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  1. I just wanted to follow up that this has been resolved. Medicus called last night and I was able to square away the order. An item was on back-order, so I picked a different color and all was solved. My wife will appreciate the present, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it too. :) @ iacas - Thanks for your help.
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  2. This is cogent advice and if followed you will be OK. Carpe Diem (seize the day) and remember you're not at work.
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  3. Here's a good opening thread that is looking for updates from those that have come before you: Here are some threads of people who have come before you: A personal favorite (although I'm not sure he ever said he'd go pro): Here's the most modest of the bunch, just shooting to be a PGA Professional (not on tour):
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  4. Terry Gannon doing golf is almost as bad as Erin Andrews doing anything . Andrews is enamored with herself, asks the worst questions that don't add anything. It is obvious she is trying to give a showy performance, not inform viewers. Her whole thing is getting her body/face on camera. Thank goodness for Fast Forward button. But Terry Gannon? Nothing more annoying than a former (minor, in Gannon's case) athlete who doesn't get that we don't care what a basketball player from 40 years ago thinks about the game of golf. Particularly annoying are his efforts to 'one-up' the real experts.
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    • Played Pinehurst #4 today.  Wet fairways, but playable.  39/38, 77.  Struck the ball really well, 12 fairways, 11 GIR’s.  16 putts a side.  No birdies! Had many chances, several inside 8 feet!  I had fun!  My 34th round of the year.  I’m taking tomorrow off!
    • The Taconic Pkwy in NY has some tortuous uphill and downhill turns although not a local street, people are passing each other on a road made for 1930s jalopies (I kid you not, the parkway was built in the 20s). It's incidents like these that make me think I was crazy for passing people at 75 mph on one of these turns. I'm going to take those turns a little slower now.
    • I'm sure it's doable.  If it's not already in effect in some places. My old TomTom informed me of radar traps, being over the speed limit, and red light cameras.
    • Have not gone into this thread except initially and now, so I don't know the content but has anybody wondered if he was on the phone ?  Ima tell you, before I banned myself from phone usage in most situations while driving, talking on the phone was about as distracting as anything;  like blowing thru a stoplight without a clue in the world.
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