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  1. Listen, fall back, take several seats because I can take you to school on this issue, so don't push your luck. Taking what I said as an insult to "your" country shows a certain level of ignorance on issues of human right. If you wanna count the numbers of country truly worthy of sitting on that proverbial high horse, the U.S doesn't crack the top 4. Like I said earlier, let's keep this thread on topic. P.S. It's not just your country, so fall the heck back.
  2. Looking down on #8 green from pavilion..... #7 Back of #9 #14
  3. "Why can I hit my irons ok but slice my driver off the planet?" OR "Why does my 3 wood go farther than my driver?" These are two common questions we see on The Sand Trap and I wanted to put this thread together to help those golfers that struggle with hitting a driver. It can be a tough club to hit, especially if you are a higher handicap player or a beginner. The club is long and it doesn't have much loft. As I say in the video, the swing is basically the same as any other full swing you make with a few set-up adjustments. If you struggle with hitting a driver there is a very good chance that the path of the club is down and INward (across or left for a righty). So if we know that we can start to answer those two questions above, the reason is that you can "get away" with swinging down and across with some of your irons (mostly short irons) and your 3 or 5 wood (off a tee, off the deck could be a different story). The reason you swing down and INward can be varied but I'm going to go over some common mistakes golfers make. So while these set-up adjustments may not fix that issue 100%, they can certainly help you hit the driver more effectively and allow you to have more fun playing golf. For most golfers I recommend utilizing a positive angle of attack with the driver, especially for those of you that swing less than 100mph. The short and sweet reason is that a positive angle of attack allows you to launch the ball higher with less spin. If you don't know your AoA, I would spend some time on a FlightScope or Trackman unit, the information can be extremely valuable. Quick note, even though I've mentioned high handicappers, this is how I set-up to hit my driver and so do many other good players. I can just make my "normal" swing and ensure that I swing up. @iacas has an excellent thread on this, it's a must read: Address: Ball off or just in front of the lead shoulder Hips bumped a few inches forward to kick in some axis tilt (green line). The axis tilt will help me shallow out the strike and help me swing OUTward longer. I don't want to start bending my elbows apart to encourage the club to swing down and across. Feet are turned out about 25-30 degrees, knees are also rotated out slightly. I recommend this for all full swing shots, not just the driver. Just makes turning the hips, keeping them centered and on a tilted angle, so much easier. I tee it high. As you can see from the pics, the equator of the ball is about even with the top-center or even the highest part of the face of the driver. From DTL I have the butt of the club pointing at my belt buckle or even slightly higher. I wouldn't recommend having the handle pointed below the top of your zipper. If you want to draw it with a positive angle of attack, aim your feet, hips and shoulder a few degrees right. Backswing: As my hips turn freely my lead hip doesn't slide back. This will help me to get my lower center forward on the downswing and swing OUTward. The left pic is a common position for people that struggle with the driver and/or slice it. Hips slide rather than turn and the shoulder turn is limited. Makes it very difficult to get into an effective impact position if you look like this golfer on the left. Impact: On the right my weight and lower center have transferred forward while my head has remained Steady. Kicks in the much needed axis tilt so I can have a shallow to positive angle of attack. On the left, due to poor sequencing on the backswing, my lower center hasn't transferred forward, very little axis tilt. As a result my elbows are pulling apart and the club will swing down and INward, across the ball. Not something you want to do with a club you want to launch up in the air. Important! I am NOT creating the axis tilt by tipping my head back, the axis tilt is created by the lower center being forward (reason the lead hips staying forward is important) and the head remaining Steady. I'm not hanging back in order to swing up, all that does it create problems with contact and path. Handle "rising" on the right. Another indication that the angle of attack is shallow and I'm not "swinging across it". Note how the handle of the club is further away from me, very "bunched up" on the left. As I said earlier, you'll not only see me setting up like this but you'll also see some of the world's best players doing it.
  4. I've been taking some time off and will provide the same detailed follow up on another site, since that is where my swing speed increase project first started. After starting my program I was having a few issues with my lower back and left side glute muscles. I started with PT with the belief it was a problem with my piriformis (deep glute) muscle group, after 30 days it wasn't getting much better and went back to Primary Care Physician and wanted to find out what was "the problem". PCP requisitioned an X-ray with an appointment with the Physiatrist (rehabilitation physicians, are nerve, muscle, and bone experts). Reviewed X-rays and went thru a assessment and discusse some "nerve flossing" (read up on this it is interesting!). An MRI was requisition. Follow up with Physiatrist found a synovial cyst (flud sac) in L5 pressing against nerves. The next step (which had bee approved) would be a thin gauge needle and drain and then inject cortisone. Since there is a possibility that the cyst is slowly shrinking and there has been improvement with nerve flossing (mechanical therapy) I opted to continue with PT with focus nerve flossing / core strengthening (more good stuff!) and circle back in a couple of months with the option of having the drain and injectable procedure done. This was just a week ago. By the way, I am able to now hit balls...sometimes a little transient tingle down the leg but goes right away...if it progresses...stop. But thus far it's been fine in the eve. and the next a.m. I have a tee time with my friends tomorrow! What caused all of this? I was a bit upset that this happened since I focus on keeping myself relatively fit and stretch routinely . However, Physiatrist said the problem is probably due to 30% genetics and the rest could be attributed to degeneration (old age; her I'm a Senior 63) and finally attempting to overburden my spine and could have just aggravated it enough to have the cyst develop. However, she did indicate that she also had three patients recently who hurt their backs while attempting to "change their swing" and had cortisone treatments which helped. One patient reinjured himself. Why am I sharing all of this? There may be circumstances that may cause an issue with your back. If it happens...get it looked at. It may be an issue with a muscle, a bone and a nerve. What are my plans? I will still attempt to work on my speed but minimize stressing my spine. In addition, I will use the exercises (specifically dynamic stretching) that will strengthen my core (these were reviewed and approved by PT). There are also hip turn / flex, upper torso turn / flex and shoulder exercises that I believe may achieve positive results. Recommendations: Other than what's covered under my plans. You should consider getting a foam roller to massage muscle groups...it provides comprehensive massage therapy. You can integrate some massage and core exercises using a foam roller. If you want details let me know and I will post. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by WatchOutLeft Thanks for figuring that out for me. I'm assuming 113 and .96 are constants in those equations? What is the rule for how many rounds are counted? Yes those are constants. Quote USGA: 113 (the Slope Rating of a course of standard difficulty). .96 Quote USGA: Bonus for Excellence is the incentive for players to improve their golf games that is built into the USGA Handicap System . It is the term used to describe the small percentage below perfect equity that is used to calculate a Handicap Index (96 percent). As a Handicap Index improves (gets lower), the player has a slightly better chance of placing high or winning a handicap event. How many rounds are counted: Quote USGA: That info came from here: http://usga.org/Rule-Books/Handicap-System-Manual/Rule-10/#10-1
  6. Hello from another fellow Houston suburban, Katy
  7. Well, [i]The Onion[/i] has a great piece on this, as expected. [URL=http://www.theonion.com/article/tiger-woods-lindsey-vonn-blame-breakup-hectic-sex--50359]http://www.theonion.com/article/tiger-woods-lindsey-vonn-blame-breakup-hectic-sex--50359[/URL] (n.b., adult language)
  8. With only 5 - 6 rounds, your temporary HI is based on only one round, the best round. That last round looks to be the best. Base on your corrected rating and slope of 68.0 and 120 the calculation: 82 - 68 = 14 14 * 113/120 = 13.18 13.18 * .96 = 12.6 Your temporary HI based on those 6 rounds is 12.6
  9. To me, there are only two categories. Bad irons - 3, 4 which I don't carry in favor of hybrids. Good irons - the rest.
  10. True, not everyone is affected the same way by substances. Some people are a mess when they're drunk, I just get awesomer.
  11. When it comes to substances, everyone is unique. Certainly most people don't benefit from drinking alcohol, but some people are alcoholics who need to drink in order to feel normal. For that person, drinking probably would improve their game (at least in the short term). Nobody would say that smoking cigarettes leads to better golf in general, but I know for a fact that it helps me settle down after a bad hole. Then again, I'm a non-golfer per this thread at least 10 times over.
  12. Careful!!! You are in danger of becoming a Tiger fan.... .
  13. I'm not going to label a player a jerk based on autographs. I go to a ton of tournaments and watch the whole autograph frenzy. There are grown men running around with flags, magazines, hats to be signed - kind of pathetic really. Guess some are doing it for Ebay sales. Maybe not. Yesterday I watched Tiger sign probably 50+ autographs, maybe more, then while he was walking away some guy threw out the "for a veteran" plea - I'm sure Tiger heard it but kept walking. I thought throwing out the "I'm a vet" to get an autograph was shallow on the fan's part - as a vet myself, hated to hear it thrown out. I'm absolutely positive that Tiger has contributed millions and hours of his time to assist vets. But a bystander might think he doesn't do anything based on this incident. If I saw that happen without seeing Tiger sign for all those other people beforehand, I'd think Tiger was a jerk for just walking by. But I think these players are pulled from all directions and eventually they have to put their foot down and say no when they have to. Sure Watson could have said it nicer, but maybe over time you get callous by everyone asking. Life is tough, sometimes you don't get an autograph - get over it.
  14. LMAO!! Tigger has no A game anymore. The best you can hope for is B+ and hope he gets a top 10
  15. Update, just got my membership to Beavercreek GC today :) #goingtoplaylostofgolf
  16. Disclaimer: Not a big boxing fan or expert. The problem with boxing as I've always seen it is that it's judge based when somebody doesn't get knocked out. It falls into the category of Figure Skating and Gymnastics when guys just get to subjectively decide who they thought looked better. Certainly there are many objective aspects to the scoring, but it's still not perfect as seen this weekend by the fact that the judges on the panel and the guys who work for ESPN or other various experts don't agree. Some have even suggested that part of the reason (maybe all of the reason) why Pacquiao didn't change his fighting strategy throughout the fight is because he and his corner were under the delusion that they were ahead. So, that brings me to my question: All arguments for or against the subjectiveness of the scoring system aside, why in the world don't they at least give the scores publicly round by round? By the 8th or 9th round, when Pac now KNOWS for 100% certainty that he is going to lose unless he does something different, perhaps he tries to knock Mayweather out and the end of the fight becomes a little more exciting?? Could anybody imagine if a basketball game didn't have a scoreboard, and further, if the referees didn't announce whether or not those 22 or 23 foot jumpers were in fact 3-pointers? A similar analogy to Saturday might see a team running the clock out as time expired only to find out afterwards that they were losing by 3 points. How absurd it that?
  17. On a somewhat related note, cutting down a set of full sized men's clubs for a 4 year old is going to leave her with heavy, completely unwieldy clubs. I understand the cost factor, but would encourage you to look for a set of purpose designed kids clubs in her size. They're generally easy to find used since the kids grow out of them so fast too.....
  18. My wife and I lived together for 10 years and had two kids prior to getting married. We're 5 years into marriage now. We're both Satanists though, so that may skew things a little.
  19. Totally agree. I've been married 29 years this summer an lived with my wife for a year before marriage.
  20. From actual studies, here are some of the top reasons for a divorce. From Austin-Institute for the Study of Family and Culture Reasons for women to divorce, Emotional Abuse, Spouse unresponsive to needs, Spouse Immaturity, Infidelity, alcohol or drug problems, tired of making the marriage work Reasons for men to divorce, Tired of making the marriage work, Infidelity, Spouse unresponsive to needs, spouse immaturity, married too young, Different financial priorities/spending patterns. Published doesn't mean correct. Anyone can take a poll and publish it. I agree. Those all look highly conservative and religious biases reasons. Though I could agree that those who tend to be highly religious might stay together more because of stigma of being divorced and being religious. Guilt and peer pressure are highly influencing factors when it comes for a person to decide of they should divorce or not if they are very religious in a religion that highly frowns upon divorce. Basically they rather suffer through a bad marriage then have the guilt and shame of going throw a divorce.
  21. Well, in the layman's view, that is a pre-judged diagnosis that overstates the importance of traditional religious views. Your "interpretation" gives it away, as it contains the conclusion that no people who have a child outside of marriage have made a "mutual decision" to procreate. You could just as easily state that those who are good communicators, understand their spouse's love language, and are clean/tidy people tend to have longer and more successful marriages (and none of those factors presuppose that you must have traditional views on religion/marriage to have a successful marriage). I call those factors biased.
  22. I have a hard time believing that premarital cohabitation is detrimental to a marriage's longevity. That sounds like church sponsored claptrap to me.
  23. Well, it simply doesn't make sense. Getting married too young (i.e. the person changes and grows in a different direction from their spouse) is valid. Financial stress is valid. The next three on your list don't seem like "core" reasons why two people who have decided to get married would later get divorced. "My wife drinks too much, goes out all the time, and hooks up with other guys. I should have known this would happen when we decided to live together before marriage..." I'm guessing the "published" reasons are the result of a study (or publication) sponsored by some religious entity.
  24. A high divorce rate is a good thing. It's a sign that we've advanced as a culture and shed the stigma of divorce. The alternative is to turn back the clock fifty years, where people stayed miserable and married due to societal pressure. Oftentimes to abusive partners. And their children suffered far more growing up in a loveless environment than they would have with separate households. I'd say half the couples I know are happily married. Roughly 25% aren't, but are still hoping to salvage the relationship. Best wishes to them. Another 25% should get divorced yesterday. So in my mind, the divorce rate needs to keep climbing. I'm making this post only because it bothers me when somebody points out the divorce rate as if it's a bad thing. Some kind of "deteriorating family values" bullshit.
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