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    • Day 41: Long range session working on new feels for getting my lower body functioning as it should be. I'd say it's likely I'll be working on lower body stuff for the rest of this season and the off season.
    • New practice setup: starting getting an alignment stick between my legs to constantly be cognizant of ball position. I think I've been hiding behind the crutch of a back ball position for a little bit of time especially when I get on the course. I want to be forced to get more weight and pressure forward. The one ball on the left of the alignment stick is a rough reference point for an appropriate lateral shift away from the target (1-2 inches). The two balls on the right are a rough reference point for appropriate lateral shift towards the target (4 inches or so). These are mainly reference points to give a bit more data when doing video analysis. Swing setup: slightly wider. This felt good. I also need to be getting into a more neutral spine position. I have a little bit of a forward press that I'm not a huge fan of. This should help with my upper body lateral shift towards the target being a little less extreme. A little bit of focus on that with these new swings but not too much. The main piece and feel I was working on here was the lead foot pressure spike that is beginning to serve as my swing trigger. This seems to be a popular swing trigger, and I can see why. Other than that, I was also working on the look/loading of the trail hip. I wasn't a fan of how my right leg looked at the top of the backswing in my last video (didn't seem to lose much flex), and I think I did a bit of a better job with that here. It looks much more in line with a few low handicapper/pro swings I've taken a look at.  
    • Golf on tv or movies?   What’s your fave?   3 stooges?   Going my way film has some golf, lots of fresh air on the golf course and profanity too!   Jeeves and Wooster is my favorite! Several episodes have golf, in one he has an adjustable iron, that would drive the rules purists nuts! 
    • I came back last year after a 30 year gap. Then I was shooting in the 90s. The year has had some up and downs, HC is 24, but getting some lessons has helped. As I'm getting better, I'm finding that a higher % of good shots, in fact my issue now is relearning distances on irons as i'm now overshooting greens. I just need to go up a club and keep practicing. WHen I first started my drives were lucky to make 130, but now 190-210 seems more normal!  Still it's the good shots that keep me coming back. Welcome back and enjoy.
    • Day 53 Pitching practice to different targets at 10-50 yards with my LW and SW.    

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