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  1. I've been on this site quite often throughout 2014. Received my copy of LSW the other day, and figured that made sense as a cue to join in the discussions. The book is great! In 2015, I intend to play more often while focusing on keys four and five. The approach shot (SV4) is definitely the difference in whether or not I break 90 in any given round. Hitting a consistent shape ought to help. The book and the 5SK discussions here are helping me decide how to approach play and practice. Great stuff, thanks for your efforts.
  2. I had a strange occurrence the other day. I went out after school (I'm a teacher) to get in a quick 9 holes. I was walking. They sent me off the back nine and for about 4 holes it was clear sailing. Then I came up on a group of 5 HS kids (playing & walking) and a male adult (not playing). There was no one in front of them. The kids had no clue about basic golf course behavior and the adult wasn't doing anything to enlighten them. They would leave their club on the wrong side of the green and then run across the green to get it. They had several opportunities to let me play through and never did. Not even after I picked up a driver that one of them had left on the tee and returned it to them on the next hole. On one hole the group was up by the green when I teed off (at this point I was waiting a little bit before teeing off so I wouldn't have to wait, stewing, in the fairway). I hit my drive and as I was walking up I see one of them about 175 yards back from the green walking out of the trees, right where my drive could have killed him?!?! On another hole they didn't put the flagstick back in when they left the green and then one of them ran back from the next tee to put it in - right as I'm playing my approach shot. I wasn't going to say anything, being a non-confrontational kind of guy, but as I walked off the last hole I walked past the adult and he made a comment to the effect of "Thanks for being patient with us." I replied, "It is nice to take these kids out to teach them how to play but you really should include basic golf etiquette." To which he said "Oh, we're just getting them out there - we're not concerned about etiquette today." To which I replied "This is golf - proper etiquette is intrinsic to the game." And then this guy got all huffy with me. So I just walked away. Sheesh!! Just what we need - kids who are new to the game being taught to be the jerks of the future. When I took my friends out (I was the first to play golf) - when I took my Dad out - when I took my kids out - when I took my wife out - the first thing I did was make sure they knew the do's and don'ts of how to act on a golf course. Come to find out this guy is a HS teacher and the faculty adviser for the golf club at one of the local HSs and this was an outing of the golf club. It made me ashamed to be a teacher.
  3. I think maybe we can also say, that by flaring your feet helps prevent pain to a certain degree. I have probably complained about my bad back on here more than others (sorry guys) so I do whatever I can within reason to not only make a good golf swing, but also to prevent, or at least try to minimize any pain. Just fyi, I have a curved, and twisted spine, and have arthritis in my lower back, so from the get go, I flare my feet about 25 degrees, even for short pitch shots. Now, what flaring my feet helped me do was, allowed me to make a much better hip, and back turn, which also translates to more power, without having to swing hard. As of late, my back may hurt for about 1/2 hr. then stops..the other night at the range, I hit 150 balls, and had No back pain at all, so I have greatly reduced my pain, with good posture, both on, and off course, stretching exercises, and flaring my feet imho. I also think good technique helps to either avoid, and or minimize pain. Oh, and I'm 66, and my back feels better now, than it did 20 yrs ago. BTW, welcome to TST..
  4. Hey, the snow's melted and I have some vacation time I have to burn up ... so played twice this week: Wednesday (Architects): ~ 42°F with 18 mph winds. Tied my best score of the year. Thursday (Apple Mtn): ~ 38°F with average 16 mph wind. Put together my best round ever at a tough course. Talking serious intestinal fortitude dealing with that wind ... all the guys boasting about their warm weather can suck it ! I'm not giving up my golf for the year without a fight !
  5. What if the shoe was on another foot per se? Like someone just turned 15 and just got their driving learner's permit. And they get in the driver's seat of a vehicle for their first drive down the road but are told: NO! You can't adjust the seat. You can't adjust the mirrors. You can't adjust the seatbelt height. You suck at driving so you go with what's already there. I know, it's trying to compare apples to oranges but still. I disagree with someone that's new to golf not being able to get a fitting. A new player should be able to get the same consideration that a seasoned 4 handicapper should get.
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