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  1. I think the swing advice is fantastic. But, here is some fundamental advice that I received as a young golfer. 1. Play with people that are better than you and ask for feedback. The operative word is PLAY. To get better at this game, you must try to play on some kind of consistent basis. Many times your shots aren’t as long or straight, but playing with better golfers, especially those who understand course management, can save you a couple of strokes per nine holes just by helping you make better decisions. We have a buddy process at our club and this works really well. In addition, playing with better golfers also helps you to learn the rules and maintain a pace of play. 2. Don’t rush your putts. So many times I see higher handicappers do a good job of making to the green, only to rush the putts, slam the flag in the hole and move on. I’m not saying to plumb bob and look at each putt from 4 sides, but try to get the ball near the cup and leave yourself nothing for a second putt. 3. Shoot for fives. If you score a 5 on every hole, you will shoot a 90. Play against par, not your playing partners. 4. Practice on a regular basis and your luck will improve. *** *** “It's a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get” - Arnold Palmer
  2. So i holed my second shot on a 484 yd par 5 # 16 at La Mirada Golf Course this weekend in Southern Cal WOOHOO! Had no idea where it went as green is 40 yards elevated AND your hitting through a giant oak tree with an owl residing in it. When i couldn't find my ball I glared at group in front :D, but then behold the miracle of Universe walked to the hole and there it was resting at the bottom of the cup lol. Seems there are enough people out there with aces/hole outs/ eagles, but have any of you here experienced the Albatross?? just curious how often this really happens ..
  3. I'm going to tweet her a video of my waggle.
  4. A putter is fine, just not his putter.
  5. They just never looked right together, but my favorite picture of them is him grabbing her ass after winning the PGA. Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelorette, Celebrity Apprentice . . . only a matter of time, just which one will it be?
  6. You're a sharp cookie. More like 39-42 others, yes. Here's one not on this list: My wife and I were on vacation about 5-6 years ago and were ready to tee off on # 1 at a course outside the resort when the starter came up and asked if a single could join us. My answer, “sure, no problem.” Then he came around the corner. My wife looked horrified. At that very point I thought about quitting the game. This was a very unkempt man who told me, when I introduced myself, “I’m only playing nine.” His shirt was half out of his shorts, formerly all white in color, I believe. It was dotted with what appeared to be pickle juice and speckled with Cheeto dust. He looked like he rolled out of a dumpster. I admit to looking in his cart when he teed off. It was confirmed, I saw one half of a jar of Kosher pickle spears in the cup holder and a family size bag of Cheetos on his seat. Somewhere between holes 2 and 4, he offered my wife a pickle (inside joke to this very day). She declined. As the round ensued, we took it in stride and had some fun. I got him talking, and he opened up about his family on the 4th hole. He told us how his brother lost a tooth, and he had to take him to the dentist. I asked how the he lost the tooth and the man’s reply was, “hog kicked it out.” He was a mess but a pretty good player. “PIG-PEN GUY”
  7. Welcome to TST. Thanks for bringing some sun in with you. It's been a long winter in the US.
  8. I've got some great oceanfront property for sale if you think Luke Donald has a legitimate shot at winning. But yes, there are definitely 20+ guys that can win. I have no idea who it'll be though beyond the usual names everyone else is throwing around.
  9. I don't know many guys that would cop to averaging 205. Those that do probably think that's how far they hit a 4 iron, because they sometimes do but certainly don't average it.
  10. And not by a little. My experience is men think they are 40-60 yards longer more than they consistently are. Heck people overestimate how long their "big" hitting playing partners are on average. I used my average for it and that was actually about 200 yards shorter than the tees I play at my home course. Though I am playing pretty poorly ATM .
  11. "My" weak field events? Four of Walker's 5 wins have been the Fry's, the Sony twice, and the ATT National Pro-Am, events that historically have weak fields. The Frys and Sony are during the period most players take off for the offseason, and the ATT Pro-Am has 6+ hour rounds and players don't want to deal with the celebrity pairings. I don't have a horse in this race, but you asked why Furyk was ranked over Walker and I told you. As for Furyk, you're confusing "can't win" and "hasn't won." All recent history has shown is that he hasn't won. These things happen. As for the Ryder Cup, you're extrapolating a lot from a tiny sample. Spieth, Watson, and Fowler also lost their singles matches. I wouldn't call them chokers.
  12. Speculating is dumb, so I looked it up. Furyk has a ton of very high finishes in high profile events. Walker has wins and one top 2 that gives him points, but otherwise it's low top-10s and mediocre finishes. Furyk had 4 runner up finishes and 4 more top-5s, just last year. So there you have it. Furyk http://www.owgr.com/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=2881 Walker http://www.owgr.com/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=7293
  13. While I agree that the coach shit the bed by not knowing the rules in this instance, I don't think that's entirely fair. It's not like he had the time and space to "research" right then and there. He should have put up a better fight and possibly insisted on a third party (hopefully a knowledgeable one) ruling, but my experience, at least in Canada, is that the vast majority of these extracurricular coaches are woefully underpayed and under-resourced or even just volunteer fathers that step into the breech to make up for the Government's total lack of "give a shit" for what's important for kids growing up. I would tend to cut these guys some slack in most cases. My kids (6 and 8) both play soccer and every one of the coaches is just some guy who stepped up, none of them are paid and none of them are trained. Some are great coaches, some are just doing what they can to make sure the kids have the opportunity to play. The other coach probably needs a fat lip to help him come back to planet earth. The corporate *****s we call politicians need more than a fat lip. Burn that shit down...
  14. Welcome to the forum @Dpt2005 . Those questions are asked all the time on this site. We have the Member Swings section where forum member can post video of their swing and ask questions. We also have a Swing Thoughts section where the site founders, who are both excellent instructors, post material to help forum members improve at the game they love. Lastly, we have the Instruction and Playing Tips section where general questions are asked. What would your question be?
  15. This is why I'm tired of the Pats are cheaters argument, you can say that if you want for 2006 but after that, sorry. taping signals before wasn't against the rules and they didn't do it after being caught. But why I get so chapped is that most football fans are not up to their teams shenanigans or conveniently forget. The point is that most people point to the Pats as some unethical emobidiment of all that's wrong as if there teams the the rest of the league have no skeltons in their closest or are a virtuous bunch. So two of teh biggies http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2000-12-05/sports/0012050096_1_salary-cap-violations-carmen-policy-penalties "It costs less to cheat in the NFL than it does in the NBA. That was the message following a "settlement" of alleged violations by the San Francisco 49ers in shady contract deals for Steve Young, Brent Jones, Lee Woodall and Jim Druckenmiller made by former 49ers bosses Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark, both now with the Cleveland Browns. Compared with the five No. 1 draft choices and $3.5 million fine it cost the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves in their October case involving the illegal secret contract of Joe Smith, the NFL penalties were mere slaps on the wrist--fines of $400,000 or less plus the loss of a No. 3 and a No. 5 draft choice by the 49ers." So are the 49ers cheaters? If not why? https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=861&dat;=19700414&id;=S8hHAAAAIBAJ&sjid;=m38MAAAAIBAJ&pg;=3392,2198352&hl;=en So are the Dolphins cheaters? If not why? http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/08/26/report-seahawks-fined-stripped-of-minicamp-days-for-violating-no-contact-practice-rules/ How about those Seahawks, only a 300,000 dollar fine for offseason workout violations. Don't even get me started about the Ravens and their thug of a wife beater T-Sizzle and the obstructor of justice Ray lewis and the wife beater Ray Rice and the rest of the B-More gang bunch. There is plenty of crap to go around. The Falcons and the Browns, no one cares, if that was the Pat's, someone would suggest that they string Belichek up by the yardarm, probably that Idiot reporter from the indianapolis paper. Every team has done something, right, wrong or indifferent, but to continue to lump the "spygate" as the be all end all of the Patriots being cheaters, is down right being lazy by those who hate the patriots because they beat their teams into submission every year. And all you have is "Yeah But the Patriots".... or your response is “You sound like a whiny bitch” then you know what it’s like for me to listen to you cry and cry when your favorite team bottoms out again and again and the Pats remain on top. Seacrest out!
  16. Welcome! If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section , and Little Things New Users can learn. Here are some great threads to get started and familiar with The Sand Trap "What do you Do for a Living?" thread . "What'd You Shoot Today?" Reviews "New Posts" page , too. Swing Thoughts So You Joined TST and Posted a Member Swing Thread… Want to follow some bright people and some awesome members? Check out this article . Want to talk about more than golf or quickly find like-minded folks? Check out our Groups .
  17. I think this is how I was feeling when I hit the blades. Blades are so simple and when I look at the club head it just says to me, "go get that dang ball and smack it!"
  18. I don't think I would say I find them easier to hit, but I have a LOT more confidence hitting a blade over a GI and for sure a super GI iron. I just can't get past the thick top line and offset, I just don't feel like I'm hitting a golf club, I struggle trying to hit GI irons.
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