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    • My course has always given the group already out there right of way. They sometimes start on 10 for unclear to me maintenance reasons or outings.
    • I don't understand.  Did you have a tee time for the back nine?  Nobody turns onto the front nine unless it's just a 9 hole course.
    • Thanks all.   Again, for clarification, I'm not taking about pitch shots around the green. Im questioning my strategy from the 50ish yard area where it's a half to 3/4 swing.   Sounds like my using my 56 is not out of the realm of what a lot of folks do so I'll stick with that. 
    • Echo'ing what other people have said: find different thoughts that all work for you, and if you have to think of something during your swing, only think of those thoughts.  It tends to work out better if your thought is more of a feeling (50% tempo, stay balanced, relax your right shoulder, etc..) rather than something specific to try to monitor (cock your wrists before your hands get to shoulder height, keep the club face pointed at the ball on backswing until club is parallel to the ground, etc.).  Your active thoughts ruin more golf swings than your body does once you get even a moderate level of competence in golf.   If you can't focus on something in your swing, picture a flight path of the ball and tell your body to hit that shot.  Or tell your body to make the ball land on an imaginary line between you and some far off point.  There are a lot of ways to have your thinking brain allow your movement brain to just hit the ball the way you should and you might need to take a bit of time to figure out which ways work for you.
    • Really? What does the rest of the day look like?

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