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    • Trick question. A chipper is not a wedge 😜 But my pitching wedge doesn't say wedge on it, it just says "P" and none of my wedges say wedge on them either, so they're not wedges? Does your driver say "driver" on it? 😉
    • I can appreciate your pain, "Retired". We seniors possess a great gift, the gift of fooling ourselves!  My buddy thought he was still hitting the ball 260-270 off the tee. On a 400 yard par 4 I asked him how long he thought he hit his drive. He responded as usual, 260-270. I then asked him why he had 180 into the green! That would mean he hit his drive 220!  I had to pester him for years with info like this to get him to move up to the next set of tees! But there is a rub! many of the older courses around here were designed with Blue, White, and Red tees only. What do they do when they need to install a set of gold tees?! What they usually do in cram them in right behind the red tees. I don't like that! I can still hit it much farther than most women amateurs in my area. When we scramble the ladies for drinks, they will gripe like hell about that, and I can't blame them.  I don't care if we senior men have a proper tee box, just give us a closely mown area that is fairly level where we can tee off, that is about 75-100 yards behind the ladies, and we're good to go! 
    • Or, if it’s an option, drive 25 minutes and play Panther Lake at Orange County National.  I think it’s much better than either.
    • Not enough information. Where is the hole cut? What kind of slope am I dealing with? I've hit all sorts of different shots from 1-2 yards off the green, including putting from the rough.

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