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  2. A professional golfer with an unverified inside source. Sounds more like he's throwing darts. Everything he said is just vague enough to be plausible without actually being able to cite any specifics.
  3. Thanks for posting Erik. If you enjoy the site, have gotten some help with your swing or liked our reviews, show your support. Erik listed it above but if you are interested in receiving and reviewing golf clubs, balls, apparel, training aids, the Member Reviews are a sweet bonus.
  4. Right, every sportswriter in the world would love to get this story but some obscure guy who is apparently known only for giving out stupid quotes has the inside track on what is going on with Tiger. You also have to wonder where this guy encountered these insiders considering that he has played in exactly ONE tour event in the last ELEVEN years. Yup, he definitely seems like a guy who would be more plugged in to the happenings on the PGATour than the guys who actually play on it and the reporters who actually cover it.
  5. You're not getting it. I wasn't offended by what you said and I'm 100% confident that steven wasn't either, and I also know for 100% that you didn't do it On purpose. All I'm saying is that you have to be careful to not attribute things to people that didn't say them.[/quote] You also have to be careful of how you respond to people. If you would have left out the "come on", it probably would have went quite a bit differently.
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    • Have been using Game Golf Live, in classic mode for the past 20 games, and has been good to be able to record my game and review afterwards, thought last night I would try using the app again (on android) as well, to see if would get the same problems as before, seeing as just using the puck had been working fine So, switch the puck on, load the app, make sure they are connected, get to first tee .. tag my driver, hit away .. go to my bag, no shot recorded on the app (however, the puck did vibrate and beep).  Get to my next shot, tag the 8 iron, beep and vibrate again ... still no shot recorded on the app.  Decided at this point, to close the app, and just use the puck in classic mode ... when I got home, everything was recorded as before Really do not understand why there is so many probs with the app.  I will carry on using the GG in Classic mode, but will prob use Hole 19 for on course data ... so frustrating 
    • Amusing myself while we are in lockdown here in Aus by planning a possible trip in a year or two. I have had 4 or 5 golf trips to the US and am always thinking about the next one!! Start in Washington State at a little muni called Snohomish. Drive a few hours to Gamble Sands. Across the wine valley to Idaho and Circling Raven. Into Montana and The Ranch or Canyon River both at Missoula Old Works with its black sands. Bozeman - Cottonwood Hills Billings - Eaglerock Wyoming - Bell Nob SD - Red Rock or Hart Ranch NE - Prairie Club NE - Wild Horse Ne - Indian Creek IA - The Harvester IL - TPC Deere Run IL - Ravisloe or Kankakee Elks IN - Warren @ ND OH - Fowlers Run (maybe Sleepy Hollow) PA - Olde Stonewall PA - Gettysburg (not sure about the golf course but I like some history) NJ - Architects NY - Bethpage Black NY - Montauk Downs (this is a course I have always wanted to play being at the extreme end of LI). I think these 22 courses can be done in 3-4 weeks. Max daily drive about 3/4 hours. Appreciate any comments on what better alternatives might exist without deviating from the I-90/I-80 route. All these courses are playable by we plebs, I believe. But if anyone can tell me, I would like to know what private courses along that route are amenable to a polite request from travelling golfers.
    • Day 54.  Bad news, I didn't do speed sticks yesterday despite planning to do so (Note:  I did other practice, as indicated on previous day count).  Good news:  I did so today, continuing to get >100 on the red stick, which is nice.  
    • Day 80 - More of the same, working on my takeaway, focus is on the hips turning more by A3.
    • Yeah, that’s why I mentioned trying to get into a more neutral spine position at address because I start horizontally shifted too far to the target with the upper center. That won’t be enough to get it to where it needs to be but hopefully it is a start. I think I’ve suffered from this flaw for a while to be honest. I’m not really sure what it was about the Chautauqua swing that made the upper center be in a better spot compared to these. These swings were done at much less than maximum effort (and less effort than the Chautauqua swings), so I’m not sure if that somehow played a part. The other thing I can think of is that the backswing sway here was a bit too extreme (possible) which made my momentum forward too much for the upper center to handle. The final thought and maybe the one I have the most conviction in, is that out of these swings (Chautauqua included) I worked down towards the ball more during the outing which essentially replaced some of the movement that happens horizontally with vertical movement.

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