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    • That's coming.  And a level with a bubble...
    • Jack has always promoted using an object for alignment like a divot, broken tee, ball mark on the green or even a leaf. Go watch Jacks tee shot on #16 at Augusta in 1986. He even re-teed because he was uncomfortable with the original alignment. I use the line on all putts over a foot. When I first started using the line I'll admit to taking a stance, doubting my line and re-lining it up a time or 2 which I'm sure frustrated my playing partners. I've just learned to trust the line since my first read of a green is usually right and my second guessing is almost always wrong. Now if you are not a good green reader then you have no business using the line on the ball. I just wish there was a gauge on the ball to tell me just how hard to hit the damn thing.
    • Playing the final 3 holes as birdie-par-birdie is pretty good.  If Tiger can play every 3-hole stretch this way tomorrow, he has a chance to win this.
    • Shot 107, on home course.  First round with Arccos sensors, so I have stats! - 0 GIR - 5 nGIR - 2.22 putts per hole Most shots lost on poor tee shots or second shots getting me into trouble spots .  A few duffed shots too. Looking at the strokes gained/lost analysis - only 5/18 tee shots were "average", one was better than average, and the rest were poor.  SImilarly, because the tee shots often got me into trouble, my second shots were often poor - only two average shots, the rest poor.    
    • Okay, I have turned a corner on the commercials-with-golf on the same screen view.  I just got to see Tony Finau  and Tiger Woods make putts during an AT&T commercial.  I don't much care for AT&T but their commercials are fantastic. 

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