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    • Have you read this topic yet? Might help you rely less on feel and more about focusing on swing length. I have a specific swing length for multiple clubs on 10 yd increments from 40-130 yards with multiple wedges.  
    • I assumed when he said "Spine Angle" he meant the extent to which he is leaning backward away from the camera as he talks. Did anyone else find it distracting how far back he was leaning?  Two things - One, it always bugs me when somebody says "During traditional instruction...." I've had lots of instruction over the course of my golf life, I'm not sure how much was traditional. I don't ever remember being told the "spine is the center of your swing." Maybe I was, but I don't recall being told that.  Two - I think he actually says, if they followed his methods "Tour Pros would be better".... I found that interesting. 
    • No experience with that bag specifically but I did just buy the Cart 15 bag and depending on what type of bag you're currently using it might take some getting use to as these newer bags are built with a "twisty" like frame instead of a "solid" type frame. Hopefully that makes sense, lol! 
    • It’s fine if the MB’s ‘feel’ better to you. But when it comes to knowing if an iron is better or not for our game, many of us use data. You said mis-hits don’t ‘seem like that big of a deal.’ Not to be an ass but many of us want to know if an iron is better for our game. Going with only feel, ‘seems’ is why so many myths existed for so long and still continue...like ‘ it’s my putting that’s killing my scores.’  Not being a ‘data guy’ is fine but you have to accept that those MBs may not be the best club for your game. If you’re fine with that that’s ok. Just sayin’...🙂
    • Another example where Jim has a concept but then proceeds to make false claims. The spine rotates. The thoracic and cervical spine regions are designed to do so. That’s not an opinion. That’s anatomy/physiology 101. I can see where a traditional swing may cause more stress to the spine than his method. But how he goes about explaining it is 100% nonsense.

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