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  1. Become a Supporter in 2015! Becoming a Supporter helps us continue to provide a quality platform and environment for all of us to enjoy. The Supporter Program is ideal for individual golfers who want to get more out of the community, the forums, and our Sponsors and Insiders. Since The Sand Trap is a great place to hang out, show your support for the community and your fellow members. For $29, a small price to pay, you get these additional features: Browse The Sand Trap .com ad-free if you choose (increases site speed, reduces distractions!) Supporters and Forum Leaders get first (and often the only) consideration to do Member Reviews . Add a custom user title under profile photo. Save 20% on Analyzr - Pro or Student versions. Gain access to - "The Locker Room" Post up to nine (9) Classified ads in our Marketplace each month. Classifieds will be highlighted and you can bump them every 24 hours instead of every 72. More details are here: If you join during this Supporter Drive (March 2015), we will extend your Supporter membership by 90 days (or, because we're lazy, 92). To Become a Supporter: Send $29 via PayPal to "paypal@thesandtrap.com". Include your TST username in the note. I'll PM you with the date of expiration, which you may want to add to your calendar so you're notified when your Supporter status expires. The Supporter Drive will end Midnight EST March 31. P.S. Current Supporters can extend their membership 15 months as well.
  2. A professional golfer with an unverified inside source. Sounds more like he's throwing darts. Everything he said is just vague enough to be plausible without actually being able to cite any specifics.
  3. Thanks for posting Erik. If you enjoy the site, have gotten some help with your swing or liked our reviews, show your support. Erik listed it above but if you are interested in receiving and reviewing golf clubs, balls, apparel, training aids, the Member Reviews are a sweet bonus.
  4. Right, every sportswriter in the world would love to get this story but some obscure guy who is apparently known only for giving out stupid quotes has the inside track on what is going on with Tiger. You also have to wonder where this guy encountered these insiders considering that he has played in exactly ONE tour event in the last ELEVEN years. Yup, he definitely seems like a guy who would be more plugged in to the happenings on the PGATour than the guys who actually play on it and the reporters who actually cover it.
  5. You're not getting it. I wasn't offended by what you said and I'm 100% confident that steven wasn't either, and I also know for 100% that you didn't do it On purpose. All I'm saying is that you have to be careful to not attribute things to people that didn't say them.[/quote] You also have to be careful of how you respond to people. If you would have left out the "come on", it probably would have went quite a bit differently.
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