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    • If you need a high-capper, call me in.
    • I'm not quite sure this makes sense. Just because one shaft feels better on a certain club doesn't mean that it will feel just as good on a different club. I think a range session is in order for you, but I don't think that having a shaft longer than stock (assuming that you are of normal height), will be any kind of positive on that club. That's more of a long drive mentality. Side note: swing weights are a thing, and if you mess with them, they can mess with you.
    • Well, it’s a difference of 3/4”. If you like how it feels and hit it well...If it feels odd you could always grip down a bit. Otherwise just have at it!
    • A suggestion but this would require you to have somebody you trust as a caddie.  When you ask for a 4 or 6 iron, they would give you a 5 iron and you wouldn't check the number at the bottom of the club.  It seems entirely psychological to me and after a few rounds you should be OK. The other option is to go to a range and just hit a couple of hundred balls with the 5 iron only.  Nothing else.  Hopefully muscle memory will improve the strike

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