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  2. A professional golfer with an unverified inside source. Sounds more like he's throwing darts. Everything he said is just vague enough to be plausible without actually being able to cite any specifics.
  3. Thanks for posting Erik. If you enjoy the site, have gotten some help with your swing or liked our reviews, show your support. Erik listed it above but if you are interested in receiving and reviewing golf clubs, balls, apparel, training aids, the Member Reviews are a sweet bonus.
  4. Right, every sportswriter in the world would love to get this story but some obscure guy who is apparently known only for giving out stupid quotes has the inside track on what is going on with Tiger. You also have to wonder where this guy encountered these insiders considering that he has played in exactly ONE tour event in the last ELEVEN years. Yup, he definitely seems like a guy who would be more plugged in to the happenings on the PGATour than the guys who actually play on it and the reporters who actually cover it.
  5. You're not getting it. I wasn't offended by what you said and I'm 100% confident that steven wasn't either, and I also know for 100% that you didn't do it On purpose. All I'm saying is that you have to be careful to not attribute things to people that didn't say them.[/quote] You also have to be careful of how you respond to people. If you would have left out the "come on", it probably would have went quite a bit differently.
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    • I spent quite some time auditioning hybrids until I settled on a 5 and 3 wood.  Once I'd done that it became a matter of choosing a hybrid that suited, or fit, the space between my irons and fairways.  It isn't, to my thinking, what hybrid is best...it's which hybrid is most like the clubs on either side.  I want the weight, and flex, to be similar to my 4 iron and 5 wood.  In other words:  I'd rather fit one club to the set than craft a set around one club.
    • Day 133.  Had a little bit of time, wish I had more.  Did the 6' putting drill I've been doing;  this time, I hit 7/12 on the first go-around!  And then 3 of 5 the second one.  It was fantastic.   I then set up 8 roughly equidistant stations from 9' out.  First go-around, sank none.  Second go-around, sank 4.  Hey, 4/8 from that distance is great, and for that matter, 4/16 isn't bad from that distance for me.  Took me a bit more time to sink the rest.   You might wonder why I'm doing so much putting lately.  It was an emergency and I only have n=1 rounds where it has looked good since declaring the emergency.  Also, I had to pack up my home golf room so I can't practice full swing in limited time as I used to (yes, there are drills I could do that don't involve hitting a ball).  Not worry, plenty of full swing work before too long.  
    • During the club fiasco of 2019, after FedEx lost my golf clubs and I was waiting for Cobra to build me a new set of F9 One Lengths (5i - SW), I made a mistake. I bought into hype. I went down and tried out a new set of hybrids. Callaway Epic Flash. The reviews were that they were long and forgiving. Well, true and sort of true. I had a little problem with "over fading them", but with a draw setting to make them a little more upright, that seemed to fix that and I was hitting them long and straight in the shop. Unfortunately this did not last. I do not like them. I have zero confidence with the 5H. The "over-fade" with the 4H and 3H is back. I did not have this issue with my Bio Cell hybrids. The Bio Cells were not as long, but I could hit them straight in a neutral face setting. They were also heavier in the club head. D6 vs D0. I think the weight was further back in them too for more forgiveness. What makes this a mistake is that I used them as part of the funding for the Epic Flash Hybrids. I have a 60 day playability guarantee on the Callaways. Basically if I don't like them I can return them. I'm going to return them, but I'll need a set of hybrids. I'll bring my 6i with me. So do you guys have any suggestions for any that are easy to get in the air and tend to keep a relatively narrow dispersal pattern?
    • Day 27 Worked with my weighted club, but this time, I placed a football between my arms and held it in place as I focused on my takeaway.  Really trying to keep my width, and prevent my arms from folding as I have had a tendency to allow in the past.
    • I got up for the 3am start on Friday. Had the dvr record todays start. Probably should have done this in reverse order. Still very enjoyable. Love the format and the US vs Europe. I still have some hope for Decembers Pres. Cup. Maybe that team can be somewhat competitive.   Solheim and Ryder Cup still a must watch for me. 

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