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    • Some swings from today’s session. I know I mentioned getting back to the softer lead knee feel + bump, but I wanted to do a shorter session and focus mostly on setting up a bit differently. Swings 1 and 2 were done with the more neutral spine setup and 3 was the older more forward spine setup. I do like this change. I also reigned in the sway a bit. Swing 2 was messing around with an old feel I used for a little in 2018 which was trying to rotate onto the trail big toe as quickly as possible. I wanted to see what kind of result this produced particularly because I haven’t been liking how my knees are getting far apart in transition. I liked how that feel allowed my trail hip to work under my lead hip which has also seemed like a problem. Tomorrow’s session will absolutely be back to the soft lead knee + bump to start transition. Tonight I’m going to do a bit of work on @ShaftFarmer‘s prior recommendation by doing some takeaways to A3 before bed. Overall, I’m very bullish on this lower body work.  
    • As. Ranger fan the Canes are the gift that keeps on giving. First they wipe the flow with us and help us to the #1 pick and now they are down 1-0 to The Bruins and we own the Canes first round pick this year so I’m all aboard The Bruin train at least for round 1.    These playoffs have been great and I admit that as being a voice who said “Shut it down” all along. I never thought they could pull it off. Hats off the The NHL. 
    • He is a bit of a goofball but he appears to have taken that minimal Moe Norman swing plane approach to a new level with the added bulk. He appears to have the long shots dialed. When it kicks in for all his clubs, watch out. 
    • I have so many issues.       
    • I could not actually bring myself to go the USGA site! I might catch something, where’s my mask? Does sanitizer work online? That’s LOL! Of course! Taking relief from a cart path? I don’t think I have to mark the nearest point of relief with a tee and mark out one club length with another tee, then drop between them, it just says drop within one club of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. Is that right?

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