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    • The course we play a lot has a big container of new or gently used golf balls on a table in the pro shop. If I play a ball for two rounds and it is in very good shape I donate it so someone else may have some luck with it! 
    • Shot a +9 79, no sixes, however I did take an 8 on one of the par 5s.   Been a while since Ive done that. 
    • Pure speculation on my behalf here but I just don’t see how Moe could’ve effectively taught his swing to anyone. Video wasn’t a big tool then and of course no monitors. I’ve seen several videos of Moe ‘teaching’ and although an interesting character he really said what his feels were. And as usual he wasn’t doing what he said he was doing. Two examples were his description of what he does with his trail elbow...similar to Hogan’s description...not done in the real swing. Another was Moe’s description of his hip movement. Claimed he didn’t use them..yes he did. Anyway I digress ...I’m off topic. Sorry.
    • The coldest I've played in was 22*. Had to use a leather punch to make a hole for the tee. Tons of carry on the frozen ground but almost impossible to hold the green with a wedge. I'll probably pass this year when it gets that cold and wait for it to warm up a bit...
    • It’s not just the deployment result and the output of the classifiers, but also what you do with the data afterwards. That’s partly why the higher end systems process up to 2000 frames per second and getting faster. Pretty cool stuff, but yeah, going to take another 15 years before I trust it too... 😁 

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