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  1. This will be my last post on the matter, but you ARE costing yourself strokes. This is not opinion, but a factual truth. I would bet $100 that your GIR percentage, were I to drop 100 balls at 110 yards for you to hit to as green of average size, doesn't exceed 75%. From 100-125 yards Sergio Garcia only averages 46.67% of GIR (and amazing plays to -.43 strokes relative to par despite that fact). I would be willing to bet $1000 that, barring some crazy bad bunker play or insane put bunker that you have not described yet, you will hit the green more frequently from a greenside bunker than 110 y
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  2. Nike marketing wet dream, hear me out on this commercial: Black screen with a Nike swoosh Olson's radio comments playing, audio only, focusing on the Nike "cheater ball" comments Picture fades in, TIGER WOODS EARLY 2000's BALL WORKING COMPILATION, no background music just "cheater ball" comments plus ballstriking Olson's radio comments are repeated over and over while the sick compilation is playing, "cheater ball cheater ball" 30 seconds of Tiger checking up wedges and long irons while "cheater ball" is repeated over and over 2005 Masters chip is the last clip
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  3. Cool, I'm back in the mix of things! (Me and my son.) We haven't been to Industry Hills yet. @Big C mentioned SCGA discounts until the summer? As I recall there were lots of trees for nice summery shade. IDK, if my current game would appreciate those "tree" conditions as much as previously, but it was very nice and cool. EDIT: They even have youtube flyovers of the holes! http://www.ihgolfclub.com/course-practice/zaharias-course
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  4. You can now embed tweets.
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  5. Just hire two caddies, one to pull a cooler full of gatorade and towels on ice and another to carry your clubs. Maybe a third to carry you just in case.
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  6. The nay sayers on this forum wrote Paddy Off. Not me and I am looking forward to watching the 3 time major winner tee it up at Augusta! I'll be lifting a couple of cold Guinness drafts in his honor tonight!
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  7. Brauns last full year was 2012 ....41 homers 112 rbi and hit .319 ....his full season of 2014 stats 19 homers 80 rbi and hit .266....hardly "basically the same player"
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  8. Ryan Braun is one such player. Since he got caught, he's been basically the same player. What your describing as the body breaking down because of PEDs could also be explained as a 38 year old workout obsessed athlete breaking down.
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  9. Great Golf Competition Viewing Treat for Monday Morning!
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  10. This is truth. He says that he is sometimes in the frog hair after playing from his "comfort" distance. If his posted handicap is legitimate, then he should be better than that from a greenside bunker. I know that I'd rather be in the bunker in most cases than 120 yards out. I would change that wish if the bunkers are deep pot bunkers where you may not even be able to advance the ball, but I'll still take 60 yards over 120 yards. Playing to a full club distance is old school thinking. I'm old, but even I have come around to seeing that such a strategy has been proven to be wrong th
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  11. Swing from yesterday, hit this ball solid. Could have done better with the leg stuff from 7-9 but this was just a stock swing. Happy with the turning rates and Key #1 from 4-6.
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  12. This is small potatoes. Check this BOMB out!!!! http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/former-beatle-ringo-starr-claims-the-real-paul-mccartney-died-in-1966-and-was-replaced-by-look-alike/
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  13. Eye2 or Eye2+? Both 3 irons had the same loft, the 1, 2, and 3 irons for that matter... The difference is there are 3.5° gaps from 3 to 4, 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 in the Original Eye2 irons, before picking up 4° gaps from 6-8 iron, then a 5° gap to the 9 iron and 5.5° to the Wedge... The Eye2+ irons 3-5 were 3° gaps, then 3.5° to the 6, 4° to the 7 then 4.5° from 7-SW. That's why I asked if they were Eye2 or Eye2+... it's off topic but I'm gonna use it for the point I'm getting to, so send me a PM... The VCOG on most of the newer irons is so Damn low and back, that the loft of the SGI and UGI I
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  14. My wife, bless her insane Irish soul, loves me very much. When I was * cough * "forced" to take up golf a couple of years ago (my boss needed someone to play with) she didn't bat an eye. We both race motorcycles - it's how we met - and used to make fun of "those idiots who think something as boring as golf is a 'sport', hahahaha!" And now I was one of those idiots. I thought it would be the end of my marriage. Instead, she graciously gritted her teeth every time I'd come home and regale her at length about my latest attempt to stop hitting shots fat, or how I was considering modifying
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    • Here you go. A better Google view of the course.
    • I had studied the numbers a lot a while ago and  do know most of us (including me) definitely think they get closer than they do more often. And there is no doubt this was a great day for Taylor. I don't think he missed a green on the second shot except once. That is not a typical day. And close is a very unspecific term I should know better than to use. All relative. Close for me is anywhere on the green, sadly and that is what I need to work on. Same with putting...I love watching guys who routinely ship it 5' past the hole from 10' out get upset because "I should have made that. Practically a gimme"...uh, no it wasn't...statistically, it isn't a gimme for the best players in the world, that guy it is a low percentage attempt. Intellectually i know that but do sometimes forget it in the moment.   At the same time, I definitely need to work on my approaches. Per Strokes gained, they are my weakest area...just not accurate from there at a level that matches the rest of my game. Putting, despite declining, is the strongest at -.02, approaches at -.45. Seems like low-hanging fruit lol. I have no illusions I will stick it tour close but would be nice to find the green from 150 and in instead of my current average of 3.6/round. Seems...bad. But I like checking in to see where I need to put the 65% time. 
    • Ohio - Best Courses You Can Play 1. Manakiki, Willoughby (c) 2. Fowler’s Mill (Lake & River), Chesterland (m) 3. The Virtues, Nashport (m) - Played 4. Boulder Creek, Streetsboro (m) - Played 5. Sleepy Hollow, Brecksville (c) - Played 6. Stonelick Hills, Batavia (m) 7. The Quarry, Canton (m) - Played 8. Little Mountain, Painesville (m) 9. Cooks Creek, South Bloomfield (m) - Played 10. EagleSticks, Zanesville (m) - Played I need to played the last remaining 4 courses. Especially when 3 out of 4 are with in a 1-1.5 hour drive of me. Stonelick is almost the furthest you can get away from Akron in Ohio.   
    • Grade: B+ Likes: Simple, good drill that I use fairly often. Clear audio, picture. Good use of Tour players (well, at least one) to show this. Dislikes: I didn't love the explanation if you were struggling to get the drill right. He just kept telling you about the drill, and how it would improve contact. Could have used some slow-mo, but it would have shown him fighting off the wrists a bit more, I think. Would have loved to show advanced versions, like where you can manipulate the path a bit by how much the arms come off the chest, etc.
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