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  1. You should be proud regardless. You just used all three forms of the word "to" in a single sentence, and all properly.
  2. I looked her up immediately. As long as I have a face, she has a place to sit.
  3. You mean its finally going to rain!!??? Its been like 8 minutes since the last storm
  4. Add another 9 decimal there bud. Lessgo Rickie, what a bomb on 18.
  5. Yes that A4 looks a little odd but I get the intent of what Leadbetter is doing here. He's been teaching for 30-40 years and he's probably just tired of seeing guys snatch the club in at 2, then go shallow to steep. So he developed this "swing" in order for higher handicappers to change the picture. Hands in, stand the shaft up so it has to shallow on the downswing. Problem is golfers that come "over the top" will do so no matter what the shaft alignment is at A4 because of how their bodies tends to work. They don't get their weight forward enough and they aren't open enough, will have have consequences with the path of the club on the downswing.
  6. How is that being sensitive? For someone who likes to run their mouth as much as you do you're the one getting defensive when someone disagrees with you. I'm off to watch some nobodies make some birdies instead of arguing with one.
  7. I was there today,mainly at number 16, right side of fairway, about driver distance. Didn't see telecast not sure what club people hit off the tee but the longest was Charley Hoffman, then Adam Scott, then Rory. Didn't know Charley was that long. Bubba hit Driver because I saw the pink shaft and head but he wasn't in the top 5 in distance, unless he held it back a little. Patrick Reed sneaky long too. When I got there, Louie was hitting a shot about 20 yards longer than Hoffman's but I don't know if it was his 3rd. Great day. Was at 17 for awhile. Saw Tiger double bogey number 2. I was taken aback by how slim Tiger looks now in person. Definitely lost alot of bulk.
  8. It WAS the rule. You had to drop it over your shoulder. It only changed in 1984.
  9. Because he actually doesn't really do it that much. Because by and large he is very fair and complimentary. Because he actually is very professional and knowledgeable. Because he adds value. The critics do what they do to Tiger Woods. They invent stuff and think about something that may have happened five years ago that was never repeated but behave as if it happens all the time. For example: You NEVER see Tiger signing autographs. HE ALWAYS ignores fans. Miller ALWAYS talks about himself. He IS ALWAYS talking about his 63. Not true.
  10. I said it and it is a true statement. You did not know the rule in this case. You are still arguing against it. Your insistence that intent matters is further evidence. What would it take to convince you? Do you need a decision that is exactly on point? Oh wait, there is one: People disagreeing with you is not a pissing contest. Continuing to argue your point after it has been thoroughly contradicted might be, though. Whining about all the the free drops people get under the rules that you don't seem to get implies that either you are phenomenally unlucky to never get a situation where a free drop might work to your advantage or you are passing up opportunities for free drops through either ignorance of the rules or some kind of purer that pure mindset where you do not take the relief afforded you in the rules. Your continuing to ridicule the rule, the ruling, and golf itself is why this thread turned ugly.
  11. This is hardly the first time someone has assumed their off-hand stance to obtain relief from an object. If it was a loophole in the eyes of the ROG it would have been closed long ago. It is perfectly acceptable to use the rules to your advantage.
  12. Biggest jerk on tour is the people reaching out to touch a pro who is walking to the next tee.
  13. They don't even have to call it the Masters, find another name, the key is to let a Pro tour have a major at the nicest course in the country, it would be fun for the fans and of course, great for the players. That being said I can see them not being interested, purely because of the He-Man Woman Haters Club thing, it's amazing how this persists, but I think in about 20 years all of the old farts that make these decisions will drop dead and golf can finally move on from this idiotic thinking.
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    • You were, and yes, that's better. Better. Thank you. It helps.
    • I like having something to do that isn't the same practice stuff I was doing.  While I have my priority piece from my most recent evolvr lesson (which is quite a while back, my fault for not getting video when the range was open), I probably should be reviewing some other parts and spending some time on other things?  I might even be wrong on that.  I really should have checked in with Stephen well over a month ago.   Either way, the variety is nice.   I realize this might not be the most useful feedback, sorry. In any case, I did the drills for today and have video of doing each twice (after the initial practice);  I'll process and upload that video later today.  About to join some co-workers for happy hour (virtually of course), and wanted to get the practice itself in before drinking. 
    • This is better, yes? I think I let the left arm get too much across my body the first time around.
    • The major of our town closed all of the playground equipment because they couldn't keep people/kids from using it.   The parks are open for walking but the equipment has been locked down.
    • These are the people who will ruin it for everyone. Golf can safely be played in twos with modifications like no rakes and groups of two etc.  Given that some people think that golf is an elitist sport, the types you mention will cause the authorities to take a hard line, because it is such a bad look when others are confining themselves.

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