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    • I don’t understand what that has to do with the subject of this thread...
    • What is a “wedge-like element”?   Other than a few degrees change in loft, my current 46° PW today looks virtually identical to the PW I carried 40 years ago...
    • I carry a 50 and a 54.  The pitching wedge has the same loft and bounce as my old 9 iron so, like @billchao said, it doesn't count.  I was lugging a 58 around but hardly ever used it.  
    • I don't think the change in the Rules of Golf has any direct relation to the new World Handicap System.  It does give official sanction to things like @iacas mentioned, tournaments where the committee chooses to limit the max hole score.  The most logical reason is for pace of play concerns, but there may be other legitimate reasons to choose this kind of format.  And of course @Rulesman has quoted the reasons given for the change before I started to type, one day I'll learn to read ALL the posts before chiming in. The change to the Maximum Hole Score (I think the ESC terminology will go away) is indeed just for handicap reporting purposes.  Just as now, you can shoot 88, and still have to post 83 for your handicap.  It would seem logical for a Committee to set the maximum tournament hole score to at least the max handicap hole score, but its not required to do that.  To me, setting a lower tournament hole score would invalidate that score for handicap purposes.  Or maybe you'd report using the most probable score, if that is still a policy.
    • Most of my golf is played under the take-off path of Van Nuys airport, at one time the 4th busiest airport in the country. The airport is several miles away. I don't mind the single engine prop planes, but the corporate jets seem to come out of nowhere, engines roaring. I've learned to step away and let the noise pass.  

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