying. I think he was saying that it would be more beneficial if your purpose was more specific. We all practice with the "purpose" of getting better. Exactly Quote: Originally Posted by DrvFrShow That was one purpose, and the other purpose was to make sure my wrists, shoulders, and hip were in proper position at impact like this: When it's like that, the shots feel like nothing. They feel effortless. There is no shock at all transmitted to the hands. This position needs to be ground into my muscle memory so that I can repeat it on every shot without even thinking. That is not working on a drill with a purpose.. That is your goal, to look like that at impact position. Quote: Originally Posted by 14ledo81 Can you specifically describe how you were working on this? To me, the bolded statement is fairly generic. "What" were you working on to make sure your impact position was correct? Good Question. Originally Posted by DrvFrShow What was I doing? I was using the mirror for practice swings stopping at impact position, then hitting the balls. When I'd mess up I'd make practice swings with the mirror again. Also that was the purpose of the knock down shot drill. It's an impact position drill. It's also the purpose of the half-swing drill. There's less movement and thus less to go wrong. Repetition gives muscle memory. Sometimes there's no mirror available and you have just look, and hope you got it right. Then go by feel. I took some video today hitting an 8 iron. The DTL came out well, but the front was unfortunately cut off by the rail on the divider. I need to put the camera back more. I'm editing it now cutting out the extraneous ball set ups and making some slow motion stuff. I saw some good things, and things that need work. I'll post those in the other thread in a couple of days. Incremental change is long lasting change. My advice is for you to leave your current coach and just sign up with Evolvr if you really want to start changing the picture & making long lasting improvement. p.s. please don't take any of the above personally.. I'm only trying to help!
  14. For some reason YouTube doesn't want to process this...here's a VIMEO. Got 3 (2 got up, 1 was basically bladed) on the first pass and got all 4 on the second and third attempt. There was plenty of "dispersion". Zero practice swings, what you see is what you get. I had an advantage from the thin layer of snow. They were also semi frozen foam balls, dunno if that would make any difference to the level of difficulty...but it was also the first time I've hit a ball in two weeks, and the first time I've hit a pitch in well over a month. First attempt was too much leading edge and I dug in before I got to the fourth ball. Balls were lined up on a gentle INwards arc. Just tried to keep the swing bottom as long and level as possible. Used my knees to make everything more "lateral" so I could stretch out the swing bottom. Sometimes I do that to hit flops... Sorry about the sun glare, didn't realize how crappy a spot I choose to film until it was too late.
  15. Don't stand up with the lower back. Stand up with the legs. You have to squat down first, though.
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    • Day 11: played 9 holes at my home course.  The last 2 pars for my par challenge continue to elude me.  Also took some swings in the backyard working on posture.
    • Day 247 Worked on the same thing as yesterday. A bunch of really slow 9-3 swings, turning hips/shoulders through impact, keeping right arm from rolling too much over left arm. Left hip is sore, so definitely bringing new muscles into the swing. 
    • Just purchased a set of Ping i3+ from a wonderful seller on eBay who kept them in Bristol new-like condition. I played Ping Eye2s for many years until the airline lost my golf bag a decade ago and have since bounced around 4 of the other major club manufactures (don’t want to share anything negative about them on the Forum). None of the other irons have given me the same pleasant feel of the old Ping Eye2s. Any feedback on your experience playing the i3+ would be great. 
    • So, is Mike Malaska correct, incorrect, or only speaking about part of the picture (over simplifying) as regards swing speed? Thanks.
    • I went out a few years ago When I was playing my Ping Eye2 irons and took a few balata Titleists.  I wanted to see if ball and club tech went hand in hand to see the improvements. i had been using the eye2 irons but with prov1 balls.  I wondered why I hit them shorter than I did with balata.  I hit them side by side and off the eye2 irons balata was longer, spun  more and had a lower launch angle and ball flight.  Also angle of decent was good.   The pro v1 spun less, launched too high, had an overall higher flight and a steep decent angle.  It all added up to lost distance.     Now the prov1 with a modern iron like my Ping ie-1 irons was much better than a balata with these irons.  Gotta keep your ball and club tech together.

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