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    • It is so simple.  Black lives should be treated the same as white lives.  Personally, I've always done this.  I grew up in St. Louis and had many black friends... and we cajoled each other and insulted each other, and praised each other... just like whites do to whites.  I guess I never saw the difference.
    • 51 for 9 holes.   1) Bunker play: B+ 2) Putting: B 3) Tee shots: F+ 4) hybrid shots: A- 5) lob shots: B+ 6) chipping: D- 7 irons: D Low lights: I had a triple bogey on the 8th hole High lights: I had birdie on the 9th hole. Thank God we're now in "Phase 2" and driving ranges just opened.
    • Great job refraining!-Instead you made an incredibly insensitive comment and pre-emptively attacked yourself on behalf of 'the other side' when this is an issue on which we should all be on the same side. I do not want my grandkids to live in a world where someone will be killed almost solely because he or she is black.-Where someone like Breonna Taylor can be murdered by police who don't even have their body cams on.--Where someone like George Floyd can beg that he can not breathe and a policeman stays with his knee on his neck for nine minutes for the non-violent possible offense of giving a counterfeit $20 bill. I do not know enough about the BLM movement to know if I agree with all that they want-But I doubt many people agree with ALL of the platform. Does not mean you can not support the parts you do agree with.
    • I don't believe that's true. I mean, maybe, but highly, highly unlikely. What you can't do right now is "bend over more while making a full-speed golf swing and hitting a ball." So don't do that. Because you can't. You're practicing failure. Practice success:
    • Unless you have a physical limitation I can’t see how this is true. What you need to do is train yourself to do the movement differently. Do you record yourself when practicing or do mirror work at home?

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