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    • Bad day all around today, nothing clicking, not just golf. Shitty practice session, but did find a feel toward the end that I might keep around. Feeling was a minute tightening of the left wrist at the top to start transition. It felt to me like a less intense palmar flexion move than I usually do. My previous feel for this was more like revving a throttle, but that seems too exaggerated now and doesn’t work. But a slight tightening/flexing move kind of like trying to get a watch face to move free from a long sleeve shirt or something.
    • I just watched the replay on PGA Tour Live and man was it boring. I enjoyed seeing a course I’ve heard a lot about, but the coverage visuals didn’t do much, and the commentary didn’t add much with regards to course design.  I found the Bill Murray and Trump segments distracting. With minimal production and no galleries, each player’s screen presence (or lack of) really shines. Funny because I do enjoy watching Rory, Rickie, and DJ play in normal events. Don’t know enough about Wolff, but I’d watch him in featured group too. At least it’s golf on TV. 
    • Curious if anyone else feels completely awkward doing the off hand swings. I’ve been doing superspeed for about 10 weeks now and I still feel like a clumsy idiot swinging lefty.
    • At $200 a round, I imagine you'll have the place to yourself most of the time. 
    • Yes, and @ellamia’s writing is just awful, it comes off like a bad caricature of an infomercial. I doubt any TST golf enthusiasts would bite on such garbage. I did a quick google search and the same content has popped up on a couple other well known golf sites, that I’ll leave unnamed. Definitely a shill of some sort. 

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