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    • Day 238 Did a bunch of different stuff today. Started with some recording of 7-iron full swings. Noticed I was taking the club back with an extremely shut face, like almost pointing at the ground sometimes. Did some rehearsals to feel it more aligned with my body angle, and then recorded a few more swings. Much better, and for some reason I made a better hip/shoulder turn, and contact was good. Repeated the takeaway feel with 3W and driver and hit some balls. Also experimented with driver tee height to see if/how that impacts where the ball contacts the face. Turns out teeing the ball about 1/8-1/4” lower compared to my normal height moved contact from a high on the face more toward center, resulting in more ball speed, so noted that for next round. Finished off the practice with superspeed workout. 
    • Day 13 Spent 15 minutes putting on my mat in the garage.  Wow I have one nasty left to right break with the current set up Day 15 Worked at the range concentration on 2 & 3 Utility Iron and 5 Wood. Then played 18 holes 
    • Not an issue for me. My hands twitch enough that attempting to line up a mark on my ball with the hole was an exercise in futility. Heck, I used to have trouble keeping it on the tee peg! I don't remember but, back in the day, did Byron Nelson, Palmer, Norman, Nicklaus and others line up a mark on their ball before putting or is that a more recent development? 
    • It's just MHO.  I would love to see Tiger contend, but due to his back, he can contend one day and be hobbling around the next. Didn't even know Dennis had an article on Tiger.
    • Day 219 - August 4, 2020 Played 18 holes today at Whispering Woods. Ooh, should post to GHIN before bedtime.

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