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    • I think it's fun. You get to take runs at every hole because every chip shot becomes much easier, and even if not that, you get to take a run at the resulting putt. It's fun to push it to the limit sometimes in order to see how low you can go.
    • That's a very specific scenario covered by the rules. He would be DQed for a serious breach of Rule 14-7b for playing from the wrong place. I take your point, but there really isn't much of a difference between a DQ and 58 penalty strokes.
    • Where have you been? 🙂 Remember? She made a 5 and wrote down (signed for) a 4. She knows what score she had, and signed for a lower one. This isn't the same thing. Because Dave got it wrong. You're DQed for a lower score, you take the higher score. Well, she got 58 penalty strokes, so… It's not like she just got away with it or something. Again, did you miss that whole conversation in the topic I posted up above? You didn't, because you replied in it. He'd be DQed for playing from a wrong place. Such an act can't be "rectified" by correcting the scorecard. Rule 1 says this: That would be such a case. The scorecard could not be adjusted sufficiently because the ball was literally not played from anywhere near where it should have been.
    • I guess I just don't understand why the penalty for that infraction is DQ (especially since in that case she wasn't gaining an advantage since she signed for a higher score) but the penalty for breaking a different rule 29 times over two different days is just the applicable penalty strokes simply because the golfer "didn't know the rules".  I get that they are completely different rules about completely different scenarios, I just don't think it's right that a golfer can break the same rule 29 times over 2 different rounds and not be DQ'ed simply because they didnt know they were breaking a rule. To that point, let's say there was a newer golfer in a tournament and he hit multiple balls out of bounds throughout the round but played them as red staked hazards because he didn't know any better, but then it was discovered after the round and after signing the scorecard that he had played them as such, does that mean he would only get the applicable penalty strokes added to his score instead of being DQ'ed simply because he didn't know it was a rule that white stakes are treated differently than red stakes? That doesn't seem right IMO.
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